SlashCV – A Simple Service to Help You Build an Effective Resume

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A simple service to help you build an effective resume that works across devices.

Target Audience: Final year graduate students.
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About SlashCV:

A simple service to help you build an effective resume. Custom made for tablet, mobile, mac or PC.

6 thoughts on “SlashCV – A Simple Service to Help You Build an Effective Resume

  1. 1) A simple service to help you build an effective resume. Custom made for tablet, mobile, mac or PC.
    I like this way they can allow you to do your resume on a tablet and pc and mobile device. now That make’s it easy, then having to fight to download it. and find different formats.

    2) Overall the site is recommended to be the best I can see. I highly recommended it to everybody! A+

  2. A simple service to help you build an effective resume. Custom made for tablet, mobile, mac or PC.

    Great landing page. You summed up the purpose of the site and the service it provided in two short sentences; that’s ideal. Also there’s a clear image staring right at me that tells me what to expect. The average attention span of an internet user is four seconds. You informed me in less than that. I knew what I needed to know about your site before I thought about where to go next.

    It took me a moment to realize the site was Beta, I was expecting working links. Also, thought “Private Beta Access” would let me at least see a template or something. I’m disappointed that it was merely taking my email while making it seem like there was a direct benefit to giving it to you.

    Don’t think I didn’t notice that John Appleseed is a cannibal. Those poor people…

    I really like this idea. As a freelance writer, instant access to a viable resume across multiple platforms is a highly attractive product to be offering me. I like the instant PDF option. Every small thing that takes a chore out of my hands and lets the product do it for me without any hassle is a big plus. This is also attractive to less tech-savvy people, but make absolutely sure that you make the advantages of a PDF resume abundantly clear to all users.

    Here’s a few ideas:

    Different graphical options for cover pages, full-color pages, different fonts, etc

    Multiple copies of the same resume, easily tailored to individual needs. If I apply for a comedy scriptwriting position, I want my resume built differently and my sample comedy writing in prominent places, to be seen right away. If I apply for creating press releases, I want to instantly send a different resume, also tailored around the specific job.

    I don’t want your logo on my resume pages. I want people to see my resume and wonder if I went out of my way to do that on my own. I want to send that message without saying it. “I’m serious. I want this job.” I don’t want it to look like I needed your help. I understand that this might be a key advertisement point for your company, but you could always charge a small extra fee for the logo removal. A “Professional” version, if you will.

    I want to see the resume interactive. when someone reads it, they can click for my email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Looks like you’ve done this. Good.

    What would be most awesome: Links to my website, or a private link to writing samples on the web or “confidential” information that no one but the resume recipient could access. It would give the impression that I am advertising DIRECTLY to my potential client.

    Hope these suggestions help; I have your site bookmarked and eagerly await some developments.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to write your feedback. Those are excellent suggestions!

    We will, very soon, roll out a version of the product for you to test and send more feedback. The private beta is an excellent opportunity for you to gain early access and for us to refine our product towards a launch. We also hope to bring to our early adopters more goodies for the extra effort put in! More on that in due course of time 🙂

    While the early version might not have all the features you mentioned in your feedback, we will continue in our effort to make the product more user friendly and optimal in successive iterations. Your support as we go through the process will be extremely crucial in making the product truly remarkable. While we can get off to a good start with initial support, it is only with committed users that we can move forward.

    Please do sign-up for the beta on our site and stick with us along the way as the product evolves to become the best at what it does- which is a simple and great way to create, publish and share your resume.

    Thanks again for your support!

    Please do sign-up for beta (if you have not already) and help us spread the word. A mention on Twitter or on Facebook would be great!

    Team SlashCV.

  4. As was said before, great to have the ability to do this on the phone, tablet, or computer! I’ve actually been struggling to build my own resume, and it seems like a nice coincidence this popped up! The landing page is very professional, it’s not so empty that people won’t know what it is, but it’s not so cluttered that the information gets lost in text and images! Keep it at a good balance like this and I think you’ll do great! 

    Also, I tested it on different computers with different screen sizes. A problem I often see in website design is either making a site that looks bad on a big screen or simply looks too huge on a smaller screen. This works perfectly on all of my computers and browsers. I can get to anywhere I need to go without having to do unnecessary scrolling  or searching through long barren plains of emptiness.

    I signed up for a beta, I was a little confused that underneath your text “You might want to follow us on twitter too! :)”
    it says “submit another response”(takes me back to signing up for beta again, which is sort of confusing) amd “Create your own form” which does nothing. I would suggest fixing that or changing the text there, I was unsure what that was all about. Seems to be related to how the site was made I guess. Also, from that point it is difficult to get back to the home page. I don’t like to backtrack on my computer, if there was a clickable button to bring me back to the home page that would be nice.

    Actually, I’m having trouble signing up for the beta. It’s not giving me the email. I only just sent it in, so I don’t know how long it takes to receive the email, but if it takes a few minutes, you might want to mention that. I would give a more complete feedback if I could see the rest of the site! I assume since it’s a beta there is a lot that isn’t done yet. It looks very promising so far though!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback. We are very happy to see you like the product.

    We are currently only collecting emails for a private beta release. Once we are ready with the first version we will start sending out emails inviting you to login. As of now, we are only keeping a growing list of registered users.

    Since we are using Google Docs to keep a list, some of the options you see there are from Google Docs 🙂 Later, when we release for private beta, you will see a much better sign-up page.

    And thanks a lot for signing up! Look forward to more feedback later. Please do help us by liking our page on Facebook! (

    Thanks again!

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