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March 27, 2011

SwapSquare – Get Local. Get Swapping. Get Deals.

3 Awards. $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.


Swap (barter), buy, and sell merchandise & services within your social media network and community with this new e-commerce Facebook application.

Target Audience: Shoppers on a tight budget; college students; skilled service providers and their customers; local craftspeople and their customers. enthusiasts who trade collectibles.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit the app at What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
  • What features are not included which you would like to see?
  • How could we make the app more useful or easier for you to use?
  • Do you think there is someone who offers a very similar application or website but does it better?
  • Any additional comments?

About SwapSquare
SwapSquare and its sister app CollegeSwap enable users to swap with each other for the products and services they need. For CollegeSwap users, that involves everything from futons, textbooks, and iPhones to math tutors and rides home during breaks. For SwapSquare users it could include everything from fine jewelry, snow blowers, and flat screen TVs to plumbers, painters, and landscapers. Users can also buy and sell products and services.

The applications thus provide a unique new way for Facebook users to make money and thrift shop. What makes the SwapSquare and CollegeSwap applications unique and attractive alternatives to popular online classified sites and auction websites is the fact that they make it so easy for users to buy, sell, and swap locally. As with regular Facebook material, users have full control over who sees their “want” and “trade” posts: friends only, friends of friends, and public. This is an important feature which cannot be found on ordinary e-commerce websites.