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Cash Award: 3 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

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All in one!
Employee Scheduling, Time Clocking, Online Payroll and Staff Communication Tools.

Target Audience: Small-Medium sized businesses.

ShiftPlanning provides online employee scheduling software aimed at helping businesses with their employee scheduling. Interactive and easy to use, ShiftPlanning delivers precision and speed to the business’s scheduling responsibilities, freeing up time to concentrate on other demands.

Check out ShiftPlanning at and let us know how you find their value proposition, and the overall look and feel of the site and the application.

Cash Award: 3 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

13 thoughts on “ShiftPlanning – Employee Scheduling Software

  1. Hi,

    I just gave the website and video a quick tour. My initial impression is that the site is organized in a clear and effective manner – I was easily able to navigate through everything. I like that you are transparent with pricing – as this is what most managers are looking for after they become interested.

    I do understand the value proposition – however, I’m questioning why a large company would use this over a free Microsoft Outlook program? From what I could see, it would not allow for complex tracking and analytics, as a dedicated payroll/staff management system might – so it’s floating in this middle ground. However – maybe this is perfect – a true differentiation strategy! The pricing plan seemed reasonable, and I’d imagine that your targeting small and medium size businesses will be key and instrumental to your success. You may consider entrepreneurs and startups as a core segment.

    Finally – do you have a training program that you provide? Perhaps a video link that employees can watch? Oftentimes the capabilities of services go well underutilized simply because their potential is unknown. I would find that immensely helpful!

    I hope it works out for you!

  2. Hello,
    I took the tour at and here are my observations:
    1)I like the fact that it is online and easily accessible for workforce management.
    2) …on the page page of the tour, it appears that the information is cut off on 3 different sections. The first example is “Within nothing to download and a tons of 3rd…” and I can’t read the rest in the red section because it is cut off or appeared to be overlapped with a new section. This happens twice more on this page.
    3)On the /timeclock page, the icons or pictures are not displayed. For example beside the words, “Who’s clocked in now”, the picture spot is just an ‘x’
    4)/payroll page: again the information in the red section at the top is cut off and does not let me finish reading about pulling reports and exporting data…
    5)Overall, I think your services would be very handy for businesses, especially since they are available on mobile phones.
    I believe the pricing packages are reasonable for the services offered. I definitely would try it if I had a small business.

  3. Wow this site is so well organized I have have to to give it two thumbs up. Just by watching the short video I wanted to get the software, it is so convincing. It is so easy to find exactly what your looking for on the home page I think anybody would love it since they don’t have to pass a hard time looking for something they are interested in.

  4. The site were both interesting, useful and helpful for both the employers and employees. I think both small or large employees could use the scheduling tools because it would help them in keeping good timely record for their employees.

  5. I think the home page is good and the color scheme is good. This is going to be very useful for small business. A lot of information will be well placed and easy to find. I t will make someone job a lot faster and easier. I hope a lot of companies sign up for it.

  6. I went on your website and browsed through your site.

    The first thing I noticed was the appearance of the site. It has a professional appearance and the colors that were chosen are easy on the eyes. One the homepage, I like how you are able to take a tour of what you offer and go through everything.
    One thing that I found that shouldn’t be on the home page was the FAQ section. You put all the questions on the homepage instead of a link to a FAQ. I think having the FAQ on the homepage clutters the page a little too much. Putting them on their own page would make the appearance more professional and clutter free.

    I also like how you can try it free without providing a credit card. I know that I don’t want to provide my credit card information when I am signing up for a free trial.

    Second, I like the tour function and being able to go through all the features. I think the tour explains your product pretty well and it is easy to understand all the features. There are so many features that are really helpful. For example, I think the schedule conflict is a great tool to have for a person that is making schedules. I would have never thought of all the features that are provided but I like them. The mobile, facebook, and integrating features seem really useful. I like those ideas.

    As for the pricing, it seems reasonable. I like how it is broken down to how many employees that the business has. I also like how you offer a discount for companies that do annual billing.

    Overall, I think what you are offering is great and great for the price. If I had a small business, I would definitely invest into this product. Looks like it will cut down on time spent on making schedules.

  7. I’m totally excited about this website! As a business owner myself, I am always on the lookout for something better than our current system. I think this is what we are looking for. My first questions were: How much and Is my information safe? Both were answered on the home page of the site. At the rate of $20.00 per month, we can actually use the site for all or our other businesses as well! As far as the website itself, it’s very user friendly, easy to navigate and all the questions one may have are easily answered, clearly and concisely!

  8. I felt the website was well organized and vary easy to navigate. The frequently asked questions feature right at the bottom is nice if you are trying to get a quick idea of what this product is. I did think there could be some indication that the frequently asked questions is at bottom. The Pricing & Signup at the top is also a nice touch for quick and easy navigation. The Price Savings Estimator is also a very good touch.

    I think this is a good product for small businesses. It has the online payroll which is a very convenient feature. I like the free Live Chat feature. If you do have some additional questions that might not be answered on the site, or if you are not that adept at navigating the web, you can get help.

  9. The first thing I noticed was the layout of the site. I think the website is very well made and looks professional. I also like the colors you chosen.

    As I started navigating, I realized that it was easy to navigate which is a plus. The service your are providing is very clear and easy to understand.

    I like the fact that you target different businesses such as “small” “meduim”, and “large” businesses. Targeting each group will help bring in more clients.

    There are a few things on the site that confuse me. First, the “sign up” link or I should say links. You have a “pricing and sign up” link at the top of the site. In the middle of the site there is a link “free account setup”. I think there should be only one link for both. Two can get confusing especially when you have one stating pricing and sign up and the other stating free account setup.

    Again, you have two links meaning the same thing. You have a link at the top of the website stating “Support” and another link in the middle of the website stating “24/7 Support”. There is no reason to have links that mean the same thing in more than one place on the website. It’s not needed and it takes up to room.

    Overall it’s a very nice site and well done. I would just change a few things in which I mentioned above.

  10. Nice solution. Wondering about the format of the reports and possibility of integration that into each company’s own shifts tracking system.

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