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social-me - startup featured on StartUpLift for website feedback lets you reference up to 35 different social networks from one place, and offers web tools to track social media clicks from your blog or website.

Target Audience: Any individual or company active on multiple social networks, or building a personal brand.
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No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 1

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It’s pretty simple and self-explanatory, users instantly “get it” – here’s my profile as an example of what users receive when they sign up.

Please share any feedback you can provide.

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  1. Yes it really is simple and easy to understand. The colors and layout is easy to the eye and so is the navigation. The rotating images also does a great job of explaining more of what the site is about.
    One of the things I check before signing up on a site is the “Delete account” function. It’s good to know that this feature is available and can be easily be done by the user. What bugs me though, is that the username of the deleted account becomes available once again. I feel like this is something that will prevent a user from deleting their account at all. If a Person A happens to use your (deleted) username, won’t the people who will go to your (deleted) url be directed to Person A?
    Looking at the sample profile, it’s nice to see that the banner can be customized — I’m assuming the background image can be customized as well. I like that the layout is clean and everything you need to know is clearly laid in one page.
    I saw the Tags section on the profile page and thought that clicking on it will take me to a profile under the same tag. But looking at it, it only points to the user’s website. I’m guessing it’s just to easily identify the category of the profile but I’m not sure about the links, whether it should be there at all cause it could be confusing for first time viewers of a profile. I though for a moment the links were broken since they all point to the same page.
    I find the feature of adding social networking icons to your own site really useful. The “Inclusion request” is also a big plus.
    The only thing that is stopping me from signing up is the availability of usernames after deleting your account but all in all I think it is a great platform especially if you are on tons of social networking sites.

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