ShipBob: Reliable Shipping Services

ShipBob Review: The Reliable Shipping Services

Are you stranded and have no idea where to look for shipping services? ShipBob is an eCommerce company that deals with client’s cargo requirements such as inventory, storage, distribution, and quick delivery of inbound and overseas shipments.

With ShipBob, you get reliable deliveries within 24 hours to two-day shipping options. They use leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify Plus, BigCommerceMagento, and WooCommerce to fulfill orders as they come through their online portal.

How does ShipBob Operate?

ShipBob helps business owners to distribute products from their store or site to the customers. So, if you are dealing with tangible products, this company will ensure safe delivery to your customers. ShipBob has fulfillment joints in Dallas, Chicago, Bethlehem, and Los Angeles.

How does Shipbob operate? - ShipBob: Reliable Shipping Services

The company is strategically located close to its customers for quick and cheaper shipping options. As a business owner, all you need to do is link your store with ShipBob, import your products and send them the inventory. This shipping company keeps your list in any of their fulfillment centers and wait for customers to place orders.

It also has a software solution that acts as a back-office for online businesses to manage catalog orders and effective customer care free of charge. They are also tech-driven 3PL with reliable algorithms for calculating all your logistics needs.

Why is ShipBob Unique from Other eCommerce Business?

With the increased number of eCommerce retailers, customers want a reliable customer care service, quick delivery, and cost-effective shipping service. With all these factors combined, your business will have increased sales and high customer loyalty.

1. In-built Support System

Shipbob has an entirely in-built support system. They own and operate all their fulfillment services to provide customers with efficient services and trace all their products with ease. Compared to other eCommerce retailers who use brokers, ShipBob services are more reliable.

In-built support system - ShipBob: Reliable Shipping Services

2. Advanced Technology Software

Technology is advancing, and so is ShipBobs’s software.

Advanved technology software - ShipBob: Reliable Shipping Services

They are not just a pick and pack company, but their advanced technology is worth investing in. You can access services right from their website’s dashboard with ease.

3. Ideal for Small and Medium Businesses

ShipBob is ideal for small and average-sized businesses, so it’s the best choice for start-ups and growing enterprises.

Ideal for small and medium businesses - ShipBob: Reliable Shipping Services

Most of their competitors target large and established companies, leaving a gap that ShipBob can fill. Consequently, ShipBob is one of the best choices for average businesses, which is quite a huge chunk in any steady economy.

Customer Support System

Communication is essential for a business’s success, particularly if you have enabled it to a fulfillment company. You can decide to use ShipBob’s help desk before reaching out to customers.

Customer support system - ShipBob: Reliable Shipping Services

In case you need any information on a particular shipping order, here are steps to take for your cargo needs:

  1. Log in to ShipBob’s dashboard and click on order. Your catalog may be in processing, on hold, finalized, or cancelled.
  2. Next, click on the order at the top right, click the help button, and a form will pop up. Chose the category you need help with, describe your request, and click send once you’re done.
  3. Expect a response from one of the client support reps.

ShipBob Oder and Return Management

This shipping company ensures your order is taken care of from the receiving point to right to the delivery stage. So, after you connect with them, send a catalogue to your preferred Centre. From there, ShipBob will take your order, process it, and store it exactly where you want.

Order and return management - ShipBob: Reliable Shipping Services

If your customers place an order, the company order management system will process the order and take it to the closest fulfillment center. Afterward, they pack and ship the order. They also give out an order number where you will follow through on their dashboard.

Most companies do not take return orders seriously, making customers look for a company that will offer such services without a struggle. A shipping company must indicate how they conduct a return order too. 

And ShipBob does that.

If a customer wants their goods to be taken back to the warehouse, for any reason whatsoever, ShipBob does that at a very pocket-friendly price. They also indicate a return link in your dashboard and gives you detailed information until the stock is received back.

ShipBob Pricing

Customers are price-sensitive, and they will always consider a company with competitive prices for their shipping solutions. Regardless of your eCommerce business’s size, you have many expenses to deal with, supply logistics being one of them. So, an affordable fulfillment plan will work in your favor. However, ShipBob pricing is not so friendly for first-time users, but eventually, they get used to it.

Pricing - ShipBob: Reliable Shipping Services

The company has broken it down with its transparency policy of no hidden costs for every service they offer. For instance, if your business requires special assistance, ShipBob will deliver it for free.

Storage charges are $40 monthly per pallet, $5 per bin, and $10 for every shelf per month.

For standard packing, you pay extra charges from the sixth takes upwards, which is $0.20. Their receiving price is $25 for the first two hours and $35 for exceeding hours. The shipping cost depends on your order. The price will defer according to weight, length, and height, among other factors.

ShipBob Pros and Cons


  • Its time effective for product fulfillment procedure
  • Offers the best customer service compared to their opponents
  • You get assistance from well-educated employees
  • They have adjustable shipping cost which is customer tailor-made
  • ShipBob services are transparent and accountable
  • Collection centres found in all major cities across the US


  • The price structure is complicated for beginner users
  • At times, users experience slow page loading while trying to access the service
  • Take too long to verify new inventories
  • The whole process is quite hard for beginners, and it takes time to use it smoothly


ShipBob is the solution for all your shipments needs. It’s tough for a business owner to determine the best shipment company considering there are so many eCommerce retailers rising. Consequently, from inventory receiving to delivery, ShipBob has made a name for themselves.

Working with this company will give you the satisfaction you need as you grow your sales and acquire your customers’ confidence. Also, their software system is easy to use and has the best customer service response. Moreover, you get inventory alerts on your dashboard as well as all the order management processes.

The company’s fulfillment centres are in major cities, which makes it the best choice. Your products will reach their destination within record time, giving you more customers and quick delivery turnarounds out. This arrangement, in return, increases your sales by taking your business to another level.