Swappa – Buy And Sell Gently Used Android Devices

Swappa (Android) - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Easily buy and sell fully functional, gently used Android devices.

Target Audience: Android users.
Website URL: https://swappa.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Visit https://swappa.com. How does the site look?
  • Is the purpose of the site clear?
  • Would you login to the site using Facebook connect? If not, why?
  • If you were to use the site to sell your Android phone, is it clear how you would do that?
  • If you were interested in buying a used Android device from the site, do you know how to find the listings for the device you’re interested in?
  • Do you have any questions about the site’s purpose or functionality that is not easily answered by the site?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About Swappa:

Swappa is a just-launched site for buying and selling gently used Android devices. Only fully functional, ready to activate Android devices are allowed (no phones with bad ESNs, water damage or cracked screens).

Creating a listing to sell a device is free. Simply select the device being sold and fill out a simple form describing what’s for sale, including the device’s condition and included accessories. Pictures can also be uploaded.

Buyers can easily purchase a listing by selecting the device they want and seeing the available listings. There are no auctions and no confusion to what’s being bought and sold. A listing’s price includes shipping costs and other fees.

Overall, Swappa provides a better experience for buying and selling used Android devices.

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