SphereUp – Your Contacts in One Place

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SphereUp lets you see and update all your contacts in a single app.

Target Audience: Everyone.
Website URL: https://sphereup.com

About SphereUp:

SphereUp is a new contact management app that lets you see all your contacts in one place; manage and update contact info; find contacts lightning fast with instant search; email, call, and text right within the app.

6 thoughts on “SphereUp – Your Contacts in One Place

  1. The website is well organized.  The text is clear and concise.  This application is a really good idea.  People will benefit from this app.  It can be a headache finding and coordinating address books and contact lists.  The only information I could not find was the cost of the app.  The cost and payment options in an easy to find format would be helpful to potential customers.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, rosepetalpink! You’re right that price should always be upfront and clear on a website — we’ve had someone ask this question in our Feedback widget as well. SphereUp is free so we’ll try to add this somewhere on the site. Thanks again for your review!
    – Anna @ SphereUp

  3. Greetings,
    I like the design of the website. Very colorful but not over bearing. The text is clear and readable, which is good because I wear glasses. Although I was unable to get an invite, the app seems to be well thought out for people like myself who has contacts scattered in different locations. With the ability to email, call, or text all from the same location is a great idea. I love it. Just hurry give me access so I can give it test drive.

  4. This website is very understanding. I like the thing’s it can do to your mobile or laptop by texting or notifications. This website is cool. No improvement’s what’s so ever.

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