6 thoughts on “Social Follow – All Social Networks In One Button

  1. SocialFollow.com allows people to connect all their social networking sites together into 1 simple flexible button. It’s a great idea because there are so many different social media sites and to keep them all updated can be time consuming. This simplifies everything so you can spend more time doing other things.

    I am definitely encouraged to use the service and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t use it. You have nothing to lose by giving it a try for yourself.

  2. 1. What do you think this service does? Socialfollow.com is a service that brings all your social networks together into one place without having to log in to each and every one of them separately. This could be myspace, facebook, twitter, or any other social networking sites.

    2. Do you see the value proposition? I see the value proposition as something that is going to make it easier for everyone in the social networking community. It is free to sign up so that is always a plus in my book and who doesn’t like “FREE”.

    3. Are you encouraged to use the service, why or why not? I would be encouraged to use the site, because it would make it easier for me to just remember one password instead of two, three, four, or more, depending on how many social network sites you are on.

    I think this site would make a great way to bring the best of each network closer with just one click of a button. I think they have the right idea in a website like this one.

  3. upon registering got a message saying “email confirmation sent”. it never came to my inbox or any folders under the given mail account. makes me wonder if someone is phishing for email addresses or this is the first service that actually manually push mails out from mail server (not automated).

  4. Seems like a great idea, many people are signed up on too many social networks, so Social Follow could help them to have everything clear and organized.

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