Select a Feedback Package


Select a Feedback Package

We have a very unique business model where we give you actionable feedback on not just the front end of the business but also what happens behind the scenes. Our feedback process addresses the following 10 critical components of your business.

1) How to create an engaging “First Impression”?

2) How to remove friction from your on-boarding flow and make more visitors complete the signup or purchase process?

3) How to engage customers immediately after they signup?

4) How to get more visitors from Search Engines?

5) How to get more visitors from Social Media?

6) How to capture and convert visitors into leads?

7) How to transform leads into paying customers?

8) How to encourage/empower existing customers to refer others?

9) How to improve your users’ cross-channel (multi-platform) experience?

10) How to create/improve your long-term communication plan?

Select a Feedback Package:

1. Get Comprehensive FeedbackStartUpLift - Get Feedback on 10 Components

2. Get Feedback on Any Single Component 
StartUpLift - Get Feedback Test Drive

Over 700 startups have used our services so far. We offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply email us at and we will promptly refund your money.

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Over 700 companies have trusted StartUpLift.

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