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SuperFlashcard - StartUp featured on StartUpLift for website feedback

Superflashcard helps you create, study and review free flashcards.

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to learn and memorize more effectively. Superflashcard application comes in handy especially for those who struggle to memorize while studying for tests and examinations.
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Feedback sought:

  • What can be the possible uses of our application?
  • How does Superflashcard work?
  • Create flashcard for what you want to memorize. Review your flashcards anywhere with optimal schedule based on your own forgetting curve. How was your experience?
  • Please share any additional feedback you may have.

6 thoughts on “Superflashcard – Online Memory Management System

  1. I checked out the site. It is a good place to study though there are still few things to upgrade.
    But still, the best thing for me is we got something for free.

  2. I checked out the website, below is my feedback:

    What can be the possible uses of our application?

    I can see myself use it to memorize things for my exam. I like to create flashcards by myself. The built-in games will make my study more enjoyable so I look forward that.

    How does Superflashcard work?

    In general, the UI is much cleaner compared to others flashcard website and there are featured flashcards so it good to start. However, I would like to see more advance flashcards.

    Create flashcard for what you want to memorize. Review your flashcards anywhere with optimal schedule based on your own forgetting curve. How was your experience?

    I did not see any mobile apps. I hope it will come soon as I want to study my flashcards on the go. The review schedule is very nice in the sense that I can study all expired flashcards at once.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have

    It will be better if they can have more games 🙂 I like to play games!

  3. It looks simple but clear, I would rate 4.5 stars for the interface
    And 5 stars for content, great database, I even feel interesting learning new languages now.

  4. Possible Uses:  There are so many possibilities. This application looks like it would be useful for any level of student, from a child just learning to read on up to professionals either learning new ideas or concepts or just wanting to brush up on rarely used ones.

    How Superflashcard Works:  It appears to be very smooth and easy to use, as long as you have Microsoft Office EXCEL on your computer and know how to use it.  

    Experience With Flashcards:  I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it, but I’m still learning to use EXCEL (you may quit laughing, now), so I didn’t actually make any. I am looking forward to using this application to help me learn not only EXCEL but also to memorize symbols for computer coding, though!

    Additional Feedback:  There is an incredible amount of potential here! I would like to see more examples of flashcards for subjects other than languages; perhaps this application has simply not been around long enough for many to have been made. Also, it would be helpful if pictures or photos could be imported, particularly for young children or people at the very basics of learning a language or concept. I can see how this would be wonderful for students in the medical field, if illustrations, photos, or pictures could be imported as well. The more I think about it, the more potential I can see! 

    For the most part, the website is easy to use and understand, but you do need to do some proofreading and possibly find a copy-editor. Some of the sentences are unnecessarily wordy and convoluted, and therefore rather hard to follow, especially for the younger set. There are a few spots where a singular noun was used instead of the plural which was needed, and vice-versa (“flashcard” rather than “flashcards” for example), and times when a word is just missing or wrong. Also, just as an aside, “feedback” is both singular and plural. I realize that these points may seem very nit-picking to many people, but they will drive a good educator nuts, and possibly away from this site completely.

    The pricing for the premium and commercial plans seem very, very reasonable, and I love that educators can get the premium plan for free! As ben.hoole mentioned, a mobile app will be a great advantage for everyone. 

    In conclusion, I think you have a fantastic idea here, and with a little polishing, this could very well explode in usage.  I already have it bookmarked, and am looking forward to using it and watching it grow. I have only one question for you… where were you when I was in college?

  5. It is awesome to read Stewart’s the incredibly detailed feedback. I couldn’t agree more about the potentials of Superflashcard. The site is growing fast in terms of both user interface and data. I have bookmarked it too!

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