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SnapAppointments enables businesses to accept appointments online and clients find those that are.

Target Audience: Service-oriented businesses and their customers.
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  • Visit Spend no more than 20-30 seconds navigating page. What do you think the site is about?
  • How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors like and

About SnapAppointments:

SnapAppointments gives service-based businesses the ability to accept appointments online, provides powerful marketing and customer management tools, and helps you identify key strategies to improve business operations. The result: increased traffic, happier clients, and improved efficiency. No matter the size or sector of your business, SnapAppointments will help your business thrive.

3 thoughts on “SnapAppointments – Click, Book, And Arrive On Time

  1. Visit Spend no more than 20-30 seconds navigating page. What do you think the site is about?: The site is for a service that allows small businesses to maintain their appointment scheduling online by allowing customers to view (on the business’s website??) the available appointments and choose one that fits their schedule.
    How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors like and Speaking strictly about the site design, GenBook sets the standard.  They easily pass the “10 second test” in that they explain their service clearly and with little effort, with a site design that draws the user in immediately, and in a simple 3 point way (get the button, schedule the appts., grow your business).
    ZocDoc is a similar service, but takes a completely different strategy in presenting itself as a resource [primarily] for the public — as a one stop shop to *find* a provider, *rate*/*view ratings* of providers, and *schedule* appointments.  There is a small link at the bottom of their site for businesses to see how to be included.
    Your site is well-done when considered on its own.  However, I feel that it falls short when considering the competition.  And, for better or worse, this is how people shop.  Their first impression is huge.
    I think we can eliminate ZocDoc as a direct comparison here because they are targeting the end consumer whereas Snap Appointments and Genbook are targeting businesses.
    I would immediately gravitate to Genbook’s site because of the way they describe how they are going to solve a problem and provide a benefit (marketing 101).  “More Appointments.  Less Hassles”  That says it very succinctly.  Then immediately below is a very short and graphical explanation of what that means.  Then below that, the eye is immediately drawn to the testimonials.  The site really makes me want to get started right away.
    Your site has a lot of “dead space” that serves no function.  Consider your home page as you might consider a 10X10 booth at an industry trade show, or even a window display at a retail store.  You have limited space to make a strong impression.  Each square foot must have a purpose and a strategy behind it.  Genbook is a perfect example of this.  The user’s eyes go from top to bottom where: 1. problem/solution is presented  2. The “how” is explained  3. Other people love it, so I will too.
    So, to summarize, consider your page “real estate” and design strategically.  I’d also recommend making use of multimedia on your site.  I recently did some consulting for a company who has really embraced the multimedia sales pitch.  You can see the video at .  Just click the start button and watch.  You can’t watch that video and not think, “Oh my goodness how much easier would my life be if I had this service!”  A similar strategy could do wonders for your service.
    And just as an extra, unsolicited suggestion — consider combining the best of ZocDoc and your service.  The end-consumer concept of a one-stop-shop is an amazing concept.
    Hope this was helpful!

  2. Visit Spend no more than 20-30 seconds navigating page. What do you think the site is about?

    When visiting the site it seems like it is about businesses booking appointments online.

    How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors like and

     Compared to its competitor’s sites I feel that it is the most eyes catching. This is because snap appointments main page changes backgrounds while displaying information about the company.

  3. SnapAppointments is a great way for people to make appointments, but I think they should put in their own customer service telephone service in order to make the appointments for the computer illiterate. Not everybody owns a computer or knows how to use it. Older folks will not use this system because it will be harder for them to manage the keyboard or their thoughts.
    Businesses can you this product, but they already have microsoft excel to manage their employee schedule, but it will be great to have the ability to put their schedule online and have people book their time. This product will be great for starting a business that may have 2 to ten employees that work strictly on appointments. However, how will they make it to the client if the appointment is at a certain hour, and they will not be able to manage it due to location and distance between appointments?
    Even though the website is nice it needs to have the features upgraded because I was not able to review the features because it came up like a snap shot and did not allow me to see anything. I wish this company luck, and I see with a little more improvement and extra features it will do very well in its industry.

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