Speaker Review Pricing Pros And Cons Features And Customer Support

Speaker Review: Pricing, Pros and Cons, Features, and Customer Support

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? Spreaker is one of many podcast platforms available for you. Spreaker podcasts assure you of limitless podcast opportunities. The platform is a one-stop-shop for podcast creation, hosting, distribution, and monetization, offering potential growth for your podcasting business as you keep producing quality projects for your audience.

Speaker Podcast

Need a platform to showcase your passion?

Start podcasting with Spreaker because it can record, distribute, manage, and monetize your business. Creating impactful content is comfortable with Spreaker podcasts.

In this review, we shall provide you a detailed breakdown of all the essential features that Spreaker  offers.

What Is Spreaker?

Created in 2010, Spreaker is an all-inclusive pod-tech solution for audio creators and publishers to seamlessly and comfortably manage their podcats. Speaker lets you create, distribute, monetize, and host your podcasts projects effortlessly.

Speaker: Home of the endless podcast possibilities

Using Spreaker’s Content Management Feature (CMS), you can publish your content instantly, and there is literary no waiting time … your audience can play your content immediately. Spreaker also allows you to distribute and share your podcast content to all major podcast platforms like Google PodcastApple Podcast, and Spotify with a simple click.

Speaker lets you monetize your podcasts effortlessly. You can easily make money by joining an inbuilt advertising program, which randomly integrates ads into your podcast.

Spreaker Pros and Cons


  • The prices are fair compared to other platforms
  • Clean and easy to use Interface
  • Simple to migrate from a different podcast host to Spreaker’s platform
  • Easy to use analytics tools
  • offers a free package which has all the necessary features
  • The platform lets you pre-record new episodes or live-stream them
  • Helps you increased your online discoverability


  • You can only communicate with them through emails
  • It is challenging to get your money back if you forget to cancel your annual renewal membership.

Spreaker Pricing 

One of the most immeasurable things on this platform is that it has a free package! You will host and publish your content without spending a dime. With the free package, you can access all the basic features and tools needed to manage your podcast.

Spreaker Pricing

Here is a comprehensive summary of the various price packages available.

The packages are divided into two categories mainly:

1. Professional

Under professional, we have four different plans.

  • Free Speech – This is a free package.
  • On-Air Talent – you can either opt for a $6 per month billed yearly or $ 7 billed monthly.
  • Broadcaster – rated the most popular subscription package. You can subscribe to the $ 18 per month billed yearly or $20 billed monthly.
  • Anchorman –here, you can either subscribe to $45 per month billed yearly or go for the $50 billed monthly.

2. Enterprise

This plan is considered by many as the real deal for professional publishers. The Publisher plan is billed monthly at $120 per month.

NB:/ If for some reason you feel the plans offered are not meeting your needs, feel free to contact the support team for a customized package.

Speaker Features

Spreaker platform has some easy to use features that make managing your podcast simple. Let’s check out some of these features.

Clean and simple to use Interface: Due to its well-designed Interface, using the Spreaker platform is much more comfortable and straightforward. 

From the Spreaker dashboard, you can easily manage all aspects of your podcast. You can quickly get any tool or feature, and it’s also easy to navigate through different podcasts.

New users can quickly understand how to use it with much ease.

Monetization of Podcasts with the Administrators’ support

Podcast recording app: Great feature for keeping past shows to refer to later.

Podcasts analytics

Global podcast distribution

Spreaker enterprise through Ad Exchange

Dynamic Monetization Options

If your primary goal is to monetize your podcast platform, then the Spreaker platform is what you need. You can easily earn commissions using the dynamic ad insertion feature, which embeds ads on your podcasts. This feature gives the ability to manage where the ads will appear and what time. All you do is place a pin where you want to put the Ad, and the platform will do the rest.

Dynamic Monetization Options

You will not only earn money from new episodes but also episodes that you published years ago.

One-Click Distribution

The success of any podcast greatly depends on the distribution strategy you choose to implement. Your listeners need to find your content quickly wherever they are. Even though it is possible to upload your podcast manually to virtually any app listeners’, this platform makes the task more straightforward, thanks to its vast catalog of partners.

One-Click Distribution

The one-click distribution feature makes the process easier and less tedious as you can submit your podcast episodes to nearly all the major listening apps with just one click.

Simple Transfer Procedure from Other Platforms to Spreaker

If you already have an existing podcast, you can quickly transfer all your content to Spreaker without losing your audience and ratings. Using the RSS Feed Importer feature, effortlessly migrate your content with just a few clicks.

Insightful Analytics

With Spreaker, you can learn more about your subscribers. This easy to read analysis give you detailed information about your listeners, such as the listener’s demographics, what the subscribers like most, their location, which listening device your audience uses, and most of all, how your podcast performs in real-time.

The best part of this platform is the assurance of viewing how your podcast is performing, thanks to the IAB Tech Lab Certification.

Spreaker Studio Application

This platform has in-built podcast creation software; the software has all the necessary tools to make a professional sounding podcast. This free podcast software can create, publish, and distribute your podcast efficiently at any time.

Spreaker Customer Support Services

Generally, this platform has a good customer support service. The website has an in-built troubleshooting page that handles all the questions that might be troubling you. If you feel you need more answers, you can send them an email, and they will respond as fast as possible.


Whether you are doing your first episode as a beginner or already an established publisher, it is essential to note that for you to have a successful podcast, you need a reliable platform like Spreaker. This simple to use platform has all the required tools and features to help you manage your podcasts with ease.

Sign up for the free plan and get a feel of the platform; this will further give you a better picture of the platform before you upgrade to the paid plans.