Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

How to Find the Best VPN for Your Business

One thing that affects most small businesses is online data breaches. These generally involve releasing customers’ private details through cyber-attack or intentionally.

Preventing these data leaks and cyber-attack is, therefore, very important for every business out there.

By installing a reliable VPN, you’ll shield your data and information from cybercriminals and hackers.

Virtual Private Network or VPN will provide you with the safest way to protect your business and customers’ information from privacy breaches and cyber-crime and malware.

Once it encrypts your data through a secure connection it will make it hard for any form of stealing or hacking to take place.

Although big companies have their own systems, small businesses do not have enough resources to install and keep a reliable VPN system.

Fortunately, there are companies that have decided to provide this much-needed service.

Although there are many providers out there, only a few have the features that you need in service.

Continue reading for a detailed review of some of the Best VPNs for your business.

1. Perimeter 81

Featuring dedicated IPs and unlimited on-demand services, Perimeter 81 is among the top VPNs in the market today.

Perimeter 81 - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

It’s not only easy to use but also uses private VPN servers that can connect you to the rest of the world.

With this system, you don’t need an IT degree to take care of your staff’s network activity.

It will allow you and your staff to safely access apps, files, and other information from a safe location.

If your business has special security features such as the need to isolate sensitive data, this is the right service for you.

It also allows you to set up different VPNs in every location so you can connect different networks and ensure that all of them are safe.

Other features that you’ll enjoy include two-factor authentication, Wi-Fi security, and a VPN Kill switch.

Since it stops all internet traffic if the application stops unexpectedly, VPN Kill Switch is the best feature for all small businesses out there.

To ensure that everything is safe, its data is encrypted with SHA256 HASH and AES-256 cipher authentication.

You can choose from over 700 servers around the world. Once you install it you can monitor and check all the traffic that passes through your website.

Whether you have macOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, and iOS you can comfortably use the service.

Perimeter 81 Pricing

  • Essentials plan is $8 per user per month
  • The premium plan is $12 per user per month
  • The enterprise plan is custom priced


  • You can either deeply your server or choose the public ones
  • Takes care of businesses
  • Takes care of site to site business
  • Supports network segmentation
  • Offers strong encryption


It’s not one of the cheapest.

2. CyberGhost

Based in Romania, Cyber Ghost is a VPN service provider that provides long term subscriptions and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

Intuitive and user friendly, if you are looking for professional service then this is the right tool for your needs.

Boasting features such as Kill Switch, P2P, Wi-Fi, DNS Leak Protection, and App protection, it allows you to set up a connection profile.

Unlike other VPNs, it allows you to choose the apps that you want to protect so you don’t just do this for the sake of it.

Because of its simultaneous connections and affordability, it provides the best service for most small businesses.

It has approximately 3800 servers in over 60 countries which are expected to increase as they spread their network.

The amazing thing is that it does not keep any data logs hence everything done is hidden and private.

Plus, it uses Perfect Forward Secrecy and AES-256 encryption to ensure that everything is safe and secure.  This makes it a system that you can rely on.

With its Kill Switch Feature it will storm any web traffic in case the connection stops unexpectedly. Additionally, you can use one account to connect up to seven devices.

It comes with desktop support for macOS and Windows and apps for iOS and Android.

CyberGhost Pricing

  • The pricing plan is $2.75 per user per month


  • Keep no logs and kill switch on all apps
  • It has some of the fastest servers in the market
  • It’s one of the most affordable
  • Easy to install and use apps


  • Not suitable for businesses looking for advanced features
  • Doesn’t unblock major streaming sites

3. PureVPN

PureVPN is a unique VPN that’s not only affordable but also has everything that you need in a VPN. Based in Hong Kong, it comes with a variety of plans so you can choose the right one.

PureVPN - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

If you sign up, you’ll get an account manager and dedicated management portal.  It also features things such as two-factor authentication, stealth browsing mode, online banking security, and DDOs mode.

It comes with dedicated apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. It also provides extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Currently, you can use it to connect up to 10 devices. Since it provides you with a 7 day trial period you get a chance to see if it has everything that you are looking for in VPN.

Apart from this, it comes with a 30-day generous money-back guarantee so that in case of anything you can always contact the company.

Although they don’t use HMAC authentication or AES-256 encryption it still has multiple protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP.

More so, it has addressed a number of issues including privacy policy issues. This means it does not store any record of connection logs, browsing activities, sites visited, browsing history.

Since it supports every payment format including Bitcoin, PayPal, gift cards, and Alipay, handing over the money to them is very easy. Once you pay, you’ll be directed to download links.

You can download and install it on Windows, iOS Linux, Mac, and Android. At 8 seconds for OpenVPN and three seconds for IKEv2, it will provide you with one of the fastest connection times.

Overall, PureVPN will give you a solid value, improved functionality, and is also supported by a number of platforms.

PureVPN Pricing

  • PureVPN 12 month pricing plan is $5.82 per month
  • PureVPN 1 month pricing plan is $10.95 per month
  • PureVPN 3 day trial period is $2.50


  •  It comes with loads of features
  • It’s quite affordable
  • Wide platform support
  • Unblocks Disney and Netflix
  • Compatible with up to 50 platforms
  • Flexible payment options


  • Mediocre security
  • Apps have many issues

4. Windscribe

If you are looking for a system that will help you maintain security while still providing you with high speed, Windscribe is the best choice.

Windscribe - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

Packed with a number of features it’s one of the most transparent VPNs. Apart from its free and it has an affordable premium option that has everything you need.

Based in Canada, it comes with both a paid and free VPN. Its premium version comes with unlimited bandwidth and servers spread across 63 countries and 110 cities.

It comes with a range of apps that ensures you are covered on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. This not only provides you with additional ways to connect but also ensure that you get privacy-related extras

It features ROBERT, a tool that’s meant for blocking malware, ads, different internet connection types, and trackers.

When it comes to privacy feature it has SHA512 authentication, AES-256 encryption, and a 4096-bit RSA key.

To reduce any data leaks chance, redirect DNS requests, and limit IPv6 traffic it has multiple techniques.

Also, its logging policy is well covered with a privacy policy that shows what it keeps and what it does not keep.

Although it briefly stores details such as VPN server, username, and band name used these are only stored in RAM and are lost when the session ends. This means it does not store any logging information.

Further its apps are available for macOS, Windows, and Android thus giving you a variety of options.

Windscribe Pricing

  • The monthly plan is $9.00 per month
  • The yearly plan is $$4.08 per year
  • Build a plan is $0.00 per month


  • It provides a low-cost budget option
  • Blocks malware and ads on all devices
  • Works so well in china
  • Reliable connections and fast server speeds


It does not have a true live chat.

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is Swiss-based software that has over 700 servers spread in over 64 countries.

VyprVPN - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

Apart from North America and Europe, it’s found in the Middle East, Asia, South America, 7 in Central and 5 in Oceania.

Some of its features include a zero-knowledge DNS, Smart TVs, routers, QNAP, and Anonabox. While all these are good this VPN does not come with an extension.

Unlike other VPNs, VyprVPN’s average download rate was 44 MPs across locations. This average speed is quite good.

If you are looking for an affordable VPN service without compromising qualities, this is the right choice. Given its large selection of apps, this price is quite competitive.

It also ones with a range of payment options including Alipay, major credit and debit cards and PayPal

From Windows to Mac, Android to MacOS, it has a number of apps for different devices. Regardless of the OS, you choose everything that will work quite well.

With its subscription coming with 5 different connections, you can comfortably choose the kind of connection that you want.

Moreover, it features the Kill Switch feature that blocks all the traffic any time the VPN connection drops so as to keep your IP address safe.

One unique thing about this VPN is the ease of switching between servers. Even when you do this, you won’t see any drop in connections. You can play games and even stream without any issue.

VyprVPN Pricing

  • The monthly plan is $12.95 per month
  • The 1-year plan is $3.75 per month
  • 2 years plan is $2.50 per month


  • It won’t its servers
  • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides up to 3 connections
  • It does not keep any logs


Not the fastest VPN.

6. NordVPN

Having been around for several years, NordVPN is a solid system that enjoys a very good reputation in the VPN industry.

NordVPN - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

Coming with over 5100 servers to choose from, select the right one for your business. Apart from North America and Europe, it’s found in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

From dedicated IP to anti-DDoS, its servers are well optimized to provide you with fast data transfer and stringent privacy.

If you have a huge business, you’ll enjoy its 24/7 customer support, dedicated servers for corporations, and a personal account manager.

With premium subscriptions, you’ll get to enjoy up to 6 simultaneous connections. This will even go higher if you choose the enterprise plan.

In addition to its strict no-logs policy and one of the best securities, it has the best functionality and a well-designed application. As a matter of fact, it unblocks over 150 streaming websites.

This means you can use it to access Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. It also offers the strongest tunneling protocols and a free SOCKS5.

When it comes to privacy, it strict rules to ensure that it cooperates with all the agencies.  All its major platforms are also supported with macOS, Windows and Android.

Besides, it currently provides encrypted extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Plus, it provides up to5400 servers with all the regions boasting of very good coverage. It even works in countries where the internet is restricted such as the Middle East countries and China.

NordVPN Pricing

  • The 1-month pricing plan is $11.95 per month
  • 36 months pricing plan is $3.49 per month
  • 12 months pricing plan is $ 6.95 per month


  • It unblocks Netflix
  • It has a privacy audit for no logging claim
  • It has speedy live chat support
  • It has an effective kill Switch
  • It has an excellent feature set


  • It has some client UI issues
  • Its basic browser extensions

7. Express VPN

ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN service for most small businesses. It can help you stay anonymous, stream Netflix, play video games, and download torrents.

ExpressVPN - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

Unlike other VPNs, it knows exactly what the market needs hence it does everything it can to stand out from the crowd. It has professional features that allow it to deliver everything that you need.

In addition to windows, its other support platforms include Linux, iOS, Mac, and Android. It also provides you with a manual set up guide for Fire TV, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, and Chrome Book.

By using DNS servers, it will protect your internet servers from any attack that may come along. With its vast network, it boasts over 3000- servers spread in most 94 countries.

While the US and Europe have the best coverage, it has a footprint in Asia and many other countries.

With its clear privacy policy, it does not keep or store any login information. Unlike others, it clearly explains what it keeps and what it does not. Recent audits have also confirmed that they do this.

Customer support is perhaps the most amazing thing about the company. It has agents that will ensure you get a 24/7 live chat support.

Their support is provided by experts who will keenly listen to your issue and help you sort it out. Anytime you are faced with an issue, you won’t have to wait for more than 1 day.

As a matter of fact, an agent is always available in their live chat to help you out thus you don’t need to worry.

When it comes to security it uses a 4096-bit SHA-512 RSA certificate and AES-256-CBC to help you shield your data from hackers or from being altered by any third party.

ExpressVPN Pricing

  • 1-month billing plan is $12 per user per month
  • 15 months billing plan is $6.67 per user per month
  • 6 months billing plan is $9.99 per user per month


  • Found in over 160 locations
  • It has the best support
  • Clients for almost everything
  • Provides good performance from most servers


It’s a bit expensive as compared to others

8. SaferVPN

Located in Israel, SaferVPN not only has a good looking desktop but also provides the best customer service.

SaferVPN - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

With its support platforms found in Windows, ios blackberry, and mobile apps it has all that you need in such a service.

Besides being great for streaming videos, it’s the best tool to use if you want to safe from hackers. With its unlimited connection, it’s best if you intend to start videos online.

Since it has apps for all the platforms you don’t have to worry about the platform you are using. It’s therefore suitable for novices who don’t know what to do.

Coming with very high speeds it will help you download and upload your content with relative ease.

It has over 700 servers spread across 34 countries and will provide you with a 24/7 live support system.

Since it has zero logs policy it does not store any details or even records the websites you’ve logged into.

Signing up and getting started with this software is quite easy. You just need to fill in your email address, choose a password, and then select from a range of apps based on the OS that you intend to use.

You can then download the client that you want and use it immediately. In case the VPN drops it has a Kill Switch that will immediately shut down the internet connection.

Although you are unlikely to get a VPN drop you still need to have Kill Switch feature to help protect your identity.

SaferVPN Pricing

  • 1 The month Pricing plan is $12.95 per month
  • The 1-year pricing plan is $5.49 per month
  • 3 years pricing plan is $2.50 per month


  • It unblocks websites such as iPlayer and Netflix
  • It provides cheap long term plans
  • It provides lots of browser and clients extensions
  • Provides manual set up for routers


  • It has a below-average performance
  • Doesn’t unblock Disney or Amazon.

9. Hotspot Shield

If you are looking for a VPN that can help you protect up to 20 devices simultaneously, this is the right one.

Hotpot Shield - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

Boasting multiple servers across several countries and serving up to 650 million users, Hotspot is a system that you can rely on.

One of its unique features is Catapult hydra Protocol that you can use to boost speed without compromising its security.

It has the capability to help you unblock streaming services such as BBC, Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, and amazon prime video.

Central to this, it’s one of the top VPNs for Torrenting. It allows you to enjoy torrenting services in all device platforms and servers.

Apart from hiding your P2P activity, it will protect your IP address. It will also provide you with the best upload and download speeds.

Fitted with leak protect and robust encryption it will keep all your information and data safe. It also has a Kill Switch that keeps everything safe even if your VPN connection drops.

With only one paid plan you can connect up to 5 devices. It also has apps for macOS, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, and Android.

Whether you configure your VPN through select routers or manually, you’ll be able to protect devices and ensure that they are all safe.

To ensure that your past sessions cannot be viewed it uses 2048-bit RSA keys and 256-bit AES GCM encryption.

Hotspot Shield Pricing

  • Hotspot Shield 1-month pricing plan is $12.99
  • Hotspot Shield 1-year pricing plan is $7.99 per month
  • Hotspot Shield 3-year pricing plan is $2.99 per month


  • It’s one of the fastest
  • Its very user friendly
  • It helps unblocks iPlayer, Netflix and Disney
  • It comes with 1 password and other bonus


Poor support website.

10. TorGuard

TorGuard VPN is a powerful service that has up to 3000 servers across the world and provides businesses with unlimited bandwidth.

TorGuard - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

Popular for its strong torrenting support and larger server network, this system won’t disappoint you.

Its features include a built-in ad blocker, robust security, responsive customer service, and strict no-logs policy.

If you want to use it to unblock Netflix, you must be prepared to pay some additional fees.  The good thing is that it supports protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP among others.

Whether you want to use industry-standard or OpenVPN or just switch to another protocol you have a number of options.

To get strong protection, you can decide to use AES protection. Although there are other options, this is your best bet.

As compared to other VPNs, TorGuard features a built-in option that will prevent any leaks. This will save you the job of tweaking your computer to make it secure.

Furthermore, when it’s not working, you can switch off your internet. This means no more forgetting to turn it on.

Just like other VPNs, you can use its apps on platforms such as Ubuntu, Windows, macOS, Firefox, and Chrome extension.

Plus you can take advantage of their dedicated IP address to access Netflix or any other IP address out there. This will give you the best access without having to deal with proxy errors.

Since it cares about leaks, they have a secure system coupled with the Kill Switch feature that helps you ensure your browsing is safe.

TorGuard Pricing

  • The monthly pricing plan is $9.99 per month
  • The quarterly pricing plan is $19.99 per three months
  • The semiannual pricing plan is $29.99 per six months
  • The yearly pricing plan is $59.99 per year.


  • It comes with a large network
  • It has live chat support
  • It has expert level configurability
  • It helps unblock Netflix


  • It’s a bit complicated for beginners
  • Poor support website

11. IPVanish

IPVanish is a very good choice for small businesses that are looking for VPNs with unique features that you cannot find in other services.

IPVanish - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

Featuring more than 1300 servers spread across 50 countries, its server network has one of the best security features.

By owning and operating every server network it ensures that no third party accesses its system.

With its excellent connection speed, it can comfortably take care of downloads, video and audio conferencing, and any other service that you send its way.

Unlike others, it does not have any restrictions when it comes to bandwidth and data caps. In addition, it has both Kill Switch and government degree encryption.

It also has a no-logs policy that ensures it does not record anything. Whether its Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, or Amazon Fire all these platforms are ideally covered.

While it provides up to 10 connections, there is room for additional allotment in need be. What makes it amazing is its 24/7 chat customer support.

Further, it has a do it yourself, email support, and phone so in case of anything you can always get in touch with them.

Due to its security and privacy options, it ensures that everything is kept covered. You also enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee so in case of anything you can get in touch with them.

IPVanish Pricing

  • Monthly Pricing Plan is $10
  • Quarterly Pricing Plan is $26.99 for 3 months
  • Yearly Pricing Plan is $77.99 a year


  • It has optimal privacy and security
  • It operates and owns the whole server network
  • Customer support and excellent native network


It does not have any cryptocurrency payment option

12. Encrypt.Me

Encrypt.Me is a very good VPN for smaller businesses that are constantly using different devices.  Unlike other software, it supports a number of devices, something that you rarely see. - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

It also simple, easy to use, and offers a very strong performance thus making it one of the top software out there.

Coming with different apps, it safely works on platforms such as Android, macOS, and Windows. Whiles it’s also found on Amazon you’ll have to download the app.

Since it has excellent features, you can rest assured that its security is up to date.

You’ll enjoy Auto Secure function, DNS protection, private endpoints, and content filtering so that the employees can remotely connect.

Whether you are a company or an individual you can use it to hide your ID regardless of the web devices that you are using.

Located in the US with offices in places such as Orlando, Seattle, and Dallas, this VPN has over 100 servers in up to 60 locations.

Although it allows you to torrent, it blocks your access to a number of common seeders, privacy websites, and trackers. It’s therefore not the best for copyrighted content.

As compared to windows, its Android app comes with a number of improvements that you can always enjoy.

If you are looking for the most detailed and clearest privacy policy, Encrypt.Me is the right one for you. All sections come with straightforward and clear summaries so you know what happens.

For example, when it comes to logging the company does not monitor what you are doing online but keeps a record of your data session, virtual IP, and any incoming IP address.

Encrypt.Me Pricing

  • Monthly Pricing Plan is $9.99 per month
  • Annual Pricing Plan is $99.99 per year


  • It comes with the best US speeds
  • All apps have been audited
  • It has a 14 day trial period
  • It unblocks iPlayer and Netflix


It has above-average pricing

13. StrongVPN

If you are looking for an excellent VPN service for gamers, StrongVPN is the right option.

StrongVPN - Finding the Best VPN for Your Business

With its built-in WireGuard Integration, you’ll be able to get a longer and stronger integration.

Although it’s well suited for gamers this does not mean you cannot use it on doing other things. Apart from gaming, it works well in platforms such as Windows, iOSLinux, and Mac.

Given that it has zero logging capabilities it does not gather or store any data on the pages you visit, your location, or even what you searched online.

By allowing you to connect up to 12 devices you’ll be able to cover several devices at ago. If speed is your thing, it features one of the strongest speeds around.

Plus you can comfortably use it to unblock media content from a range of devices.  With its top security service, you can always browse the internet through its private tunnel.

This means you can browse the internet, stream movies, and download anything without revealing your identity.

One of the best things about them is that it works well with Skype. You can also get apps for platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac.

Further, it provides you with all-day support system seven days a week. Given that they accept all the major credit cards it means you can pay them using any system.

Overall their strong terms will deliver exactly what you are looking for. While it does not come with many features you’ll still get a number of things you are looking for.

StrongVPN Pricing

  • 1-month Pricing Plan is $ 10 per month
  • 12 Month Pricing Plan is $5.83 per month


  • It supports up to 12 connections
  • WireGuard supported on many devices
  • Unblocks Netflix and Amazon
  • 250 GB SugarSync Storage included


  • It has website issues
  • It comes with a few features

Selecting the Right VPN Service for Your Business

1. Know What You Need

Just like buying a device, it’s important to clearly understand what you are looking for.

For instance, a VPN for personal use is entirely different from one for small businesses.

More so, if you are planning to stream movies you should consider one with high speeds and good connections. Once you know what you need in a VPN, outline the features and then go outlook for one.

2. Analyze the Qualities

Every VPN company focuses on certain features. This could be anonymity, speed, or encryption. You should, therefore, ensure that you are also focusing on the same.

If you want to access blocked content, a good VPN will help you unblock that so you can enjoy the content.

For instance, while some have trouble unblocking Netflix a number of them can help you do that. If you value privacy go for one that has a secure encryption and does not retain logs.

3. Choose a Provider That Offers Secure Connection

While shopping for the right VPN for your business it’s important to choose one that will provide you with a secure connection

4. Know the Compatible Devices

Although a number of VPNs support platforms such as iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac, some of them are not available on other platforms.

If you have a Windows computer but you are using your phone, make sure you choose one that supports both.

Plus, know the number of devices that you can connect to at the same time so you can maximize what they have to offer.

5. Choose The One That’s Easy To Use

The signup process and use of most VPNs are usually very complex. So if you are not tech-savvy and you don’t know how to go about, ensure you go for one that has an easy to use interface.

It should provide you with a user-friendly platform and simple procedures. Since some provide an automatic set up process you don’t have to do anything once you sign up.

6. Select One with the Best Customer Support

One of the most important features of a good VPN service is the kind of customer support that it has.

Since VPN changes over time, choose one that has the best support. You should also be able to contact them 24/7 in case there is something that you have to ask.

Since tickets and emails may take a long time, always go for the one with live chat support

7. Know the Price and Payment Plan

When looking for the best VPN, payment and price is very important to consider. Prices and payments generally differ depending on the features and subscription.

How you pay for the service is equally important. While there are free VPNs out there they may not be the top choice. If you are worried about the price, choose one that comes with a discount

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are VPNs legal?

While you may think that VPNs are illegal this is not the truth. In fact, in most countries, VPN services are completely legal.

In most instances, things such as combatting geoblocks, encrypting data, and providing anonymity are not illegal. However, you should not use a VPN for doing any illegal activity.

2. Are VPNs Safe?

In most countries, you’ll realize that these services are quite safe. However, to be on the safe side make sure you follow all the guidelines put out there.

For instance, if you torrent copyrighted information or use a non-government permitted VPN you may be taking a lot of risks.

3. Do I need any Technical Knowledge to Use a VPN?

The best VPN services are usually very easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded the app you just need to install and start using it.

Some of the best have intuitive user interfaces that even novices can figure out how they work. You can also use a quick-connect button to link it to the nearest server.

4. Are VPNs expensive?

After hearing about the features of VPNs you might think that they are expensive. On the contrary, most VPNs are quite affordable.

But if you want to purchase one make sure you check whether it has coupons or discounts so you can take advantage of this.

5. Are there Free VPN services?

Although there are a number of free VPN, they may not be the best. While getting something free is good, you may not get the features that you are looking for.

Some VPNs may come with limitations but once you pay for them you can expect some of the best services.

6. Can I use VPN on my phone?

Basically you can use a VPN on any device that has access to the internet. After all, it’s the internet connection that provides hackers with the right opportunity to access your data.

With this in mind, you should install one on your phone.


If you have a small business you need to look for a way of protecting your internet activities so they can always be safe and secure.

This is actually where a Virtual Private Network comes in. Since it offers the best protection it will ensure that your business information and data are kept safe from any prying eyes.

It will also boost your employees’ online activities. However, with a variety of them in the market, you should know what you are looking for before settling on one.

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