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StudyBoost- Startup Featured on StartupLift enables students to create a batch of questions and study them using interactive SMS and IM (Facebook chat, Ghat and more).

Target Audience: Students, Teachers, Bloggers and People interested in mlearning.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit Watch the video on the homepage.
  • What do you think the site is about?
  • Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.
  • What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
  • What do you think of the sign up process?
  • Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?
  • Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About enables students to study using interactive SMS and IM. Reserved keywords such as (next, repeat and answer) to enable students to interact with their batch naturally. StudyBoost also allows students to work on a batch together(team work), share a batch with classmates(friendship), copy and paste blocks of questions from other sources(easy creation), set a time delay to receive Q&A’s(convenience) and study using SMS, facebook chat, MSN, Gchat and many more(Social media). Below is a sample communication between Studyboost and a student:

StudyBoost: 32. What is the capital of New York?
me: Albany
StudyBoost: Correct

14 thoughts on “ – Study Using Interactive Text And Instant Messsaging

  1. Watch the video on the homepage.
    Done. Just so you know, the video was too small for me to see clearly until I maximized it to full screen mode.
    What do you think the site is about?
    I think it provides an interactive study experience for students. It allows students to choose subjects of interest and receive and reply to questions by text or IM.
    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.
    As it is now, the homepage doesn’t do much to capture my interest. If this is aimed at young people, it’s especially important that you make the site colorful and appealing. I’d suggest dressing it up with some photos. Ideally, these would show two or three kids in different places–maybe one at home, one in the park or a coffee shop, and one at school–all surrounded by textbooks and study materials and texting each other questions and answers. Your video is an okay intro, but right now it takes up a lot of screen room, and the kicker is that it’s still not big enough to see clearly. So, I’d make the video smaller yet enable it to automatically enlarge to visible size as soon as someone clicks on it. I’d make sure it’s labeled with a header like “How to Use StudyBoost” if you intend to keep the content as it currently is (see below for more recommendations about the video content). If you make the video smaller, you’ll have more room to move your “Easy Study Steps” above the fold so that users don’t have to scroll down or click the video to see what the site is about. You’ll also have more room if you reduce the size of the “Sign In” and “Sign Up” buttons. Those are unnecessarily large. In addition, you need to create a navbar at the top or side of the homepage because it’s too easy to miss your informational pages at the bottom.
    Your About page isn’t bad, but I noticed a number of grammatical and spelling errors, which is kind of funny, especially since this is a site that helps kids succeed in school. For instance, you repeatedly misspell the word “compliment.” In this context, the word should be spelled “complement.” Another example: the word “out side” in the first paragraph is actually spelled “outside.” Other than that, the page certainly communicates the purpose of the site, yet it seems lacking in a certain excitement. I think there’s lots of room to make the copy read in a friendlier way, perhaps even by infusing it with some humor. And again, the page is very plain. Would love to see some pictures of smiling students holding their iPhones or whatnot.
    Your blog is also rather plain. There are a lot of embedded videos but no commentary, so I’m not sure whether the goal of your blog is to offer news about StudyBoost or just the use of technology in education in general. There might be some lack of focus there. If I were you, I would focus your blog on things that would be useful to either teachers or students, depending on who you think will be your larger target market.
    Your Press page is a mix of English and Spanish, which I find strange. Does this mean that you also offer a Spanish language version of StudyBoost? Anyway, there’s not much to say about this. It appears to be just a list of links to sites that have reviewed your service. Again, it’s quite plain. I notice that you actually have tabs at the top of this page, and now that I go back and look again, I see that you also display them on your other informational pages. Why don’t you display them on your homepage as well?
    I clicked on “What’s New?” and was surprised to see a lot of how-to information. I would think that this would be more appropriate for your Help page. Also, since this is essential info, I’m wondering again why you don’t make this stuff available from a tab on the homepage. I could easily have missed it entirely.
    I skipped Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy since that’s legalese and went directly to Contact. The form looks fine. I don’t think you need anything more extensive since this isn’t a paid service.
    Finally, I went to Help. I like the structure of this page, the way you start with links that jump to the questions of interest to the user. Your videos and examples look helpful. Again, you could use a proofreader to clean up a few errors. For instance, if you’re going to capitalize the names of your help sections, which it looks like you are, then you should be consistent about it, which means that “Questions and answers” should really be “Questions and Answers.”
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    I like the concept of StudyBoost. I like that a teacher or student could create a bunch of study questions for text or IM use. It’s a more dynamic, interesting way to study than using the traditional flash cards or written outlines, and it allows students to study together even if they’re not in the same location.
    However, I think your site is pretty dull as it is now and doesn’t do much to make users enthusiastic about your service. There’s also a certain lack of professionalism apparent in some of the grammatical and spelling errors, which, as I said, really stand out since this is an educational site.
    I also have to add that while the intro video on the homepage does a good job of explaining how to use StudyBoost, it doesn’t really sell me on the service. I think you should use the intro video to sell users on how your service can help them and save the how-to info for the Help page, after they’ve already decided that they want to try your service. Right now, the video is pretty long and more focused on instruction than on selling. For instance, one of the main draws of StudyBoost, I would think, is that it supposedly enables students to study collaboratively. Your summary above says that users can “work on a batch together (team work).” Yet your video never talks about that or about how it would even be possible. I’m left wondering if you mean that students can modify each other’s questions or send each other the questions or what.
    One more thing that I find a little bothersome is your use of the word “batches” to describe subjects of study. I found that a little confusing. Why not just call them “study subjects” or “study questions”?
    What do you think of the sign up process?
    As described in the video, the sign-up process isn’t too difficult, although you didn’t clarify where users would get this “access code” you referred to in the beginning.
    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?
    Personally, I would not, but that’s because I’m not a teacher or student. If I were a student and had other friends interested in using it, I might. I could also see myself using it as a teacher. I think it would be a great way to create a study aid for my hypothetical students.
    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?
    Possibly. I’d have to see how useful the service was for me. If I got a lot of use out of it and found my grades improving (or my students’ grades improving) as a result, I might pay for it. One problem you may run into, though, is that if you want to market this to teachers, I don’t think they’re going to be able to require that their students use a paid service, at least not in public school. And if they can’t require that their students use the service, I doubt they would post study questions on it because it would disadvantage students who couldn’t afford to sign up. Just something to think about. Also, if you’re going to market it to students, you should probably keep it very cheap because most students don’t have a lot of money to throw around.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    I think I’ve pretty much covered it all. It’s a good idea (especially as a free service; don’t know how it would work out if it were a paid service), but you need to make the site more exciting. Grab attention with visuals and more interesting copy. Modify your intro video so that it sells students or teachers on how StudyBoost can help them. Improve the navigation so that all important informational pages are reachable from tabs at the top of the homepage.


    Visit Watch the video on the homepage.

    the video is straight to the point which i like by showing how your service works. But the explanation is too fast as i cant really get what it mean and it’s quite long which people doesnt really have patient in watching it. I suggest that you can slow down your explanation and only showing the first important part. The other part can be made in another video for people who like to get more information about your site. give people an option. And the video i suggest you make it autoplay and the sound should be clearer and louder.

    What do you think the site is about?

    With the video, i can understand that your site is about helping people studying using the online messaging applications tools, it can ask and answer question which is good for teacher and student. But im not so sure what the batch is about and what is it function. All i know about it is something like creating a questions or title?. Maybe you can explain more about the batch. So that people can get what you mean when watching the video instead of guessing what the batch is about when watching the video as it will affect their attention in watching the video.

    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.

    You main page is simple which is good, as people dont like a complicated site which hardly to understand. You have the sign in and sign up on the right side which is really convenient to the visitors and also members. Your contact us allow visitors to directly type and send any question to you which is really nice. Overall, your site is a simple and a good site. But your about, blog, press, etc menu bar placed at the bottom which i think is not a good place. People will hardly see it. I think you shuold place it at the top and make it bigger. These is what people will look for when people go into a site. Maybe you can add the menu for how it works and state it more clearer at the page. 

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    I dont find anything bothersome besides my previous comment about the video and the menu bar. What i like is your sign up and sign in page shown on your home page, the contact us feature, your easy study steps which is the three steps below the video. It summarize your whole service process which will attract more people to join.

    What do you think of the sign up process?

    The sign up process was definitely easiest and simplest i ever see. It only require email and password not require name or gender or age and etc. This is really a simple and easy registeration process for people for are tired of entering their detail. 

    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?

    Honestly, i only have a little interest on using your service, as i dont think i need it. If i m a lecturer i think i might consider it as a fresh skills for teaching the students so that they are not boring and also can make sure they are learning thing while they online. For students, maybe they will like to use it when they have a group study. But i think students themself might not have interest in this service. But for parents and lecturer they might use this for gaining their students interest in learning as this could be a new way for their child or student in learning things.

    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?

    For me no, as i dont think i need it. And if this require payment, i think people would rather pay for a tuition teacher. But if you provide a good and also beneficial service, i think people would pay for it. In my point of view, i suggest that you provide the registeration for free and also some basic services for free, then set some specific more useful and professional service require for payment, such as upgrade to premium member and state the benefits. This way could first recruit more members, and then slowly earn money from them. You can always update for new service if you have any and provide for the members as free or have to pay. But first, you will definitely provide some free service for them to let them try or get to know your service. Dont provide trail for 30days version, this will not works. As people will think that after 30days i still have to pay. So provide a free for life service for members with the specific service. Then charge for some specific useful or professional service. 

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    i think i have shared most of it in the above.


  3. Visit Watch the video on the homepage.

    Done. It was a great how-to video, but in my opinion, the home page video should be short and just give a brief overview of what your service is about. The video was very informative, but I thought it could be more exciting. It should discuss the benefits – not just the technical details. I want access to my account before I am walked through the process. That way I can set up my account during the video, pausing when necessary.

    What do you think the site is about?

    It’s about being more efficient, making studying easier through the use of text/instant messaging. Kind of like virtual flash cards!

    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?


    The logo is a bit plain. All I see is a cell phone (and an old-looking one at that), but your app uses instant messaging as well. It doesn’t say anything about studying.

    The facebook like button on your home page likes up with content below the header area. This looks a little awkward. I would align it all the way to the right.

    Also, I’m a little bit confused – can I sign up with twitter/facebook, or is that just for login purposes and I have to connect with those after I fill out the signup form further towards the bottom? It’s a little confusing – if I could sign up with Facebook/Twitter, I would expect those links to be near the sign-up form.

    Actually, I would re-design the page a bit. See illustration here:

    I would take the sign-up off the home page, and have it on a separate page, including a captcha security field.

    After I signed in, I tried to connect with Google Talk. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m using a third-party instant messaging app, but I cannot get it to work. Yahoo Messenger, however, worked like a charm.

    It was incredibly fun to use – I could see trivia add-ons and games in a format like this. One thing to note, however – it didn’t catch my typos (e.g. sacremento as the capital of california) and returned it as an incorrect answer. It’s something that should be added to the system for younger users or those who have dislexia/similar disabilities.


    Simple, clutter-free home page. Consistent use of colors in your theme.

    I like the 1-2-3 explanation towards the bottom – more visuals and less text is great for the home page!

    You can invite friends and study together? That’s what I’m assuming this is for. Neat!  I wish that had been touched-on on the home page, because it’s really a nice feature.

    Everything else seems to be pretty straight-forward. I like the getting started link, the video. Everything seems to be accessible from the account page.

    I also like that you can search available batches. Eventually, I see this as becoming a huge database of sample tests in all sorts of subjects!  Could there be an ability to browse by subject as well?

    What do you think of the sign up process?

    Pretty simple and straight-forward. I would like to see a captcha on the sign-up form, rather than have to do an e-mail verification. I’m still not sure whether I could have signed up with facebook instead of filling out the form… It wasn’t very clear.

    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?

    Well, no, for two reasons: 1. I’m no longer in college and 2. I have an eidetic memory when it comes to tests, so if I just read the chapter once, no study is necessary.

    But, and this is a big but, I do understand that most people weren’t blessed with this gift. Studying is necessary but most people find it quite boring and tedious. I think that studyboost is an incredible product because it makes studying a lot more fun (at least for multiple choice questions or those with an absolute and short answer).

    It also makes it easier – just write up the questions, set the batch going and study whenever you’re free to do so. With text messaging, people could study on the bus home, while waiting in a queue. I think it’s excellent as a productivity tool.

    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?

    Again, I wouldn’t because I have no need for it at this time.  I could see a lot of people paying a small monthly fee to use the service. As said, I think it’s a great tool that will be attractive to many. But I do think that will also alienate the poor college students and under-18s who don’t have a job.

    How about having both free and paid options? The free option could be add-supported and perhaps limited in the number of batches per month/other features.  I really don’t see why advertisers wouldn’t jump on this opportunity. Text-based advertising is an up and coming marketing tool.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    I just want to say that this is a fantastic idea – and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t need to study!

  4. Visit Watch the video on the homepage.

    I would have preferred a larger screen to see how it works. I tried full screen, but the graphics weren’t as clear and easy to read.

    What do you think the site is about?

    I think that if I use this site, I can study a bunch of courses, especially GEs using IM or Text messaging.

    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.

    Having the option to use IMs and/or Texts to study is an excellent choice on your part. This is especially true for students who are on a budget and have a limited amount of texts they can do in a month. I can see a student who is strapped for cash using their computer to study when they’re in their apartment/dorm, but choosing texting when they are between classes or riding a bus to the store.
    I see that you have a bunch of choices for IM programs so that people don’t have to open a new account and manage that.
    I also like the many options a person can choose from as they study. For instance, if a certain subject was particularly difficult, the questions can be in a different order. Or I could ask a question and get the answer.
    It seems that this is very easy to get started. The video is short, so if a person forgets what they need to do next when signing up because it’s 2 AM, they can watch the video again.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    I tried adding both GoogleTalk and Facebook. I was told that it could take 24 hours to become friends on FB. If there was a way for studyboost to automate that, it would be a better option than it is at present. Activating GoogleTalk was fairly simple. Within a few seconds, I was getting quizzed on the state capitals.
    When I was browsing the different subjects I could study, I saw at the bottom of the public batches that contribution was “off.” Having the ability to choose to let others contribute to my batches could add depth to the batch. However, I wonder what I could do if someone went off topic or added offensive material to the batch.
    Next, I clicked on “Math.” I saw that addition was available. I have 3 kids in school, so I chose that one. When I clicked on the button, the number available changed. The list below included batches on the Cold War, English Language and Lit, Irregular perterite, and many others. So, I thought I made some kind of mistake and tried Algebra. I still had a list of batches that were off-topic, but the second choice was Algebra. It’s frustrating that there are more batches that were off-topic than on topic. Perhaps, as this site becomes more developed, more on-topic batches will be on the list.

    What do you think of the sign up process?

    It seems that this is very easy to get started. The video is short, so if a person forgets what they need to do next when signing up because it’s 2 AM, they can watch the video again.
    I liked that the activation instructions were simple and worked out just as instructed. That’s not always the case with other online apps. My kids could follow those instructions.

    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?

    I would sign up so that my middle school/high school kids could have some extra practice in the upper levels. If there were topics geared toward elementary, that would be an additional benefit. I think that this generation enjoys any practice they can do on the computer and it’s good to vary the method of practicing math facts and other facts.

    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?

    Right now, fuel, groceries, clothes, etc. are getting more and more expensive. Since there are other free ways to help my kids learn what they need to for school, I wouldn’t choose to pay for it right now. I might have about 5 years ago, depending on the price and if my kids used it enough, but not right now.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    These days, students need and want a variety of ways to study. This is a very creative way to study. It’s almost like having a friend quiz you, but without having to worry about their schedule. Keep up the good work!

  5. very well arrange. I can tell the alot of people like this website, and is very clear reviewer took there time  to really look at he website. I would recommend to website to anyone.

  6. Visit Watch the video on the homepage.
    Watched the video.  I thought that it was hard to keep up with. 

    What do you think the site is about?
    There needs to be information summarized on the page.  Not enough information to read about it and catch a persons eye.

    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.
    Not many elements to comment about.  The video was hard to keep up with.  It is more for after it is downloaded and first starting to use.  I think that this is a great tool for students and I think that it would help students feel more like learning.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    The lack of summarizing of the product on the website.  FAQs would be a nice touch.  I like the idea and think that it would be a great tool for students as I mentioned above.

    What do you think of the sign up process?
    The sign up process seems simple enough.

    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?
    If I were a student, yes, I would once I learned more about it.

    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?
    After a free trial, more than likely if it was too pricey.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    This would be one of those great services to sell to the cell phone companies so that it could be a service to add parents student child’s cell phone.

  7. Visit Watch the video on the homepage. I watched the video.
    What do you think the site is about? I think the site is an interactive study tool for students utilizing several methods that kids are actively using these days, such as text messaging, instant messaging, even SMS on mobile phones.
    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site. The first thing to capture my attention was the video display.  I felt the video should have been able to open to a separate page with enlargement as an option.  Also, I felt it was presented far too fast for me to follow without watching a second time.
    The website itself is presented in a very organized fashion with a great color scheme to capture the attention of all who visit.  It was also very simple and easy to understand with the facts clearly visible and presented well.
    The About Page was presented well, but I feel that a FAQ page would have been able to answer all my questions further with more in depth information.
    Terms and Conditions seem to be include everything that is needed to limit liability, as does the Privacy Policy.  It seems to be clear and concise.

    Utilizing the Contact page, I was able to easily send a message.  It came back with an instant reply that my message was sent.
    When I clicked on the Help screen, I was able to find additional Q & A, which I felt should have been clearly defined on the menu by developing this as a FAQ section… easily located for all to find.
    However, the additional videos and instructions located on this page were easy to understand.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like? The answers are the same as mentioned above.
    What do you think of the sign up process? I was easily able to sign up, with activation requiring me to verify my email.  A very simple process.
    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why? I, myself, would not.  Simply because I do not have a need for this type of service.  I have used the free flash card sites and that seemed to meet my needs.  However, I could see where the younger crowd might be able to use all the resources available to them to better aid their studies.
    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why? I would not because I know there are free flash card sites out there that are perfectly capable of meeting my needs.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have. I really feel that with the right type of marketing, StudyBoost could really go far.  I am sure that if you can get the teachers involved and using this program, they in turn, can recommend it to their students with great success.

  8. Visit Watch the video on the homepage.

    What do you think the site is about?
    It is pretty obvious that the site is about studying with instant messaging and texting…

    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.
    1. The video is really good. It outlines the everything from features to activating and using the application. Even without having used the app before, I feel confident that I can use it without any problems after watching the video.

    2. You have a wide array of method to log in: Using facebook, google account, twitter or create a new account altogether. This diversity is really good, because I see some website that allows you to log in using only a facebook account… Not everyone has a facebook account and I find that restricting the user is not the way to go. You did a good job here.

    3. I reckon that you should put the “Easy study Steps” on top. At the bottom, it does not attract much attention and as such, won’t be notice much. Well, it will be noticed but no one will take great interest in that, and you want them to take interest in it.

    4. An improvement could be to use other shapes rather than just squares. Your website is pretty much square eveywhere….
    5. Your website is a bit boring, no movement, everything seems to be so plain and flat. It looks like you started the website and let it be… Without improving constantly or contacting your users. Include a “What’s new” space on the main page or a “Welcome”, it’s always nice to be welcomed. Your website is too “Cold”.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    + Awesome video
    + Simple page
    + Variety of ways to sign in
    + Awesome logo
    + Nice colour scheme
    – Too square
    – A bit boring
    What do you think of the sign up process?
    Easy and straight forward. Fill up the Email address, Confirm it, and set up a password. There’s nothing simpler than that. I don’t like that fact that the font is grey/gray though… Black would be much better.
    It’s also nice to have to confirm with a verification letter. I wouldn’t want to start including my preferences when I put in the wrong email address.
    Okay, I really don’t like the fact that you have a “Confirm Email” which is linked. I’d rather you show the whole URL. Why? Because of safety issues. When I see the whole URL I can copy/paste it, while here I can’t… True, I see the URL when I hover my mouse on the link, but most people don’t know. Which method do you think people trust more? If I tell you: Go to OR Click here to go there. I know I would trust the first method more… Same thing for the confirmation link.
    I clicked “Log in here” via the link, and it redirected me to the homepage, I did not expect that. I expected to be redirected to a page for the sole purpose of logging in. And instead of using the words “Sign in” and “Sign up” I would use “Log In” and “Sign in”, it is easier to differentiate, as no words are common.
    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?

    No, I wouldn’t. If I were still in high school, maybe. But right now, I am content with offline learning, by myself and I wouldn’t use an external app to help me. Firstly I don’t know if those are relevant for me, and secondly I believe the questions in here are more a matter of “Few words” long answers. You can’t do complex maths, for example, and that is what I need to learn the most… Complex stuff…
    To use as “brain exercise” or personal Q&A, your app is pretty good. But it should be limited only as a “Helper” not a subtiture for learning in your own time, with books etc…
    Oh I don’t have a good phone either… And instant messaging… I can just google some questions and attempt them. Again, I currently need practical questions that simply can’t be done without paper.
    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?
    Nope, if I don’t plan on signing up for a free trial, why would I want to pay? It is simply not worth it. It might get a chance if it were free, but if you start asking people to pay, it will go downhill.
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    If you plan on making your website pay to use, you will need a LOT of improvements. You might consider adding additional functions such as “test your general knowledge” or “Guess the answer and win a prize”. Go away from the direct learning, and more around the community.
    Open forums to share school knowledge, open chat sections for each learning domains.
    Be more creative. Offer brain exercises to help the brain. Give them articles of interests to read, help them expand their horizons, do something! Do not let your users do all the work, help them and they will be happy.
    Hope those feedbacks will help you! Good luck =)

  9. Visit Watch the video on the homepage.
    First of all, I’d like to thank you for not having the video play automatically. When I visit a site for the first time, I take a few seconds to get acclimated, see where I want to go, and determine whether a site is worth my time. I typically watch homepage videos, as I assume they are important to the site, due to their location; however, I find it very jarring when videos play automatically – great job there!

    What do you think the site is about?

    Study Boost is a service for students to study using the technology they otherwise use to communicate every day – I love the idea!

    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.

    I like your clean design and straightforward, uncluttered homepage; however, I believe you’re using a great deal of valuable “real estate” on your homepage for both sign in and sign up fields.  I’d recommend using jquery javascript programming to choose either sign up or sign in, and upon clicking, the appropriate option opens up. Then, you open up some room on the homepage for another feature. My suggestion for that space is a blog feed (pulling in your most recent 1-2 blog posts).  I didn’t immediately find an RSS icon with your social media icons, and only noticed you have a blog when looking at your footer navigation. Your blog is a great tool for both customer engagement and SEO, and I think you should definitely incorporate that dynamic element with your homepage design.

    I would like to see a “main” navigation, and not just the footer nave.  Unsuspecting visitors to your site may not realize there is more information here.  At first glance, it seems like just the video and signup.  I’d recommend adding pages “For Teachers,” “For Students,” and “For Parents” (although I anticipate this could have use well beyond high school, and into college settings, I’m guessing the target audience is more high school-age students).  Other than just an option to signup, give your clear target audience a way to find more information and “sell” them on your service.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    I’m a big fan of clear, succinct copy; however, your “About” page gives a very broad sense of what your service is.  While I enjoy the video, some users may not have speakers, or the ability to watch.  You should absolutely have details/steps written out somewhere on your site. You could lose valuable leads without clear documentation of your product, process, and benefits.
    Once I got into the pages of your site, I did not see a clear call to action to “sign up.” I couldn’t find a mention of signing up past the homepage, actually. I looked in your top right of the header, but only saw login. I’d recommend adding more direct calls to action for people to sign up for your site.

    What do you think of the sign up process?

    Sign up is extremely easy, and does not require a ton of private information, which is a huge plus. The email went out quickly, and after logging in, setting up your network is extremely straightforward. I love how you keep the processes clean, clear, and easy.

    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?

    Yes, I did sign up; however, I’m not sure I would use it, as I don’t have any students in my house. I do have several friends and relatives who are teachers or students, though, and will be sharing your link with them on Facebook for sure. I think your service has a great deal of value, and could really be beneficial.

    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?

    I personally would not, since I don’t have a clear need for it; however, I can’t imagine others paying for the service either. I know it’s difficult to offer anything unique on the web without additional cost or horrible ads; however, I think it could affect your credibility to add Google or banner ads.  If you added a monthly charge, I would keep it extremely affordable (eg $4.99 per month), and automatically recurring through Paypal, or something easy for people to use without giving up a ton of information.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

    I think you have a great product, and a very clean website.  My big suggestion is to put more information here – pages for your target audience to see benefit statements, calls to action, and more information.  Also, I think your blog should be featured more prominently.  Your blog is very informative and I think it would be very beneficial, being a “social” product/service, to engage your customers, and offer expertise and insight through the blog.  Good luck!
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  10. Watch the video on the homepage.
    I liked that the video was clear and concise. There were no distracting graphics or music. The video clearly shows you how the service works. Not only does the video show you how to get started, the video shows you how to intially begin using the service.
    What do you think the site is about?
    The site is for a service that helps students study using texting from a messenger, social network, or phone.
    Now go back to the site and comment on various elements of the site.
    The website is clean and to-the-point. Graphically speaking, it is clean and crisp to the eye. There isn’t a confusing menu that you have to sift through to learn what you want to know about the site. You quickly know what the site is for and what the service provides just from a few seconds of being there. It is nice to see the Facebook, Twitter and Google share buttons. Those are becoming more and more important as more people connect through those services. The “Easy Study Steps” shows you the main idea of what the site is for but still leaves you with alot of questions. A person may wonder what sign up entails, what kind of information is available for study batches, and they may wonder what chat aps are available. That area of the site should elaborate a little more since it is in the very front.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?

    -Lack of details (subjects covered in batches)
    -The front page does seem a bit ’empty’ with too much white space
    -You don’t seem to know where the material comes from for the public batches
    -Doesn’t fully explain how to make your own batches
    -Not enough chat services offered (AOL?)
    +Great for students
    +Ability to make your own study guides or use public ones
    +Wonderful way for tech savvy students to study on the go
    +Seems easy to use

    What do you think of the sign up process?
    The sign up process seems easy and asks for a minimal amount of information. Usually, the less information required, the more likely a person will sign up.

    Would you sign up for a free trial/free account? If not, why?
    If I was a student and was looking for a new way to study I would definitely sign up if it was free. I would only do a trial if no credit card was required. I like to try all features of a service before paying for it. A limited trial may impede my decision because I was not able to see how I liked all the features.  I would also hesistate to use a trial that required a credit card because as a consumer, I would not want to be charged for something I did not truly want to buy just because I forgot to cancel before the trial expired. The best shot at getting students to purchase or use this service is to let them use the full featured service for free for a trial period and allow them to fall in love with it and start relying on it.
    Would you pay to use this service? If not, why?
    As a student, in need of a new and effective study aid, I would pay for it if I used it for an entire trial period and found it to be very useful and worth the money. The fee would have to be very low and monthly or a small flat fee. I would have to find that it works without bugs or errors and includes all the subjects that I am interested in.

    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have
    I am currently a student and I think this would be a great way to study when I am on the go or just a great new way to make studying a bit more interesting. It seems easy to use as long as it comes with instructions and reminders of all the commands. An FAQ on the main website page would also be very helpful to someone considering trying the service.

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