TaxiNow – The Future Of Finding A Taxi

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A free iPhone app that makes hailing a taxi easy.

Target Audience: Passengers, taxi drivers .
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About TaxiNow:

TaxiNow is a free iPhone app that makes hailing a taxi easy. Passengers can see the exact location of the nearest taxis and hail them with one simple click. Moreover, passengers can watch the taxi drive all the way to their pick-up location giving them peace of mind.

Our ultimate goal is very simple; we want to provide the best and most seamless way for passengers to hail a taxi. The taxi world can be fraught with inefficient, inconvenient, and sometimes frustrating experiences. We want to change that.

TaxiNow is available to any passenger and driver, anywhere in the world but the initial focus will be in Vancouver, Canada with rapid expansion across Canada, United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Here is a short introductory video about TaxiNow:

2 thoughts on “TaxiNow – The Future Of Finding A Taxi

  1. Great idea!! I am sure this will be a useful app as finding a taxi especially during rush hour in cities like Toronto is not easy.

  2. This is a great idea! May cut down on drunk drivers if all they have to do is press one button on their cell phone to get home from a bar!

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