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Spreaker allows you to create and broadcast your personal radio show online!

Target Audience: Podcasters, bloggers, DJs, radio&music fans
Website URL: https://www.spreaker.com

Feedback sought:

  • Visit https://www.spreaker.com. Do you think the homepage is clear?
  • Please comment on various elements of the site.
  • Now try and create your first broadcast. Do you think the process is straightforward? What did you find difficult?
  • Please provide any additional feedback you might have.

About Spreaker:

Spreaker is an audio platform that allows anyone to create, broadcast and share a personal radio show across the Internet in a simple and accessible way. Spreaker offers a set of tools which include a web-based mixing console, a music & sound effects library and the ability to broadcast live audio through a widget which can be embedded across websites, social networks and blogs.

9 thoughts on “Spreaker – Live Audio Broadcasting for Everyone

  1. Visit https://www.spreaker.com. Do you think the homepage is clear?

    Yes. Spreaker allows anyone to create their own Radio Station for free.

    Please comment on various elements of the site.  I really like your homepage picture of the guy with the record.  I think it really adds value to your brand. See actionable suggestions for more.
    Now try and create your first broadcast. Do you think the process is straightforward? What did you find difficult?

    Yes.  It was easy to do.  I just don’t have a microphone or video cam on this computer I am evaluating your website on.  Other than my technical inability to do the DJ stuff, it was very easy to get started.

    Please provide any additional feedback you might have.

    Actionable suggestions:
    1.  When I am on your homepage, I would expect to see more links at the very bottom such as contact us, and other information.  It seems that you don’t want to be contacted for feedback based on this, but I think giving an email or some way to contact the admin. shows that your brand is willing to listen to people that use your site.
    2. When I do a search, the search results page does have your stuff at the bottom such as Company, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy.  It doesn’t make sense to me why this is not available on your starting homepage. 
    3. I’d fix your sentence on your homepage to read “With Spreaker, creating your own radio station is fun, easy, and free!”
    4. The Featured Shows area at the bottom of your homepage – do you personally review these pictures of the shows before they are posted to your homepage?  Some content, if unchecked could potentially do harm to your brand if found offensive.
    5. Have you considered providing a free tour on your homepage, or posting a Youtube video that walks through how simple it is to use Spreaker?  I think this would be very helpful to new users.

  2. Do you think the homepage is clear?
    Yes, I understand that your site enables the user to create his or her own digital radio station.
    Please comment on various elements of the site.
    I really like your homepage.  You immediately communicate what the site is all about through the prominent image and a couple of lines of copy at the right.  Very nice!  Scrolling down just a little ways, I see your three main selling points.  Scrolling down a little farther, I see some featured shows and info for iPhone and iTunes users.  It’s the perfect balance–not too much information, not too little.
    Strangely, though, I noticed that you don’t have any informational pages–no about page, no help or FAQ page, no contact page–that would give me more background on the site or help me get started using it.  This seems like a real lack to me, especially for those who aren’t technologically savvy.
    Oh, ok, now that I’ve signed up, I see that all this informational stuff is only available to members.  Are you sure you want to do that?  Oftentimes when people are deciding whether or not to become members, they want to see this stuff upfront.  I would recommend making your About, Resources, and Help pages available to anyone right on the homepage.
    Once logged in, from my dashboard, the first thing I did was click Listen.  Nothing happened.  The page refreshed and that was about it.  I noticed a widget at the right, and it took me a minute to realize that this was how I would access broadcasts. I wish that “Browse categories” was a little bigger because this is what most new users are going to want to do right away, I would think.
    Under About, I checked out your Company Information page first.  I liked how you set up “Meet our team” with pop-up bios.  That was different.  I also liked that you provide some contact info here.  Next, I skipped Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy because those pages are usually legal jargon and went directly to Community Guidelines.  This page looked good.  No problems there.
    Then I visited your Resources section.  Press Resources did a nice job of summing up what’s unique about your site.  The blog: What was the deal with the weird series of images in the upper right corner?  Also, I think you should move Categories and possibly Archives above Speaker on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s nice that you display your social networking connections, but if I’m a user visiting your blog, I need to search for topics of interest more than I need to see pictures of random people who “liked” you on Facebook.  Otherwise, the blog looks ok.  Your Newsletter page doesn’t really convince me to sign up.  You should really have a bulleted list of things I’ll get in the newsletter to make it look more appealing.  I had a hard time understanding your Developers page, but I’m sure that’s because I’m not a developer, so the language wasn’t familiar to me.  One more thing: Some of the pages under Resources opened in a new tab and some did not.  Why is that?
    Finally, I visited your Help section.  The FAQ was nicely categorized.  One thing I noticed while reading it was that you refer users to your blog or forum for technical help.  I don’t think that’s such a great idea.  You’re forcing users to do a lot of searching to find what they need to know.  I’d definitely add a user guide with step-by-step instructions.  My last stop was at your forum.  I’m sure international users will really appreciate that you offer help in several different languages.  One small suggestion: I would change the “Show” category to “Create a Show” and “My Show” to “Promote Your Show.”  Right now, the names of these categories are too similar.
    Ok, one other comment about your informational pages: Your English is mostly very good, but you have the occasional grammatical, spelling, and spacing error.  You should have a native English speaker, preferably a professional proofreader, go over it one more time and fix missing commas, extra spaces, and so on.

    Now try and create your first broadcast. Do you think the process is straightforward? What did you find difficult?
    The first thing I noticed when I went through the sign-up process was that the verification message was very small.  It appeared in the upper margin of the page and was something I might’ve overlooked.  I would suggest that you find a way to make this message appear front and center so users don’t miss it.  Otherwise, I had no problems with the verification process.
    I easily found the Broadcast tab and started to create an episode.  As I did, I noticed a drop-down menu that said, “More options.”  Honestly, I wouldn’t hide these in a drop-down menu.  I would make this form display automatically when someone first creates a broadcast.  You want to encourage people to categorize and tag their shows so that they appear in a search results, so you don’t want to hide this form behind an optional drop-down menu.
    Woah!  This is the first time I noticed that you offer paid premium accounts via the link at the right!  I assume this is how you intend to make most of your money off this site.  If that’s the case, you need to do a WAY better job of selling these premium accounts.  You can’t bury them back here!  When people first sign up, they need to know there’s a premium option and you need to start selling them on it right away.  Otherwise, you’re going to lose a lot of potential customers.  Second, there isn’t nearly enough information on your current sales page, which leaves me with a bunch of questions.  For instance, if I choose the one-month plan, do you autorenew?  What’s your cancellation policy in case I’m not happy?
    Anyway, I finally attempted to create a show.  When I clicked Broadcast, I got a pop-up asking me to connect to Facebook.  I didn’t want to do that, so I clicked Cancel, and then…nothing happened.  I honestly couldn’t understand how to broadcast without creating my own podcast first and uploading it.  I didn’t see any button or widget that would allow me to record, so I was confused.  This is why, as I said before, you really need to have a dedicated technical help page.  If I had to go search around in the forums just to find out how to get started, that would be a big turn-off for me.  I’d probably never use the service.
    Please provide any additional feedback you might have.
    The only other thing I want to say is that I don’t really like that you have to create an account just to listen to broadcasts.  I can understand why you need to create an account to have your own radio show, of course, but it seems that if you force people to go through a sign-up process just to listen, you’re really limiting the number of listeners you can attract.  On a related note, I think you also need to make radio shows searchable from the homepage–again, before users sign up.  If I’m a potential listener and you’re forcing me to sign up to listen, I’d at least like to be able to see your selection of programming.  Why would I sign up if I didn’t even know you had any programming I’d want to hear?

  3. https://www.spreaker.com.spreaker.com. Do you think the homepage is clear? The website site page is well design and very clear on the product and services it provides.
    Please comment on various elements of the site. The site was very easy to maneuver around and very user friendly. I love the concept that I opened an account I am a DJ and loved the format. One problem I encountered was linking the profile to my facebook account.
    Now try and create your first broadcast. Do you think the process is straightforward? What did you find difficult? The process in creating your first broadcast was very simple and straightforward. Very easy to use for even a beginner looking to broadcast.

  4. Visit https://www.spreaker.com. Do you think the homepage is clear?
    Yes, from the information displayed on the homepage I get that users would be able to create their own radio station and that they will have access to a console with various features such as special effects. The information is presented in a very organized manner with nice graphics. The orange color adds a very nice, uplifting, and exciting tone to the site.
    One thing I noticed about the homepage is the lack of information links such as About or Help pages. After signing up I did see you had these type of links at the bottom of the page once I was logged into my account. I think these are links that should also be displayed on the homepage as well. Anyone who is thinking of signing up might like to see these links before they create an account or at least know they are there for them. By not showing them on the homepage might lead to possible subscribers to feel you don’t offer enough resources for them should they need any help or have questions at any time through out their use of the site.
    While the homepage is in English, once I was logged in I noticed that you also offer the site in Spanish and Italian but on the homepage there was no indication of this. I feel this is something that should really be made known on the homepage.
    Another thing I noticed was the fact that once I signed up and logged in I noticed some text on the right that said Get the Premium. This was the first I had seen of being able to have the option to upgrade. I don’t know if that was the intention but having a mention of this on the homepage comparing the free to the premium seems like a better choice. I would assume that the Premium is what your ulitmate goal would be for the users of the site so why bury this information in the site. Make it know upfront showing the benefits of getting the Premium subscription.
    After signing up, in my verification email I saw a link for a Spreaker tutorial. This is a very good idea however this should definitely be made available to view from the homepage. To maintain a clutter free homepage, this could be a simple link saying Tutorial or How it Works.
    Now try and create your first broadcast. Do you think the process is straightforward? What did you find difficult?
    To create my first broadcast, I was able to easily locate the Broadcast tab. I filled in the information and almost missed the more options link underneath the name field. For users the tags area is a very important feature that I’m sure would like to be used on everything users create. The fact they they have to click on a link in order to access this could get tedious and annoying for those users. I think it would be better to automatically display this info instead of hiding it.
    After naming the broadcast I was taken to the DeeJay Console. I am not someone who has any experience with DJ’ing but I was able to figure my way around the console. I found some music by using the explore tab, I also added a sound effect which I could see how it could be fun adding different sound effects to different musics making unique mixes. I did see there was only one sound effect in the library. Perhaps that could be expanded mainly for beginners who don’t already have sound effects to add to the console library. The airplane cabin sound effect alone doesn’t really give a user the ability to test out the sound effects when just starting out.
    One suggestion is to maybe have a Listen button on the homepage for those people who would only like to listen to the various music created and made available on the site. I don’t know if that is something along the lines of what you want the website to emulate. You could make it be something to the effect  of listen to 5 (or whatever number) per day and have a Premium option for unlimited listening. Just a suggestion.
    Overall I think Spreaker is a nice webiste offering a great service that is a lot of fun and seems like anyone interested in DJ’ing could really get a great deal out of this site.

  5. Visit https://www.spreaker.com. Do you think the homepage is clear?

    I like the homepage. It is loading fast and attractive. It is very clearly telling that site is about creating radio station for free.
    It is good not using Google/any other ads on Home Page as it will spoil the theme. Theme of site is attractive and good looking and create an account button is nice. The short explanation about site below banner is understandable. Color combination is nice. Try other color combinations!!

    Please comment on various elements of the site.

    Signup and login is simple and easy to use. About company page is fine. Then Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and community guidelines Pages are not good. I feel to insert text audio so that user can hear instead of reading. 70% visitors will hate to read those pages as it contains more text. Instead of text audio you can highlight important points in those three pages.

    I like broadcasting plans its cheap package which will attract more users. Also the referral program is a great idea. I also suggest one new package in additional Feedback Question**.

    FAQ page is not so good. You can place on screen images with F.A.Q answers. Or you can create tutorial section with video tutorials / step by step tutorial with on screen images. On screen images in the sense snap shot website for every feature and steps

    Blog page and Press Resources are nice. Improvement needed for Blog Page.

    Forum for users and others with Support is good idea. You can also have live chat support or live chat system among the users.

    Developer page is nice and easily understandable. You can also develop flash based. Recent site activity is fine which makes developer comfort.

    Now try and create your first broadcast. Do you think the process is straightforward? What did you find difficult?

    I created my first broadcast. It’s easy till creating episodes. Till that it is straightforward. But I feel difficulty in creating broadcast or recording my audio as I can’t find right buttons. I suggest you to explain the buttons and its features with broadcast page snapshot. I suggest Snag It software. I can’t find equalizer. If it’s not there, insert equalizer.

    Please provide any additional feedback you might have.

    I recommend you to create DJ tips and lessons which will attract user who do not know about the Live Radio Broadcasting. I strongly recommend you to introduce new package. Cost you decide upon your wish. In that new package allow broadcasters to insert their own commercial advertisements so that they can earn also more users will come to you.
    Then for Signup I suggest you to use Solve Media / Ads Captcha which will earn revenue for you for every captcha type. It will help to develop site more.

    I can rate your site as 9 out 10. !! Good concept site, Nice Theme, Easy Access. I wish you to develop site to more advanced level and become more  popular.

  6. Visit https://www.spreaker.com. Do you think the homepage is clear?

    It depends on what you mean by “clear”, if you mean whether your homepage engages the user into what you are offering, then yes it is clear.
    If “clear” means “neat”, yes it is neat as well. You provide lots of spaces, little texts, interesting pictures and good contrasting colours. You also got an engagin slogan “Unleash the DJ inside you !”
    Please comment on various elements of the site.

    I like the fact that you offer the alternatives of connecting with facebook, or creating a new account if you don’t have it. A lot of websites nowadays work around the idea that everyone has facebook, your website target both those with or without facebook.
    You got an interesting colour scheme. Red, orange, green, it gives this fun vibes to me when I see those interesting colours. Furthermore, you used shapes very well, the circles behind the guy in the pictures makes me feel like I am being sucked inside, like a blackhole, it makes me more engaging to the website.
    The features that you put down, are simple, easy to see and read. No extra text, no extra “decoration”, it’s just great. You did not overuse anything.
    There’s also the iphone picture that makes your website more interesting, you are saying I can listen to my shows on the iphone. It makes me curious and as such, I want to try and test that statement.
    Now try and create your first broadcast. Do you think the process is straightforward? What did you find difficult?

    It really disturbs that when I click on “Create an account”, I am still asked “Sign In if you already have a speaker account”. If I want to create an account, it means I want to create an account, and of course I wouldn’t have a speaker account. It makes sense doesn’t it? I just find it stupid that I am still asked whether I have an account, when I want to create one….
    Same thing for “Signing In”, they both redirects to the same page? They should each have their own page.
    But the process to create an account was really easy, standard and straight forward. I could still broadcast even though my email was not verified though.
    I don’t a microphone on this computer, so I don’t know if it works or not. But, it seems pretty simple to use you just talk in the microphone and it will be recorded, which you can then broadcast.
    Please provide any additional feedback you might have.
    On the homepage, you should have a link “About Us” and “FAQ”, it is pretty standard stuff. I like the fact that you incorporated the “feastured show” in the homepage, it engages the reader to immediately see the worth of your website with real time demonstration.
    The profile page for my account is relatively simple, so it makes sure I do not get confused over too much information, which is good. You webpages seem to be consistent with your colour schemes as well.

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