Scanii – The Web Friendly Virus Scanner

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Virus scanner for user content.

Target Audience: Developers.
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Feedback sought:

  • Visit
  • From the homepage, what is clear what Scanii is?
  • From the homepage, try out our “free web scanner”; did you get the results you expected?
  • Were you able to find out our pricing plans? Did they make sense to you?
  • Please browse through our developer documentation, does it seem too verbose, incomplete or “just right”?
  • Do you know anyone working on a project that could use a service like Scanii? If not, why?

About Scanii:

Scanii is a service for virus scanning user content. You can think of it as a large virus scanner in the Cloud, built upon web-friendly technologies such as JSON and REST.

Scanii takes the pain away from filtering user generated content for viruses and malware. No more dealing with 90’s technology keeping virus signatures current, paying per user licenses fees and dealing with cumbersome COM APIs.

With Scanii you send us HTTP requests and we tell you whether it is infected or not – it’s that simple!