Task Trimmer – Software For Scrum And CMMI

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Task Trimmer developes ‘The Guide’, a tool for project management, Scrum, CMMI level 5, CRM, HRM, Professional Services Automation, and best practices.

Target Audience: All managers in software companies
Website URL: https://www.tasktrimmer.com

Feedback sought:

  • What is your first impression when you open the website?
  • Do you get a clear picture of what The Guide is about?
  • What would you keep and what would you change on the website?
  • How would you market The Guide?
  • How would you proceed to get more reviews of The Guide?
  • Is getting The Guide easy?
  • Is the pricing easy to find and clear?
  • Do you know any specific blogs, websites or journalists that would be interested in writing about The Guide?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have!

About Task Trimmer’s ‘The Guide’:

The Guide is a comprehensive software product that Automates Intellectual Work. It automates your business activities. It is like a compass that directs software development activities to systematic and sensible directions.

The Guide provides tools for people working in projects and reports for the managers. It automates things never automated before. It is the only software available that can get You substantial improvements to quality, cost levels and schedule solidity.

The Guide is intended for companies involved in software development, consulting, subcontracting, or offers software professionals for others to use.

According to numerous studies the more software activities are systemized, the more benefits are gained. Less errors, better timetables, and improved results.

The Guide incorprates several types of software into one system, among others ERP (Enterprice Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PSA (Professional Services Automation), HRM (Human Resources Management), project management, resource planning, business intelligence, event tracking, issue tracking, and processes. Supports Scrum, CMMI level 5, ISO 9001 and agile methods.