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Connect with your sources. Search your personal universe.

Target Audience: Social network users.

Sentimnt is a personal and social search engine. It connects to your social network and websites you read daily and builds your own private search engine based on that so you can easily find what you’ve already seen and read.

Sentimnt only searches your data, so you’re not going to get back millions of “hits” (if you were Googling, for example), but just a few and therefore find what you are looking for much easier and quicker.

Feedback sought:

Visit Sentimnt by clicking on this private StartUpLift invitation link and share your thoughts:

  • Connect your Sentimnt account to any of the sources that are on offer.
  • Wait for the email that confirms your private search engine is ready.
  • Check out the search results.
  • Your can also install the Chrome browser plugin for more convenient search.

Cash Award: Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

13 thoughts on “Sentimnt – Your Personal Search Engine

  1. First of all, I did not like the fact that after I clicked on “Sign In” and signed in with my facebook account – you ask me again to enter the invitation code. You provided the code, so it should automatically carry over, or be “pre-filled”. When I went back I saw that you have a little pop-over that asks a person to copy the code, but unless you have your mouse over, there is no way to know. It’s just an unnecessary hassle to go back and go again through the process.

    Secondly, I do not approve of any sites that ask for my email address after I have logged in via Facebook. The whole point of using Facebook, OpenID etc. is to avoid going through that painful process and I know you might have very strategic reasons to do so, but I, and in this day and age, many others, will take that as an annoyance.

    I also don’t think your value proposition is not clear. Or, at least it was not very clear to me. I understood that you are not Google in that you do not return millions of queries and you are only searching within my “imported” feeds/sites etc. I think an example page built with sample website/sources that can show some functionality would be of great help. For example, it’s not quite clear what problem exactly are you solving? I am sure you had certain specific things in mind when you built this and I am sure you realized the need for this kind of service and are trying to fill the void. Why don’t you create a sample user “Joe” show some of his sample “sources” and also some of his “queries” that he has searched via your website that he would not have easily accomplished using Google or any other service providers.

    That being said, I like your simple, 1 step sign up process. The overall design of the site is very clean, clutter-free and it’s pretty easy/intuitive to navigate around.

    Goodluck with the website.

  2. I was very confused when it asked me to sign in with my Google account. Not sure if that was your website or StartUpLift.

    I was also a bit confused with the invitation code item. Not sure if this is for all users, but I would certainly just go to Google to search because it is simpler.

    I do like the general idea of the website. I also like the design it was sharp. I bookmarked your website and will be checking back for updates to use again. Thanks!

  3. First I like the page design and use of colors and whitespace. I do think you could simplify the wording on the left. It seems too busy and your tagline/elevator pitch should stand out. Not just saying it’s a personal search engine, but saying what that means and who it is for.

    You have 3 links on the home page to sign in. I think you could limit that since people who already have an account will find the sign in in the upper right. You want to focus more on converted users who do not yet have an account. Simplify the page to do everything you can to convert them.

    I think your site could really use a video or demo to help visitors understand what it does and who it is for. Maybe you could even say “Who is Sentimnt for?”

    Great start though!

  4. I’m not sure about the value proposition of this. Why would I use this product over Google and/or something like Google Reader. Seems like both of these tools can do what you are offering.
    Overall, the design seems pretty basic. Too much whitespace for me.

  5. I think this is a great service. Many of us search everyday in google and forget it. If some service can bring it back in nice indexable form, it has value. I also like the white spaces, simple clutter free environment.

  6. I found that this services is very useful in assisting with connecting other social network together. This itself will be less time consuming and easy to maintain.This site is going in the right direction with postive ideas.

  7. I think it is a fine idea. It is really like a Add to your fav websites list, only better, what with the added social connect. But I have had a bitter experience before when a similar site stopped functioning and I lost all my data. Just ensure that it does not happen here.

  8. This is a unique idea to bring all the social sites together. I do find the home page a little cluttered and the fact you sigh with face book and then sign in again is a little too much. I like the color scheme and the fact that it is a new idea should go over well with social network users.

  9. When I clicked on the link, It started “sorry we are out of invites for the day. Then I had to click on “send me an invite soon”. When clicking on that, I had to give me e-mail address. I had to wait to get an invite in my e-mail in which after a while I did. I am a little confused on why does a person have to have an invite in order to see your site and the service you are trying to provide. I went ahead and went on the site through the internet instead of going through StartUpLift to see if it was the same way and it was. So for anyone regardless if they are going through StartUpLift or not has to give their e-mail address for an invite. If you are providing a service for people and you are wanting customers, why do they have to have an invite? The invite turns people off from wanting to deal with it. It could come off as to much of a headache then it’s worth.

    One thing that stuck out to me is that you have a word on your front page which is spelled wrong. It states “Sentimnt will index content from all of your favourite Websites”. The word “favourite” is wrong. The correct spelling is “favorite”. People will not take your site seriously if the spelling or grammar is wrong.

    I like the service that your offering. I think it’s a great idea once you get past all the steps to use the service. I like the idea of connecting all the social networks. It’s easy to use, understand, and navigate. I also like how the site is colorful and looks exciting.

    I think overall the site is GREAT!! I just think you need to change a few things in which I mentioned above.

  10. When I open the website, I like the way of log in because you don’t need to create a new account and then remember it so it’s easy that you can login by using any of your current account like face book etc.. so it’s a good feature and I like it personally. Now mostly websites adopting this method for lo gin and this method is gaining popularity day by day.

    Now if we talk about negative issue is this mostly people afraid of login by using their facebook or other account and their passwords so it’s a drawback of this method.

    If we talk about search results then its OK but the results are not too much like other search engine give (yahoo, bing, Google etc..) so you should improve the database so user get more and correct result of query. On the whole website is good and simple and easy to use, The site is user-friendly so I wish best of luck for this project.

  11. Connect your Sentimnt account to any of the sources that are on offer.
    Wait for the email that confirms your private search engine is ready.
    Check out the search results.
    Your can also install the Chrome browser plugin for more convenient search.

    Invitation link does not work.
    “404 Not Found.”

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