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Award: An old-school, hand-turned, wooden baton made by Steve(founder) on his lathe in his basement workshop to top 3 feedback providers. Deadline: 12/1/10.

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Web-based contact management.
Help your brain and social network work together.

Target Audience: Salespeople, Business Development

Stronico helps you remember everyone you meet by keeping track of your social network, visually. See who you know and how you know them, as well as who wields the most influence in your network.

Feedback sought:
  • Visit Is the description of the product clear?
  • Do you see any obstacles to signing up for the free trial?
  • Is the site hard to navigate?

“I will award the top three most useful feedback providers an old-school, hand-turned, wooden baton, made by me on my lathe in my basement workshop. All feedback must be submitted by December 1st.”

6 thoughts on “Stronico – Expand Your Network

  1. You should look at writing your product description in 1-2 sentences, not a paragraph! Other than that everything looks slick 🙂

  2. 1. It is more or less clear, but the description at the bottom is way way too long. The only reason I read it was because I came to your site from here. If I were just passing by, I would’ve never gotten past the first half of the first sentence. It is basically a “wall of text”.

    The description on top is very generic, almost Dilbert-ish. Just put “Visualize your social network” or something like that there.

    2. Sure, plenty. First and foremost, the site looks like butt. You really have to get a professional designer on board. First impression matters, and it matters a LOT. Secondly, and it follows from first – call-to-action buttons do not pop-out, and the explanation at the lower half is too long, so it takes an effort to realize that there IS a demo.

    3. Never managed to get past the first page. So I guess that’s an answer in itself.

  3. This is a really cool idea. I’ve heard and seen (on tv shows and movies) similar concepts – the idea of a virtual visual network web – although I’ve never used one.

    My experience was positive. I had no troubles creating a free login, or using it. I signed in and created a few connections on my personal page. It seemed intuitive and clear enough for me to get going. Although, once I started trying to connect existing parties, I had a bit of difficulty. If I am in the center, and I create a female connection, then separately create a meeting – how do I connect all three? It’s probably just an oversight on my behalf – but it wasn’t as intuitive as I’d have liked.

    I love how much you allow users to edit the connections they create – from pictures to other added info. That’s great and very helpful.

    Do you allow users to change the structure of their network org. chart? Can they have a hierarchical structure? A tree structure? An Org. Chart Structure? This would be a nice added function, and help people view their connections in different ways.

    Also, a grouping function might be useful, too. Or a search function. For example, if I have 100 connections, I’d imagine that’s a lot to sift through. However, if I can search in my connections for all coworkers at X company, that makes life much easier!

    I would envision this to have social networking capabilities, eventually. Live chat functions with other “online” connections, setting up business meetings using the meeting icon, and sending it to others through e-mail integration.

    I think there are countless possibilities. A slightly clearer front page would enhance the initial experience – but I think you have a good thing going. Best of luck!

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