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Listen to the music that best suites your mood.

Target Audience: Males and females from 18-34, musicians.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • visit us at Choose one of the tag you will find on the homepage tagcloud and let us know what do you think about the music selection you found.
  • Do you like the background image?
  • What, in your opinion, is stereomood’s greatest plus, that we should never change and what should we definetely improve?
  • Would you recommend stereomood to others?
  • Would you pay to to listen to the music?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About Stereomood:

Stereomood proposes a listening experience focused on the emotions translating them immediately in music: a new approach to the music listening that allows to classify songs through emotional links instead of the traditional mode (genre, artist, album).

It’s much more than an online radio, it’s a tool to create playlists for every occasion, a tool to share your emotions through the music.

4 thoughts on “Stereomood – The Emotional Internet Radio

  1. First impression:
    My first impression of the website is that it is very simple and easy to use. What throughs me off is why are the first “mood selections” brighter and bigger than the others. I think it needs to be more uniformed. Then when you scroll down the middle section seems to get darker making it harder to see. Maybe a change in font or back ground color would be nice. When I clicked on a title it gave me huge song list to choose from which was a real plus. I also liked how to the left of the page there was similar moods to choose from. I also liked the option tabs to the right of the play list. That really gives people the freedom to use the songs as it best suits them.

    Background image: I have to say that I do not like the background image. When i first clicked on the page I didn’t like seeing the little box with gun totting panda let alone it being splashed all over the background. I looked at the panda so long that I almost didn’t read the message that was in the box. I have nothing wrong with the promotion of Bad Panda Records but the way it’s conveyed in my opinion is to much. I think it should be a more neutral background.

    Plus/ Minus:
    I really liked that vast selection of moods to choose from and I really like the option tabs next to the song that is playing. Again i would change the background page, and how the moods presented (lighting and font).

    If someone is a big music buff then yes I would suggest this site to them.

    Paying: I would rather not pay for music but I like there is an option to buy the music if I wanted to. On the other hand people may not be so keen to donate when there really is no need to do. If I can just listen to what I want when I want why contribute. Maybe there should a poll put on the website with a feedback section to see what users think about paying for the service. Perhaps there should be a price section where people suggest what they are willing to pay.

    All in all the website has great potential.

  2. hi guys, thanks for the review and your feedbacks and appreciation!
    i just want to say that stereomood background usually changes every two weeks. We use our background for mood-based or music advertisng or to promote photos from our users: look at this contest on flickr

    much love


  3. I like the color of your site. I like how you have the moods where the visitor can choose by mood which one they want to listen to. There isn’t much else there besides the look of the site and the moods that you can choose from. I hope to be able to add more next time so I will check back on here to give more comments about the site. I like that the site shows what its about. I like the panda background and hope that you considered maybe putting something with music in the back ground instead. Thanks for putting up your site on here so that all of us can check it out and comment. I think that I would buy some music of yours if I had the money but I am doing other things right now so I cannot buy any at the moment but yes I would tell others about your site.

  4. Selected “Calm.” Met with Califone, Sufjan Stevens, and Elliot Smith. Excellent!

    re: Background image, why not change based on the mood/tag selected? I looked on Facebook – you have a lot.

    Greatest plus- speaks to emotion. Pandora-like in theory, but one ups their service by not focusing on artist/genre and rather highlighting the essence of individual songs. I’d improve navigational functionality. “Home” is hard to find. Also, why can’t I switch moods from the mood dashboard? If you’re speaking that language, speak to the fickleness of it, as well.

    Recommend worthy, ABSOLUTELY!!!

    Probably not. I think about this a lot… how to monetize a free music experience. Lala had it best out of the paid services, though. A tenth of the cost, endless listening. You didn’t have the portable nature, but it was entirely worth a dime per track. Since you accessed the files remotely, there wasn’t the streaming issues either…

    THIS IS VERY, VERY COOL OF YOU! Super excited to see where you go. You have a fan in me 🙂 Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking you right now…

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