Spoolite – Share Your Moments With People

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See what people across the world feel,do, like.

Target Audience: People interesting in sharing with and getting inspiration from people across the world.
Website URL: https://www.spoolite.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?
  • Did you sign up? Why/Why not?
  • What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About Spoolite:

Spoolite is a new social media website enabling users to share their moments with people no matter what language they speak. Users can see what moods and activities are most common in the world right now and the application shows them people who are feeling/doing the same thing along with their location. On top of that, users can share and get inspired by events, places, products etc. in their neighbourhood.

19 thoughts on “Spoolite – Share Your Moments With People

  1. * Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?

    Yes, it is interesting.  But that might be due to the fact that I don’t really understand it. First, there is the name.  It I didn’t see the site, I would think this is about something else entirely.  I think that most adults will think of “spoo” as the… well, just look it up in the urban dictionary (adults only)!  I don’t think the name really tells me anything about what this site does.

    Second, the rotating banner is way too wordy and goes by too fast.  Based on what I can read, I think this site is about posting and sharing your interests, then getting feedback about others who share the same interests.  Plus, it’s all anonymous.  But it took me so long to understand all of this, if I weren’t reviewing the site I would have already gone elsewhere.  This is due to a few main reasons:

    Reason 1:  While most main pages are cluttered, this one is lacking.  There is just the logo, a login/sign up section, then this rotating banner which goes by too quickly for me to read.  Oh, and then a bunch of white space.  I get the feeling this is a work in progress.

    Reason 2: The logo doesn’t say anything about the site, it’s just plain text, typed out.  There is no tagline or slogan so that I can gain a quick understanding of what spoolite offers.

    Reason 3: Where is your “About” page so I can learn more about spoolite before actually signing up?  Nothing is organized.  I would suggest having a main tagline or statement of purpose with an image that does the same thing at the top.  Then have a section that lists a few bulleted point with added benefits of using spoolite.

    * Did you sign up? Why/Why not?

    I did, to gain a better understanding of what this site is so that I can review it properly.  I would be more eager to sign up if I could Facebook Connect.

    * What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?

    Now that I’ve signed up, I can see what this site actually is.  I enter my moods or activities and spoolite records them and compares them against others entries around the world.  I can see a statistical breakdown of moods and activities around the world.  Bottom line is – why do I want to know?

    Also, most of the interface is clunky.  I’m a little lost when trying to get started.  Why aren’t the happy face/soccer ball and note paper labeled on the top navigation?  Even when I hover over them, I couldn’t figure out what they did at first (no alternate text).  Then, when I’m entering information, why do I have to hit enter after each form field?  It’s an extra step that will irritate many users.

    Now that I’ve entered my interests/moods, I’m not sure what to do next.  Is there anything?  I can see a “lifeline” of past entries.  I can also share this information on facebook, but isn’t that what Facebook status messages are for?  The average person doesn’t want to collect and analyze statistics.  Perhaps a research company might.  I just don’t see the benefit of using spoolite.

    After looking through things a bit more, I see there is the ability to enter pages/songs/movies you like (why is this called entering status, btw?), I guess to see what other people around the world also like them.  I didn’t see this at first – maybe there are other things on the site I missed as well.

    Also, the settings page won’t load for me – it times out.

    * Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    Design critiques aside, users need to immediately see the benefit of using this site and continue to experience it while using the site.  I’m currently not seeing the real purpose, nor any benefit.  Why do I need to know if people in Australia share the same mood as I do?  The same hobby?  Is there a way I can connect with them?  I mean, it might be interesting to know that there is someone in Arkansas who is also doing a review of spoolite right now – but only for about two seconds.  Enough to make me say “Oh, that’s interesting.”  Then, when I’ve finished saying it, I’ll close the browser window and not come back.

    There’s not much  more I can say until I get a feel for what the benefits of using spoolite.  If you could give me those, I could go back in with a fresh eye and tell you how to redesign things so that those benefits are highlighted.

  2. Oh, and because I didn’t feel I explained clearly enough how to change the homepage, I sketched up a layout:


    It wouldn’t have to be this, exactly, just something that briefly explains the site’s purpose and a few benefits in a very organized way!

  3. Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?
    Yes. The idea is there and it is a good one.  with more and more people searching the web there is a need for people to just input their opinions.  Just like social networks or facebook and this webiste has those links.  Also it is international and that to me is interesting.  it is good to hear from people around world, but at same time so many people around world are crooked and immoral.  Still, I like the idea.
    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?
    Yes I did! I saw links and a chance to get some feedback about different topics.  Like movies, facebook or twitter.  Also, it was international and that is interesting to me.  The site was clear and concise looking with demographic charts. This attracted me to this site.
    What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?
    As soon as I signed up I tried to give my mood and input what I was doing.  Howver, it kept asking me for demographic location.  It had a google map of Orlando and I inputted that in.  Then said put in location again.  I looked at another user and input Orlando, USA.  But still the mood and feedback was unable to process.  I believe it is hard to use because the locations were not loaded for USA. Also, I belived that too many people tried to use this site without signing up making it harder to sign up site for those interested.  Neither here nor there, it was actually hard to use and what attrated me to it was that it looked easy to sign up.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    The links such as facebook and movies are great.  The demographic charts feedback is great too. But after trying several times to input location jsut to say what my mood or statewhat I was doing wase extremely difficult.  It looked easy to use, but ended being a fiftenn minute task.

  4. Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?
    First of all, let me just say that I can’t really get a full picture of what your site is about from your home page because it scrolls too quickly for me to read and absorb, and there are no informational pages (like an about page, an FAQ page, a contact page, etc.) that would shed light on the purpose of your site and what it offers.  In addition, it doesn’t seem that users can access any of the site without signing up, so again, I can’t really tell if it interests me or not just from the home page.  The summary you provided here at StartUpLift is a better explanation but still doesn’t give me a good sense of how this compares to the myriad other social networking sites out there.
    Once I signed up, I realized that the main purpose of the site is to allow people worldwide to basically post status updates and recommendations that are translated into the individual user’s native language.  I think the translation aspect is really cool, but the real question for me is whether I need to know the information being translated.  For instance, if you had a site that could translate users’ blogs or product reviews or something, that would be really useful.  But do I really care to read that someone in China is feeling happy today because it’s his birthday or that someone in Brazil is disappointed because she lost her job?  Not really.
    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?
    I signed up because if I hadn’t done so, I would’ve had no way of finding out what your site was all about.    So I was basically forced to register in order to write this review.  But I can tell you that if I wasn’t reviewing your site–if I just came across it on the web–I wouldn’t sign up.  I’m not a big fan of signing up for web sites, so I have to know the details of what service a site offers and how it can benefit me before I take that step.
    When I signed up, I got a pop-up message informing me that my account had not been activated yet and directing me to go to Settings–>Account.  I did that and saw that I would have to confirm an activation email sent to my address.  Many sites do this, but most don’t make users go into their account settings to find out about it.  The usual process is that, after registering, the user will see a page or a pop-up that instructs them to check their email account for an activation email.  I’m not sure why you make users go through the additional step of digging around in their account settings to find out about this.
    What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?
    As I said, it’s not that interesting to me to read every day about how people in various parts of the world are feeling.  That’s just not a big enough draw for me to use a site regularly.  I think the Likes are a little more interesting because I could potentially get some good product/service/travel recommendations, but right now your site is so new that it’s hard to gauge how useful that will really be.  For instance, I tried your filter to search for events, products, etc. near me, and nothing came up even though I’m in a very populated area.  But I do think this is the feature that could potentially be the most useful to members, and I would suggest you expand on it with advanced search options that would allow members to search for specific kinds of music and movies, specific places (like restaurants, parks, museums, etc.), and so on.  It would also be nice to see a review system in place.
    Also, so far I don’t see any way to create a profile and interact with other users.  A big part of the charm of most social networking sites is that you get to interact with other people–leave feedback for them, send them messages, and so on.  I think it would really benefit your users if you made this site more interactive for them.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    Home page: As I said, this scrolls too quickly for me to read and absorb it.  It actually makes me dizzy.  My suggestion for you here is to have a more traditional home page.  Instead of all that scrolling, pick one image and stick with it.  If I were you, I’d have a collage of people in different countries alongside a map with little bubble markers like the ones you feature on your site.  Take your main selling points and list them–one, two, three–in short, snappy lines above the fold.  Add some informational pages (an about page, an FAQ, a help page, and so on) so that new users can understand what Spoolite is all about.  (Speaking of “Spoolite,” is there any reason you chose that particular name?  It doesn’t really communicate to me what your site is about.)  I’d also suggest that you allow users to access the maps without signing up so they can see for themselves what Spoolite has to offer.  Then, if they want to post status updates themselves, make them register.
    The maps: Once I signed up for an account, I was taken to what seemed to be a dashboard with a world map.  There were markers in green on the map, but it wasn’t clear what they symbolized until I started clicking on them.  At that point, I realized they were recent user status updates.  I noticed a legend at the bottom of the map, which showed that orange bubbles were for “Match” and purple bubbles for “Synonyms.”  What exactly does that mean?  I’m at a loss because there’s no FAQ or help section or really anything that would explain how to use this site.  I clicked through the tabs at the top of the map–Moods, Activities, and Likes were self-explanatory, but I couldn’t figure out what Lifeline was about.
    I didn’t see any way to create a profile of my own, although I noticed your status boxes in the right margin–“How are you feeling?” and “What are you up to?”  However, I thought it was odd that you placed them next to a bunch of ads.  They’re not very noticeable there.  I would move them to a more central location on the page to encourage new users to get involved right away.  As for me, I posted a mood status, and this was mostly a smooth process except for the fact that I had to go through a few extra steps to add my location.  My location is a large North American city, and I thought it was odd that you didn’t already have it in your drop-down menu.  I think you should allow people to just type in their location rather than forcing them to search around for it on a map, which is kind of annoying.  After I posted my mood status, I got a little pie chart display that reported how other people in the world were feeling.  That was amusing, but I can’t say I’d sign up for a site just to see that.
    My next step was to check out the three icons in the header by your name.  I was hoping that a little pop-up would inform me what each icon was for when I rolled over it, but that didn’t happen, so I had to click on each one.  It turned out these just led back to the status update forms I had previously accessed in the right margin.
    My suggestions: First of all, you need to add some kind of user guide or help page so that new users can understand how to use the site.  For instance, I still don’t understand what “Match” and “Synonyms” are all about on your map legend.  Second, you need to add little pop-ups to your header icons so that users can see what each one is for when they roll over it.  I would also add similar pop-ups to your map legend and maybe even to the markers on the map itself.  It’s nice when info pops up without having to click every time.  Second, you should get your status update widgets out of the right margin with the ads.  They get lost there.  Put them right above or right under the map, where people can see them.  If you put them there, you probably don’t even need additional icons in the header.
    Third–and this is a big one–I just don’t think the site is useful enough as it is now.  There are so many social networking sites out there, and some of them already have an international focus.  I’ve seen several right here on StartUpLift that were designed to allow global users to share their likes, dislikes, and recommendations with each other.  Right now, the only thing I see that makes your site stand out is that you translate what users post.  That’s really awesome.  But, again, I’m not sure the nature of the translated posts is that interesting right now.  I’m not sure a lot of people are going to be that interested in how many people in the world are happy, sad, afraid, or whatever.  It’s a cool novelty, but I wouldn’t feel compelled to check it every day.  As I said earlier, I think it would be more useful if you could translate blog posts or reviews or something that would actually be useful to more people.  That would be a site I could really use.

  5. Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?
    I think I like the idea but it’s hard to tell because the scrolling information on the home page doesn’t go into detail. I tried looking for more information on a FAQ page or help section but couldn’t find anything. Also I wanted to be able to pause the scrolling text so I didn’t have to rush to read it and look at the diagrams, but I wasn’t able to do this. To me this seems like another social networking site.
    I don’t find the home page appealing at all but I think the idea could be good. The reasons I don’t like the home page:
    1. It’s too plain and simple and lacks information, color and depth.
    2. There is too much empty white space.
    3. Looks unprofessional and incomplete.
    3. The “spoolite” logo is far too simple, I wouldn’t even class it as a logo as it’s just text typed out. It doesn’t represent anything to me or your site. Logo’s can be simple but affective like Facebook and Google but the “spoolite” logo is just far far to plain.
    4. There is also no tag line or catch phrase to go along with your logo. Something like “Spoolite connecting the world”, “Spoolite the new way to socialize”.
    5. I can’t find out anymore information via a FAQ or Help page.
    6. Basically I wouldn’t have stayed on the home page as long as I have.
    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?
    Yes I did sign up for the purpose of this review, but I don’t think I would have signed up otherwise from just seeing the home page.
    Once I did sign up I finally found out more information and I found out that you can connect Spoolite with your Facebook account. This would have swayed my decision to join greatly but this information wasn’t available on the home page.
    What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?
    1. After signing up I still wasn’t able to find a help section and still wasn’t sure exactly how I was supposed to use this site.
    2. I clicked on those little illustrations (face, soccer ball and note) on the top tool bar and it was like a lucky dip because I didn’t understand what they were trying to symbolize. I though maybe hovering over them would reveal text that said update status or update mood or something but there was no information until I actually clicked on them.
    3. I don’t think I would use this site on a daily basis because it just seems like I would be entering information that I already share on other social networking sites. I realize it compares statistics with other users around the world but I don’t think I would really find this useful in my daily life.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    1. I really liked the fact that you could connect your Spoolite account with your Facebook account, although I didn’t find this out until I signed in. These sort of things can impact a persons decision to sign up but none of this information was available from your home page.
    2. I did find the sign up process very simple and I think the account verification is a very good idea.
    3. Overall the site just looks to unprofessional and quickly thrown together without too much thought. I’m sure this is not the case but this is how I perceive it from the design and layout of the website.
    4. You really need wither a tutorial video of how to use the site, FAQ page or help section.


    The site had really nothing to offer to me personally.  A lot of what I did not like comes down to relevancy and usability.


    I signed up in order to provide feedback.


     I was disappointed with a lot of the graphics.  The scrolling “information” on the home page was both annoying and in my opinion unnecessary.  The means of entering the status and moods and who, what and where data was cumbersome and also annoying.  I entered my “what” information five times but the software never recognized it and kept giving me “the what is empty” message.  I finally gave up.  

    I sort of get the idea behind the concept but again relevancy is an issue with me.  I don’t really care to know how many people are happy or sad which seems to be your only offering.  I didn’t see any means of contacting them but I didn’t stay logged in long enough.  It wasn’t obvious how to do if it is possible. If I was to use the site, there would have to be a means of communicating, otherwise this is all useless dribble.

    The bottom line is I found the site lacking in any meaningful purpose.  Nothing that is going to drive the masses to it. The web content needs to be reworked as to make it easier to use and not cumbersome. If this is to be some sort of social media outlet (albeit anonymous) you still need to be able to communicate either with a comment or reply post. Simply hitting “like” doesn’t do it. Maybe with a “translate” feature if you are going to attempt to reach a global audience so that you would be able to translate a comment received easy without having to cut and paste to another website.

  7. Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?
    I like the idea, it is the first of its kind that I see to be honest. It is very… unique.
    But for me, the website is not of great interest. I already tried blogging my life away at one point, and I could not be bothered updating it everyday. So, this kind daily update is not really my piece of cake.
    I must admit though, you website is intriguing me and I wonder how it works.
    The website feel and feature could be improved a lot and those will be discussed in the “additional feedback” section.

    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?
    Yes I signed up, because as said earlier, I wonder how your website work. And I also want to provide good and useful feedbacks to you. So knowing the ins and outs of your website is needed.
    I am killing two birds with one stone: providing feedback and fulfilling my curiosity.

    What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?
    I am considered about the limitations of the website. I can only the “happy” or “sad”, what if I’m shocked or surprised because of a surprise party?
    I would also like a place where I can blog about my day. Sometimes you want to elaborate and not just say “I am happy because I had a surprise party”, you want to say:
    “Today was my birthday and I was so impressed by the marvellous gifts and effort that everyone put into this surprise parth. I have such good friends, don’t I? I still can’t believe that such awesomeness was present tonight where I had nothing to do and thought everyone forgot about my birthday. I am so please…”
    Or a place to “bitch” about your life.
    You might consider having the option to make your status “Hidden” or “private”, I am sad, my girlfriend broke up with me. I don’t want everyone talking about it. I just want to put it here to remind me of the date.
    Also consider this, thousand of people could use your websites one day, how will your display the various updates every seconds? Your website is sure to lag and be slow!
    More feedbacks underneath!

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    After signing up, and logging in, I was really confused and lost. I did not know where to start and I had to click everywhere and make use of my previous experiences with computers. You website is not really user-friendly.
    First thing I clicked on the “How are you feeling?” button at the top right corner. Why I clicked it first? Because it had a nice smiley face at the side, and it was asking a question. And another reason is because the “You haven’t told us yet how you’re feeling… ” text at the bottom, which makes me thing I need to tell you so.
    I don’t like the popup message that tells me what to do. Specially when you think that I am a baby and don’t know what I am doing. “Use adjectives, nouns or collocations” is enough. I don’t need you to give me examples, it is making me feel stupid and that I don’t know how to write. You don’t want your visitors to feel that way.
    Additionally if I move the box, the pop-up message does not follow it. This kinda makes you less professional on the design side.
    Or better yet, removing the pop-up text altogether and add another link underneath the field, such as “Need help?”, it would be better than pop-up messages appearing everywhere. Notice how it disables my ability to fill in the “Because” field. What if I want to fill that in first and then put how I feel about it? I can’t.
    You might want to add more smiley face, instead of the basic (happy) and (sad) face. Options would be, (surprise), (shocked), (crying), (laughing), (in love), etc… Give more options. Emotions are not something that can be described easily, don’t forget that.
    You might want to remove the word “Because” and simply replace it with “why?” or “cause”. As in the field, I wrote “because I am feeling so”, and thus repeating the word “because” again. I did not know whether I should have put it or not. Removing that word and replacing it with something else removes this problem.
    Location is found at the top right, which I did not notice. Maybe put it on top or better yet, ask for the location when signing up. Or, you could locate the user’s location automatically via the IP address he/she uses. It would be much simpler. Rather than the user typing his/her location manually. Why? Because it reduces errors and frustration. I am from Perth, Australia, and when I typed in “Perth”, it shows perth in the US. I thought a series of options would be given to me as to which country. I did not know the format to write the location in. Give an example, or make it automatically detect it.
    Also, I don’t think you need google maps working with the location. It uses up internet bandwidth and might take some time to load for slow-internet connections. Just give a list such as “Perth, Australia”, “Perth, Unites States”, etc… You don’t have to show the location on the map, I know where I am don’t I?
    I don’t see the purpose of the google maps on the main page of my account. What do the green flags represent? People, I just found that out. It could be potentially useful, but really think ahead. You could get millions of people using your website. How are you going to fit all that on a map? The lag would be HORRIBLE, not talking about selecting problem. It is simply not feasible long term.
    For the “What are you up to?” button, I find it stupid that you are saying “going skiing or for a holiday?”, why specially skiing? Leave it broad, “Going on holidays?” is simply enough.
    I filled in all the fields, but I can’t submit. It says “Whats is empty”. Either it is a programming error, or it is my fault. But I really don’t know what’s wrong, I assume it means that the “What” field is not filled in, but it is. If it is not that, you need to rephrase the error so that I can understand it.
    Why is it that at the top there is “I’m doing, I’m about to do…”? There is no field to fille in beside the “I’m doing”, maybe another error?
    What is the “like” tab for? It just gives me some links to outer websites. I thought i would allow me to profile what I like/dislike…
    I just noticed that I could upload my “likes” websites, photos, videos, etc… From the button at the top. You might want to change that because there is really not guide to tell me I could do that. On the “like” page, include a button saying “What do you like?”, it would be much user-friendly.
    “Lifetime” link seems to be simple, it simply tells you how many time you were happy/sad. Now I understand why you kept the emotions to only two. You might want to change that. Implement more emotions, but on the lifetime, all emotions will appear of the lifetime, with days represented as dots. When you click on the dot, you can see which emotion it was. Also add another feature which is, to be able to filter the emotions. For example when I click on “Shoked”, I will see what days I was shocked.
    Now we take a step back, and go to the homepage.
    I don’t like the fact that the slideshow is 100% automatic, because there are slow readers which won’t be able to read your slide fast enough. Consider having arrows on each side so that it is semi-automatic. When the user clicks the arrows, the slides will change, which their timer reset.
    Why did you chose the name “Spoolite”, I don’t see any meaning behind it. And it’s not really catchy as well to be honest. It’s not like it is a bad one, people will get use to it. That was just my opinion.
    You homepage is a bit plain, you could add “Contact Us”, “About Us” and testimonials, to make it more active and interactive. Maybe a “features” tab as well, though I think the features are covered in your slides. How many slide do you have by the way? It should not exceed 5, so that you won’t bore the use with packs of slides.
    You can consider a logo as well, and a slogan. Both would make your website look way more professional and attractive.

    Sorry for the long texts, but those are my feedbacks to you. Hope they can help you! Good luck!

  8. Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?
     I was intrigued by the first idea snippet that read,” Sharing and matching anonymously.  Share your moments with people no matter what language they speak.  Find people matching you and see where they are”  I have traveled to Jamaica and Brazil on missions trip so I am intrigued to find people who “match” me.  I think it is really interesting. 
    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?
    Yes, I signed up.  I am interested in getting a universal perspective on life.  I thought that the sign-up process was easy.  I really like the colored boxes on the right of the entry boxes telling you that it looks like an email or not, and if your password is strong or weak. 
    What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis? I signed up for the site and then tried to choose a mood.  I entered that I was tired from a long weekend, because I was making a lot of decisions.  I tried to enter it and it asked for a location.  The location drop list was blank so I tried to enter USA, but I wasn’t allowed to type and no options were coming up.  Maybe an error in the program, so I was unable to submit a mood.  I tried to submit an activity and incurred the same issue.  I couldn’t enter a location and thus I couldn’t submit an activity.  I really wanted to see who else was feeling the same way or doing the same thing I was doing.  I would only come back if it was up and working and if I needed a break and wanted to do something interesting.  I think that this site could provide entertainment through knowledge. 
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    The location was not working in Add status as well.  I think that these errors need to be addressed because they limit the users ability to enjoy the full benefits of the site, including the lifeline feature.
    I found the maps difficult to use.  I think they could be in a larger window. 

  9. Is the site interesting and do you like the idea?

    I am not sure that I really like this site since I don’t understand what it is all about. I did sign up, and logged in. Once logged in, I had no idea where to go from that point on.

    This site needs some more explaining, and the homepage should have a nice write up explaining in detail what spoolite is all about. What is the objective? It looks like social networking, yes, but what? Do you want people to interact with each other on this site? Is some of the purpose of it to make new friends in different countries? This is so far what I gather.

    The homepage is too “blank.” There definitely needs to be more information here. If people are going to visit this site and use it regularly, they need more information about it.

    I also tried to use the maps on your website, and found it very difficult to navigate. I hope you will work on correcting this problem otherwise people will find it very frustrating to use and give up.

    Some of the settings menu is also not easy to work with and seemed a little difficult to use. I clicked on my language was is English, and it wouldn’t save the information and instead kept bouncing back to the same spot instead of moving forward.

    This website overall needs much more development to it in order to be of greater interest to people and make them want to visit. Right now as it is, I find it boring.

  10. Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?

    I think the idea is not only interesting, it’s a very powerful idea. I inmediately though, besides share information between people around the world, about market tendences and how to use this information to think about new products and services
    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?

    Yes, I think everybody wants to know if there are more people like him no matter wich country, felling the same, doing the same activities and having the same hobbies, and of course wants to know how many people
    What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?

    Answer to question 1:
    I had problems with the language, because I rather to browse sites in english, the words order, and how the instructions are showed,

    Answer to question 2:
    I recomend you to show the current fellings so maybe I can identify with one of the them
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    I strongly recommend you check the programming and navigation on the site, the most important thing on a web site is how it looks and the first time is the chance to retain or lose a new member .I tried to use the MS IE browser and I couldn’t see all the options, besides the text weren’t aligned, then I visited it using Firefox and it ran better. You can detect the browser the people are using and recommend to upgrade it, just like Youtube does it.
    Always give the chance to select the language and avoid to impose it, no matter where the Internet connection or visitor comes from.
    Keep improving the site and think about include tools to explode the potential of having information that can help to build tendences and handle stadistics

  11. Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?
    I must say that it was hard for me to even understand what your site was about being that the information kept on scrolling by. That can be pretty frustrating for a person. I had to wait for one piece of information to scroll by at least three times before I understood what one page was about. The site seems like a good idea. I believe that the information was a little vague and so had to imagine how it would be to share personal information and see what other people in the world are doing and relating to me. Most people often think they are alone in what they are doing, good or bad, so its nice to see a site that allows people to share what’s happening with them.
    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?
    Yes I did sign up for the site because I was curious as to what it’s really about. I must say that I would normally not have done so. I figure to even your site a fair feedback I had to do so. I don’t get the “Mr. or Mrs” that you have next to male or female. Why would that make a difference. The boxes next the email and password areas stayed up there the entire time and that was a little strange, that needs to be worked on. I was unable to finish my sign up as I seemed to not enter a proper text even after trying it 7 to 8 times.
    What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?
    I mentioned some of this information below. My main problem is that I don’t understand how to use the site and its hards to understand what your site is about. Without stretching my imagination to see the fun in your site I would not use it all. People like to sample of the site in action, testimonials, something…! I had to imagine connecting to people all over the world and the key world is imagine because you site doesn’t make me feel that someone in italy feels sad about the very same things I do.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    Again as I stated before the scrolling information needs to come to a hault, it’s really hard to read. There is absolutely to much washed out white color on your site. It would be great to see a little video or two. One video showing how to use your site and it’s benefits which can be very short. Another video showing a personal story of someone using the site. I think there needs to be an appeal to people being will and seeing the benefit of sharing such information. The site looks very low tech and unprofessional. Your site needs to scream lets share with the world and it doesn’t. The font is to chunky and bold. I like to see but not throughout the whole of someone’s text. I do not like the fact that you kept all of the words in lowercase and with no punctuation. I really don’t understand that approach. Doing that to me doesn’t make the text look more fun or down to earth. You could definitey use a: how to tab, about us tab, contact information tab (not at the bottom). As far a contact information I would like to see more than a email address. There needs to be more color on your site. Putting a thick banner of burgundy and scrolling graphs that feature color doesn’t constitute a great us of color. It may also help if you link to some of the social networking sites. It seems that you want to a social networking site but with a twist. Your site needs to use every little advantage it can with it’s graphs and stats. I can totally see stay at home parents getting into this our those who just can’t travel. Swaping recipes, games, jokes, you name it.  I have to wonder how many places in teh world can your site connect with? How do you deal with the language barrier? Are the stats based on just age and sex? Great idea it’s just underdeveloped.

  12. Is the site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?

    It could be very interesting.  Its looks like it could be another new social network.  I thought the site looked rather Blah and I had to sit here for a couple of minutes just to be able to read the different pages that kept flying by.  You might want to think about slowing it down or put up an arrow and let the reader decide when to go to the next page.  The way it is right now, you really have to be a speed reader!  Additionally, if I was just surfing the internet and came across your website, I would just move on.  I think you should have a FAQ page or something to explain what your site is about instead of trying to read everything before page moves again

    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?

    Yes, I did sign up.  I signed up so I can find out more about this website. 

    What do you miss that stops you from using the site? What would make you using the site on a daily basis?

    Still a little confused.  I can see what the site is about, but had to play around to figure out everything.  There is not a lot of directions and still trying to figure out the soccer ball, piece of paper and happy face are for!  I really don’t think that I would use this site on a daily basis.  I am so busy with life, that I don’t think that I would have to log on and tell people how I am feeling.  I can do that on Facebook and that’s easier and I can still read what my friends are up to

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    I just think you need to add more information about the site and make it more user friendly.  I also think it needs to be more appealing to make you want to sign up.  Right now, I would look at this and think that you are still building the website

  13. Is this site interesting to you? Do you like the idea?
    Yes it seems very helpful, but there is nothing on the home page. You have to sign up before you know anything about the site. You should have more info about what this site is and how it will help someone on your home page.

    Did you sign up? Why/Why not?
    Yes, because I wanted to see what the site was about.

    What do you miss that stops you from using this site? What would make you use this site on a daily basis?
    It’s a little confusing to use at first. I do like the smiley faces and soccar balls you can use. It’s a fun site to play around with but I don’t think I’d use it on a daily basis. Theres not a lot you can do with this site. its like a generic facebook…sorry

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    I think you need to have more info on your home page to let people know what the site is about. Definatly needs to be easier to use. It was a little hard to navigate. Maybe add a how to use tab or something like that

  14. This site is very intresting to me, because it explains very clearly what the site is about. For example, it says you can find out if the people in the world is happy or sad. You can also talk about movies, places, and events in your neighborhood. You’ll also get responses about this. You can also find out in which part of the world people are sleeping or watching sports. You can also talk about the great things in your life, and get feedback from any part of the world. Yes, I very much like the idea, because you can find information you have to ask people, and get the responses from any part of the world.

    I didn’t sign up for the following reason, because I have signed up to to many websites, that I didn’t want to provide information to this website.

    What stops me from using this site is that I think this site should allow you to ask questions and receive answer from people from around the world without having to sign up to do this. I think you should be able to ask questions on the home page of this site, and receive answers to my questions from this website without signing in.

    I saw the contact us section of this website , and I think it should have a contact phone number, not just an email contact. The reason being, that most users of a website, prefer to speak to a live representitive, than just email the company an email. I also think this website is missing an about us section. This is very useful to visitors of the website, because it explains to the visitor of the website what the website is all about.

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