2 thoughts on “shrtn.co – Affiliate Based Revenue Generating URL Shortener

  1. First, I really like the business model. Here are some of my thoughts and questions I asked myself when visiting shrtn.co for the firs time:

    I didn’t think the three images on the front page are extremely helpful in communicating what the site does; diagrams or might be more helpful, or compliment the images with some of the info from “why choose shrtn…”. The captions below the images are great for understanding too, but are easily overlooked.

    The “shrtn works with…” section could be described more clearly. Big-name logos cant describe it all. My first impression was that URLs from the adobe.com, amazon.com, etc didn’t break when shortened — Am I going to get paid to link to these companies?

    Getting paid for the little effort envolved is huge! The “i just want to shrtn” area takes away from the desire to register. I dont think the overall message is clear enough that users actually get paid.

    There are gramatical errors in the “why use shrtn…” section

    There should be a link for merchants if they want to sign up or get more info about coming a merchant

    Hope this helps!

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