Sendinblue Review Features Benefits Pros And Cons And Customer Support Services

Sendinblue Review: Features, Benefits, Pros and Cons and Customer Support Services

SendInBlue is an all-in-one platform that offers comprehensive solutions for all your e-marketing needs. It is a highly competent communication tool that provides numerous solutions for your email campaigns, marketing automation, as well as SMS marketing. All this at highly competitive rates and a Free Plan that does not require a Credit Card to sign up – giving you space for familiarization with the app as you work on your projects before you are ready to commit fully.  

Sendinblue Review


  • Sendinblue enables you to produce specialized emails.
  • Sendinblue uses SMS marketing to communicate with your targeted contacts directly.
  • Sendinblue software allows for good management of emails for entrepreneurs.
  • Sendinblue uses personalized messages for smaller contact groups on your email list.
  • Sendinblue uses smart ad features such as a retargeting display to attract back new users to your website.
  • Sendinblue helps companies achieve higher audience reach on Facebook using personalized campaign ads.
  • Sendinblue allows users to view performance reports on customer interactions with their emails using the click map reports feature.
  • Sendinblue optimizes email drives by trying different ideas and going with the effective ones.

Who does SendInBlue Target?

The software is ideal for start-ups finding their way through cold email marketing. It is an appealing tool with an attractive website layout, excellent features, and is easy to use for both seasoned businesses and start up businesses.  

If you are an advanced e-marketer, you will appreciate the numerous options available for you. The platform allows you to create your campaigns from scratch, meaning that you can customize each campaign for its specific target.

Sendinblue Features

Sendinblue is expansive in features. Here’s a list of the best ones so far:

  • Automatic responses 
  • Email templates
  • Drag and drop creation
  • Responsive design
  • Form builder 
  • Click-through tracking
  • Email scheduling 
  • capacity to create beautiful landing pages
Sendinblue Features

SendInBlue’s “Free Plan” has a monthly provision for up to 9,000 emails for unlimited contacts. The unrestricted free plan is a counter to the usual limited free trial offered on other platforms. It enables you to test the platform’s aptness to your business needs before committing to the paid service.

Sendinblue List Management 

Using its integrated CRM features, SendInBlue enables the automation status of your targeted contacts list. Further, the software sorts out your contact list following your set parameters. Over and above the sorting, SendInBlue can customize and design your emails to leads based on predictive digital behavior.

Sendinblue List Management

Reporting via Sendinblue

Feedback is an essential part of e-marketing.  SendInBlue has an excellent google analytics integrated system that allows you to know how your mails have been received. You will also get to view all the successful deliveries, bounced emails, number of clicked emails, and those that have unsubscribed to your emails. 

Sign up Forms Using SendinBlue

Using the SendInBlue drag-and-drop interface enables you to apply any layout and design scheme to your sign-up forms. Once you create a record, you can embed the same on a landing page.

SendinBlue Benefits

Sendinblue email campaign creation is easy to use. Begin by adding the name, the subject matter, and the sender’s name for simple campaigns. 

SendInBlue gives useful feedback by notifying you which emails are active. If you’re using the transactional system, you’ll get alerts on bounced emails.

Social Media is a core aspect of any advertising. The software is fully responsive to this need and allows for customization of Facebook ads. Further, SendInBlue  monitors the ads’ performance, making it useful for enhancing engagement in the future.

SendInBlue strength lies in the facilitation of effective communication. The platform offers multiple communication avenues. Through the platform’s CRM, you can set up and delegate several tasks. Additionally, you can keep tabs on the responses coming in from customers and share files via the shared box function.

SendinBlue Pricing

Sendinblue offers four exclusive pricing plans whose price range is $0 – $71. 

These are:

  • The Sendinblue “Free” Plan
  • The Sendinblue Micro Plan
  • The Sendinblue Bronze plan
  • The Sendinblue Silver Plan
SendinBlue Pricing

Sendinblue plans offer both affordability and flexibility.

The Free Plan is a great place to start if you are new to e-marketing or if you want to test the suitability of the software for your business. With the free plan, you get to send out 9,000 emails monthly to unlimited contacts. It is an excellent opportunity with unlimited email options compared to the freebies offered on other platforms. The plan is, however, limiting as it has no additional features.

The Micro Plan is the lowest priced at $7.37 for 40,000 emails per month.

The Bronze plan goes for $42 per month for 60,000 monthly emails.

The Silver plan is the deal-breaker. It’s quite pricey, going for $71 per month for a whopping 21,000 mail per month.

Beyond the Silver plan, large businesses can scale up to 15million emails per month at an additional cost.

Sendin Blue Customer Support 

Sendinblue has a reliable support system. Most of the pages have a help button accompanied by useful information. Should you need further technical support, just raise a ticket for your issue and a rep will get back to you ASAP. Should you need any additional help, a toll-free number has been provided to speak to a customer care representative.

SendinBlue Pros and Cons 


  • 40,000 FREE emails every month
  • Great aesthetics with responsive design templates 
  • Availability of both transactional and autoresponder email options
  • Useful for WooCommerce users, Magento or Prestashop eCommerce platforms via plugins 
  • Handy for transnational SMS messages to customers
  • Easy to navigate
  • Great savings


  • Inability to recognize extra fields such as date and gender
  • Limited templates 
  • Limited integration with third parties


Sendinblue offers reliability and beautiful aesthetics. It is a reliable software to begin your e-mail marketing journey. Its Free Plan is a great place to start, while the paid plans let you explore the software as you discover your customers’ reactions to your cold email marketing campaign.

In the recent past, Sendinblue has conspicuously enhanced its integration capabilities to meet market demands. Therefore, it offers a competitive market edge to ensure that users optimize the market reach by providing a platform to build a solid mailing list. SendinBlue is a sure bet for all your e-marketing needs.