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Take the Credit Card Terminal wherever your business takes you.
The best iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Credit Card Terminal Billing App!

Target Audience: All Businesses

Spartadata is the developer of BILLING Credit Card Terminal, an application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad that allows anyone with a US based Merchant Account to easily process secure Credit Card Transactions on the go. The only requirement is an account which is the gateway that passes the transactions securely to the processor. The Gateway is PCI compliant and widely adopted as the most popular gateway in the US.

Merchants are not forced or locked into using Spartadata’s Bundled Merchant offer. However it does have one of the most attractive terms around. For just $25 per month and 24¢ + 2.09% you too can begin processing on the iphone, ipod or iPad. No terms, hidden fees or early termination costs.

Spartadata was the first to design and create the on screen signature capture, tip and email functionalities that are now widely copied among similar apps. This dates back to over a year ago when none of the apps did anything more then just process a payment on bland dull calculator designed interfaces. Spartadata’s solid work is a direct result of its innovative design, approach, quality and functionality. Its app has maintained top 10 app in its category within the Credit Card Terminal and Billing app terms for over a year. Being a software company, it has always strived to remain transparent to the merchants and therefore carries high retention and user sessions. This, in turn, has helped it plan future projects and software to cater the needs of its customers.

Feedback sought:

Please take a look at our site and application and give us feedback on your thoughts and ideas. We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance our business and approach.

Cash Award: 3 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

10 thoughts on “Spartadata – Billing iPhone/iPad Credit Card Terminal

  1. Hi,

    This is great app – I envision this being largely beneficial for small business owners – especially those that are on the go (cart/stand setups, entrepreneurs, etc.).

    The most useful aspect of the site was the video. Initially I thought this was something a consumer pulled up on their phones when paying for a meal, or consumer item – although, the video cleared any confusion. It’s not hidden, by any means, but it could be placed more prominently above some of the brightly colored text on the home page.

    That brings me to my next point. The page is a little cluttered. It looks a bit like a myspace page with the black background, multi sized and colored fonts, and buttons/icons all over the place. There’s a lot to be said for simplicity -I mean, look at Google. Still, after all these years and billions of dollars, remains true to its core. You can communicate much of what you have on the site in a clearer format.

    The video is good, it’s clear and easy to follow. HOWEVER, the speaker says the word “retarded” (when referring to his signature). This immediately undermined the entire project, application, and website. It’s unprofessional and led me to believe that it’s just a small business still under development (which may be true, but it’s not good when your consumer feels that way too). You are dealing with business professionals as your consumer base, and it’s important they feel you are as professional as they aspire to be.

    That being said, I think this concept has a lot of ground. This is a trend the industry is, and has been, moving towards for some time. If you can gain a first mover advantage by continuing to promote and develop this app and concept, I think you’ll be in a good space. Have you thought of developing a mini printer that can be attached via cord to the phone/ipod/ipad device? It’d be similar to the Nintendo Gameboy Camera/Printer idea about 8-9 years back. This way, customer’s that like paper receipts/ don’t have/don’t use e-mail will feel more validated by the process.

    Just a few thoughts.


  2. SM3 Thanks for your feedback. The website was just recently updated but as you mentioned can certainly be further improved. As for the Device support – we are in the process of selecting the ideal hardware components that would best support all 3 apple devices without the need to purchase additional hardware. Security and functionality are key to our efforts so once we have the ideal hardware fit that aligns with our goals we will introduce that once we are fully capable of guaranteeing its capabilities.

    We are in the process of submitting a release candidate update for the app version 1.5 into the Apple store. This version packs a few features and enhancements including a complete iphone 4 overhaul of the UI.

    Again thanks for your feedback.

  3. Neat products. I was extremely impressed initially when I saw on your website that the Daily Show had said “Billing App Signature Capture, the others do not do that!”. After watching the video I realized that the Daily show is not the one with John Stewart but rather it was the Daily App Show. Perhaps that should be clarified.

    Also I see that you provide a dongle for Credit Card swiping. It would be good to figure out how that compares to other companies like

    The initial page needs to be tweaked so that it is not so overwhelming for new time visitors. Just keeping the salient features that communicate your unique solution immediately would be a good start.

    The product seems good, best of luck.

  4. The site has wayyy too much information on the landing page. I think the information below the video needs to be broken out on a different page. Also, on the features page, it seems like the information hasn’t been grouped properly and doesn’t have any particular theme to it, the features are just listed one after the another without the feel of connectedness in terms of feature groups.

    Also, why would someone buy your product vs. say Square or Mophie or Veriphone? They do have the most visibility in the market and you need to show why your project is better w.r.t. a comparison chart of sorts.

    Also, for some reason, the presentation of the credit card swiping component just didn’t look legit enough. It almost looked too dark and blurry .. almost shady!

    Also, too many tabs up top. the UI looks cluttered with the Spartan data ribbon and then the navigation menu (which has that hovering mouseover that feels too distracting) and lastly the social tabs below that. The social tabs might have been better as Facebook or Twitter icons to the right instead.

    In short, good idea but the UI needs work to make people stay on your site and convince them to buy your product

  5. Thoughts and feedback on
    1) Pro – I do like the color scheme used and I think the black background with white font is easy on the eyes.
    2)Con – I think there is too much information on the home page. I believe it would look more professional if you have categorized links with the respective information behind the link. Information overload on the home page may result in a person not continuing to stay on your homepage because they are unwilling to swim through all the information.
    3)Pro – I do like the fact that you currently stand out with the “THE ONLY IPHONE, IPOD TOUCH AND IPAD CREDIT CARD READER, SWIPER”
    You definitely have the advantage with this selling point.
    4)Pro – I really like your News & Resources page, it further gives credibility and trustworthiness to your site and offerings.
    5)Pro – easy to find application and contact information
    Overall, I would say that your website is good and has all that you need to sign up prospective customers. If you could do something about the abundance of info. on your homepage, I think it may increase the visual appeal of your website.

  6. Thanks for your feedback (All of you) I did update and one commenter noted the Capital on “Support” Nav link… Thanks for pointing all your opinions and I will certainly use this feedback to further improve and grow the website…

    In short my initial goal was SEO driven vs design, now that I have gained some solid rankings I will optimize the overload of text and info as suggested above.

    Thanks Again!

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