Best Small Business Firewall

13 Best Small Business Firewall

If you are in business, the security of your data is very important. This is more so if your business is small as you may lose a lot when hackers access your financial records.

It’s therefore important that this information is kept safe from cybercriminals. The first step towards this is getting a secure firewall.

Firewalls are special tools designed to monitor traffic and keep the local network safe and secure.

Although most machines come with a firewall installed, others do not. So, if you want to boost the security of your company, make sure you add one of the best firewall systems.

Since different firewalls have different uses, you need to choose the right one for your business. If you are interested in getting the best firewall solution, continue reading to learn about some of the best.

1. Cisco ASA

As compared to other firewall systems this is probably the best. With this solution, you’ll get software to protect your office devices and hardware to protect your entire network.

Cisco ASA5505BUNK9 ASA 5505 (ASA5505-BUN-K9 ASA 5505)
Product Highlights:
  • ssl and ipsec vpn services
  • 8 port 10/100 switch with 2 power over ethernet (poe) ports
  • memory: 512 mb; maximum firewall throughput (mbps): 150 mbps
  • packets per second (64 byte): 85,000
  • maximum 3des/aes vpn throughput: 100 mbps

By creating multiple checkpoints in your network security it will ensure that you get complete protection in your network.

It also comes with a number of important features such as VPN routers among others. This amazing platform comes with a security feature to help protect your business central data center as well as mobile users and remote locations.

By combining the VPN and market-leading firewall, you can rest assured that your business is always protected.

As an easy to use solution, it will allow you to control your network access, maximize your network uptime, and securely protect your business data so everything can be safe.

It also protects your business Infrastructure and servers without affecting its ability to use the network as a business tool. What sets it apart is its strong policy management feature that ensures that everything is safe.

Furthermore, it delivers a wide range of control services and network containment so as to give your business good control over network traffic flows.

If you are looking for a firewall that delivers market-proven technologies in one major platform, and comprehensive security services, this is the right software.

As a product that performs a lot, it’s highly recommended. The best part is that it’s quite affordable hence any business can always get and use it.

Cisco ASA Pricing

You need to contact the company for pricing details


  • It has a variety of features
  • It’s to deploy and manage
  • It fits into the Cisco ecosystem well
  • It has advanced features


Manuals are only in English

2. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

If you are looking for one of the most affordable solutions, Ubiquiti EdgeRouter is the right software to use.

Ubiquiti Networks Edgerouter Pro ( 2Sfp (ERPro-8),Black)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful routing performance: the edgerouter pro routes up to 2 million+ packets per second. use its advanced features to run applications on the customizable open platform.
  • versatile gigabit connectivity: provides six independent, rj45 gigabit ports and two rj45/sfp combination gigabit ports.
  • convenient rackmount design: the durable, 1u-high metal chassis allows for convenient mounting in a standard-sized, 19”-wide rack.
  • centralized management: the edgerouter pro is supported and managed by unms (ubiquiti network management system), a comprehensive controller with an intuitive ui. a single control plane manages registered edgemax devices across multiple sites.
  • sfp ports: 2 (two ports can be used as either rj45 or sfp).

Apart from its low price, it has a number of features that you can only found in more expensive tools.

Designed by Ubiquiti networks, it comes with a simple and compact router case that’s so small that you might think it’s a switch. Another thing that sets it apart is its metallic case which is considered a substantial upgrade.

Considering its small size, you can comfortably put it anywhere in your room without taking a lot of space from your desk. But if you want to put it on your desk, you should know that it’s light in weight.

As compared to other solutions it will provide you with more flexibility and deliver better overall coverage.

If you want to cover a larger area, you can add multiple access points. Plus, it’s suitable for upgrading different devices to keep the costs as low as possible.

With its advanced settings, you can use it the way you want. If you are looking for a solution but don’t want to invest a lot of money it’s the right router for you.

It’s integrated with EdgeOS hence has the features that will allow you to configure it in different ways.

Overall it delivers an easy to use interface, one-stop features, and advanced router features. That will allow you to access all the other things that other routers can’t.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pricing

Its price is $49.50


  • It gives you great value for money
  • It has a high level of configurability
  • It’s intuitive and easy to use
  • You can access advanced features


  • Advanced settings require you to have technical knowledge
  • It requires a learning curve

3. Firewalla

Firewalla is a third-party firewall solution that you can use to complete your already installed security software. As hardware, you only need to link it up to your computer.

Firewalla Cyber Security Firewall ( | VPN Server And Client | No Monthly Fee (Red))
Product Highlights:
  • compatibility: this is * firewalla red * (not the firewalla blue), the ips functionality is limited to 100 mbits. this device may not be compatible with all routers. please look at the "specification sheet" document in this listing, or compatibility guide in the manufacturing site for routers that works with firewalla. may require login to router and do basic configuration.
  • complete cybersecurity protection - firewalla's unique intrusion prevention system (ids and ips) protects all of your home wire and wireless internet of things devices from threats like viruses, malware, hackng, phishing, and unwanted data theft when you’re using public wifi. it’s the simple and affordable solution for families, professionals and businesses. let firewalla’s built-in openvpn server keeps your device usage as secure as it is in your home.
  • parental control and family protect - the days of pulling the power cord from the dusty old router are behind you; with just a few taps on the smartphone, you can see what they’re doing, cut off all access, or cut off only gaming or social networks. turn on family protect to filter and block adult and malicious content, keep internet activities healthy and safe.
  • easy to install - get firewalla up and running as easy as 1-2-3! no special skills or tech know-how required: just connect to your wifi router and a power source, launch the app on your mobile device, and scan the barcode to get started. with this, you have the power to monitor and manage your device from anywhere in the world. app is available for both iphone and android. please see manufacturing web site for router compatibility
  • deep insight - firewalla uses deep insight and cloud-based behavior analytics engines to actively detect and automatically block problems as they arise. from this continuous monitoring, you’ll have full visibility of activities across all your iot devices and the ability to identify full network flows, bandwidth analysis, and internet troubleshooting. keeping your internet secure, and hack free.

Acting as a filter it helps shield your computer from any malicious traffic, malware, and anybody who is trying to access your network.

However, as compared to other firewalls, it provides content filtering that controls the kinds of users that access your site.  You can also use it to block all the sites that you don’t want your workers to access.

As a compact and simple device, you just need to plug it into your router. If you enable its VPN server you can securely route your internet from anywhere in the world.

What sets it apart is its ease of use.  This is because most of its features work automatically. It also has straightforward iOS and android apps that will help you manage everything else.

Once you install the android app it will automatically detect the Firewalla.  This way it will provide you with the best protection.

Besides, it has a built-in VPN server. If you turn it on you’ll comfortably access your home devices, secure your home network, and even use it as a private VPN server.

For example, if you are visiting another country, you can use it to access your home network.

It also has strong encryption that will make you safe and allow you to access websites that could otherwise have been blocked.

While this firewall may be small it has a powerful security feature that automatically shields your network from any dangers.  For it to work properly you must take your time to set it up well.

Firewalla Pricing

  • Red is $109
  • Blue is $179


  • It’s quite affordable with no subscription
  • It’s simple and easy to set up
  • It has a built-in VPN server
  • It automatically blocks network attacks


Some features are hard to set up and use

4. SonicWall

If you own several businesses, this is the right firewall to install. It features VPN capabilities that create tunnels to allow you to enjoy your internal network and other features safely.

Sonicwall Tz350 02Ssc0942 Wired ( Wired Firewall)
Product Highlights:
  • sold as 1 each.
  • integrated threat prevention and sd-wan platform for small/medium organizations and distributed enterprises.
  • features: three 1gbe switch ports, console port, x0 lan port, and x1 wan port.
  • encryption: des, triple des, aes (128-, 192-, 256-bit), md5, sha-1, suite-b cryptography.
  • dimensions: 1.38"h x 7.48"w x 5.28"d. 1gb/s firewall throughput, 335mb/s threat prevention throughput, 300mb/s anti-malware throughput, and 400mb/s ips throughput.

Once you get it, you don’t have to give each employee their own VPN client software. On the contrary, you can use it without interfering with your network security.

It has a web application firewall that you can use to control preferences for any machine that accesses your network. This means you’ll enjoy greater customization for your businesses.

As one of the best units, it will provide you with anti-spyware, anti-malware, intrusion prevention and application control, and URL filtering.

Once it’s configured, it will keep updating itself with the best features that suit both small and medium-sized businesses.

Among its strongest features is the ability to continuously add modules that can be used to protect small businesses. Although small businesses do not receive a lot of traffic, they are still prone to threats.

To help you balance requests between the servers, it features load balancing ability. This is so strong and fast that it matches some of the best load balancers in the market today.

While it can detect and stop most threats, any malicious file is destroyed so it does not make its way to your system again.

SonicWall Pricing

  • Free trials
  • Firewalls contact the vendor
  • Remote access contact the vendor
  • Email security contact the vendor
  • Capture advanced threat protection contact the vendor


  • It works as a web content filter
  • Identification of traffic in real-time
  • It works as anti-malware
  • Wireless and mobile breach detection


  • The licenses are a bit expensive
  • New layout understanding


Whether you are looking for the right firewall or a unified threat management solution, SOPHOS is the right option.

Unlike other tools, you can use it as software, hardware, or a cloud solution. It will provide you with VPN functions, Wi-Fi network capabilities, and deep packet security.  This means you’ll enjoy fewer data breaches and better security.

It not only drives threat prevention to different levels but also detects both known and unknown malware without depending on any signatures.

With its features, it will easily and quickly identify any threats before they reach your system and become dangerous.

It comes with an easy to use, simple and intuitive interface for both experts and novices. You can, therefore, use it to shield your network and users from any threat.

To deliver outstanding performance, it’s built with solid-state drives, Inter multi-core technology, and good memory content scanning that’s both powerful and fast.

As an all in one protection, it will provide you with the latest firewall protection and other features that you can’t get in any other solutions.

Coming at no extra hardware or extra cost it will provide you endpoint email encryption, mobile, web protection, and DLP. You just need to choose what you want and deploy.

With its built-in reporting features, you’ll immediately know what’s happening in your software.  You can then fix this so as to improve your network and secure your users.

Furthermore, its appliances are built using the latest technology to ensure that you get the best performance. Since it’s an industry leader you can only expect the best.

SOPHOS Pricing

  • Free trial
  • Hitman pro $24.95
  • Hitman pro alert is $34.95


  • It comes with good reporting features
  • It features an easy to use interface
  • It has broad VPN choices to connect


It requires a mobile app

6. FortiGate 30E

FortiGate 30E is a unique solution that provides everything that you need in a firewall. Some of its features include Next-Generation Firewall, IPS, Antivirus tracking, DNS Filtering, and SSL VPN.

As a business owner, you’ll love its ability to lock your users out of some websites during working hours.

Since it’s very stable, it will provide you with a high level of performance and protection. If you have a small business that requires more protection, it’s the right firewall.

As a compact unit, it’s not bigger than your normal VDSL router. It has heavier devices that come with a Console Port, USB port, and 4x GE Switch Ports.

More so, its settings are very easy to find and its interface is quite intuitive. Once you know where to look, you’ll realize that its visibility into the traffic is quite good.

By looking at FortView, you’ll get all the information on your in and out traffic. This will provide you with the right information and summary of bandwidth used by application, device, and category

You can also check the log and confirm things such as application control, real-time traffic, and the kind of policy being used.

The amazing thing is that you can assign a minimum amount of bandwidth and high priority VoIP to ensure that your clients get everything you are saying.

Overall, this is a stable device that will provide you with a high level of performance and protection. If you are looking for more visibility and protection, it’s the right product for you.

FortiGate 30E Pricing

Contact the company


  • It comes with several features
  • It has a very intuitive interface
  • You can easily deploy it within minutes
  • It allows you to schedule your firewall policies


You have to purchase Fort analyzer to get accurate reporting

7. Bitdefender Box 2

Bitdefender Box 2 is one of the best smart home cybersecurity hubs that you can use to protect your network from identity theft, malware, and other threats.

As a multi-layered security solution, it sits between your home network and ISP router so it can scan and filter all the traffic that goes into your network.

This way, it can provide you with continuous protection against any threats and block anything that may harm your network.

Immediately it detects any threat or malicious activity, it will alert you so you can take the necessary steps.

By using it as your main router, it will ensure that you get malware protection, parental control, and device management for all the users.

Since it has the ability to handle GPS fiber-optic Internet connection, it’s one of the best firewalls out there. When you combine it with its mobile app, you can protect any device in your network.

You can also use it to add devices and give them profiles that show their potential restrictions and level of protection.

This will allow you to stop devices that you don’t want to use at any particular time. You can even use it to restrict access to the internet at certain times of the day.

With this firewall, you’ll get instant threats and notifications as they occur so you can take any necessary action.

By regularly scanning your data, it will ensure that you get the right anti-malware and anti-virus protection for your device.

Furthermore, this solution uses an intrusion prevention system and machine learning algorithm to detect and block any threats that may affect your site.

Bitdefender Box 2 pricing

  • The initial one-time fee is $179.99
  •  The subscription fee for the subsequent years is $99


  • It has lots of features
  • It comes with built-in parental control
  • You can manage it from one app
  • Its bundled software


  • Setting it up can be a bit tricky
  • You can only manage it with a mobile app

8. Zyxel Next Generation VPN

If you need a firewall that provides secure internet both remotely and locally, Zyxel Next Generation VPN will not disappoint you. After signing up, you can access your local network via VPN connections.

Designed as an enterprise-level solution, it features a simple installation process thus quite suitable for home use.

You can connect your router, modem, and internet directly to it through Ethernet ports. Since it’s categorized as a UTM firewall, it’s the best firewall for any kind of threat management.

It will, therefore, help you with protection services such as antivirus, application control, and intrusion prevention. To use it well, you need to subscribe to it for one year.

As one of the leading providers of secure broadband networking, you’ll not only get a chance to control your social networking but also get sophisticated anti-malware protection.

It also comes with both performance series and advanced series thus making it one of the best solutions for remote offices, retail locations, and small businesses.

Plus, it has a simplified user interface that streamlines system management and eases security provisioning for small and medium businesses.

Fitted with top-notch characteristics, it’s designed in such a way that it will meet all your small business needs.

With its deep and sophisticated malware features, you can rest assured that your business is fully protected.

In a nutshell, Zyxel Next Generation VPN will provide you with comprehensive support for your system. So if you are looking for the best firewall it’s worth trying out.

Zyxel Next Generation VPN Pricing

The price is $180.00


  • It has the best troubleshooting features
  • It has an easy to use utility- ZON that speeds up your network connectivity
  • It does regular updates
  • It provides informative network security resources for free


It does not come with support contracts

9. Cisco Meraki MX64W

Cisco Meraki MX64W is a unified threat management solution that will provide you with centralized protection regardless of the number of data centers that you have.

Cisco Meraki MX64W Cloud ( Licensing Required And Sold Separately))
Product Highlights:
  • dual-band concurrent , 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequency, 802.11ac wireless
  • stateful firewall throughput 250 mbps, maximum clients: 50
  • supports up to 4 ssids, layer 7 traffic shaping and application management
  • 3g/4g failover via usb modem, content filtering, intrusion detection
  • includes power supply, meraki licensing required (sold separately)

With this firewall, you’ll get a hardware firewall and Wi-Fi router with strong internet security features. Plus, you can use it to maintain stable and fast internet connections.

By using a 7 layer application, it will prioritize traffic without compromising the bandwidth. It will also support 1.2 Gbps Wi-Fi speeds.

If you pay additional fees, you’ll enjoy advanced security features. Some of these include improved malware protection advanced content filtering, and Cisco Threat Grid.

Unlike other firewalls, you only need a maximum of 30 minutes to set it up.  Besides the set-up process, managing it is also very easy.

As a very reliable firewall, you don’t have to worry about any issue coming up. Whether you have any IT experience or not this is the right firewall for you.

Provided you know what you are doing you’ll release that it works just great.

By using a simple graphic interface, you can always manage the device. Plus you don’t require any technical expertise to install it.

Designed for the smallest number of users you can use it to support up to 50 concurrent users and VPN tunnels. If you have a larger institution, you need to install more enterprise modules. That can support up to 500 users.

Developed with enough processing power, it’s very hard to experience any interrupted connection provided you’ve connected everything well.

Cisco Meraki MX64W Pricing

The Price is $703.60


  • It’s simple and easy to manage
  • It’s cloud-based hence you can use it anywhere
  • It provides you with the best security
  • It provides easy administration.


It should have more threat features

10. WatchGuard Firebox T15

WatchGuard Firebox T15 is one of the best Wi-Fi routers that come with firewall features. By connecting it directly to the small box, you can use it to access your local network with ease.

WatchGuard Firebox T15 Trade ( Security Suite WGT15063-WW)
Product Highlights:
  • trade up to watchguard firebox t15 with 3-yr basic security suite (ww)
  • 3 gigabit ethernet ports support high-speed lan backbone infrastructures & gigabit wan connections
  • this listing is part of the watchguard trade/competitive program. in order to avail the bundled services, you must be in possession of a qualifying device. please check the application guide below this listing for more details*
  • dimensions (in): 12. 5 x 7. 25 x 2
  • weight (lb): 3. 1

Given that it has 400 Mbps speeds it can comfortably serve up to 5 users. Simple and remarkable, it works in such a way that it covers every security angle of your business.

With its total security subscription, you’ll enjoy application control, web content filtration, network discovery, and anti-spam features.

Plus, it prevents any data loss and constant threats that may occur to your system. When it comes to performance, it features a high raw firewall of up to 400Mbits/sec.

Given that the subscription comes with a free remote set up you don’t have to worry much about its deployment.

Coming with a stateful packet inspection it works in such a way that it will find any hidden malware wherever it is. More so, with its web filtering capabilities, it will stop the downloading of any viruses, Trojans, and rootkits.

As compared to other firewalls in the market, it’s quite simple and easy to set up. You can use the default configuration without the need to review each and every filter.

It also provides configuration and management tools that will allow you to enjoy enterprise security features and any additional support that might be needed.

Furthermore, it will help block outsiders, malicious email attachments, and any other counterfeit services that may appear legitimate.

WatchGuard Firebox T15 Pricing

Contact the company for details


  • It has simple and easy to use interface
  • It has policy monitoring features
  • It has a good UTM
  • It’s quite affordable


It does not have all the features that you need in firewall

11. pfSense

If you are in the market for a new home router then pfSense could be the right one for you. Unlike others, it features consistent upgrades, enterprise-level features, and a reliable system.

Netgate 1100 WpfSense Software ( W/1-yr TAC Lite Support)
Product Highlights:
  • [business ready] software updates included for product lifetime. netgate tac lite technical support included. one year hardware warranty included.
  • [easy to set up] pre-loaded with pfsense plus software to get up and running fast - simply unbox it and start customizing for your secure networking needs.
  • [powerful dual core] a dual core arm cortex-a53 1.2 ghz delivers near gigabit routing of common home iperf3 traffic and in excess of 650 mbps of firewall throughput.
  • [efficient operation] low power draw, a compact form factor, and silent operation allow it to run unnoticed when placed on a desktop, wall, or rack.
  • [flexible configuration options] three (3) 1 gbe switched (wan/lan/opt) ports allow you to configure three separate 1 gbe switched ports for nearly a gigabit of bi-directional traffic.

As one of the best routers, it will securely allow you to access your home network.

Even when you are not at home, you can securely view media on your home network, check security cameras, and configure your home systems the way you want.

You can also use it to encrypt and secure your internet transmissions and ensure that your privacy is protected.

By offering options such as OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP you‘ll always get a notification whenever someone tries to access your internet without your permission.

Unlike other firewalls, it has several networking functions. With its time-based internet access, you’ll control the devices that access your network and apply proper schedules to firewall rules.

With its Traffic Shaping QoS, you can set the rules on what type of traffic gets priority in your network. This is very important in ensuring that online gaming or streaming videos do not get preference.

Since it gives you the ability to choose your own hardware, you can go for some of the most powerful hardware for the system.

Once you buy the hardware that you need, you can make the changes to ensure that everything works well.

As one of the best-supported systems, it regularly releases features and security updates to make sure that everything you are using is always up to date.

Furthermore, it has a strong support community that’s not only responsible but also skilled and responsive. Regardless of the question that you have, you can always get the answer that you need.

pfSense Pricing

For pricing details, you need to request for a quote


  • It’s powerful yet affordable
  • Provides you with secure remote access
  •  Low total cost ownership
  • Provides packet filtering performance


It should come with more wizards

12. GlassWire

GlassWire is a third party network monitoring and firewall software that will provide you with good protection.

GlassWire - Best Small Business Firewall

By working together with windows firewall, it will not only give you better manageability but also ensure that your network and devices are protected.

By allowing you to determine which should be accessed and which one should not, it will shield your network from any threat. Every time there is a new app or program that comes into your website, you’ll get a notification.

This will give you a chance to protect your system from malware and hackers. It does this job so well that you won’t have to worry about anything.

While you are likely to be confused by its graphs, if you are not tech-savvy, if you take your time you’ll definitely understand what’s taking place.

If you are looking for user-friendly software, this is the right one for you. Even if you are not tech-savvy you can easily download and install it. Its main window is easy to understand.

The graphic will start as soon as you launch it. It will monitor your website so well that you’ll understand where your bandwidth is going to.

The best part is that all markers are clickable. This will allow you to see any additional details that you need to see.

GlassWire Pricing

  • Basic is $39
  • Pros is $69
  • Elite is $99


  • It’s easy to use
  • You can visualize all the network activity
  • It provides you with malware and phishing warning
  • Provides backup support


It does not come with anti-virus

13. Comodo Firewall

Comodo is a special firewall solution that has a clever sandbox and safe web browsing feature

Comodo Firewall - Best Small Business Firewall

Working on the basis of default denial, it always assumes that every software is guilty until it’s proven otherwise. Since it can access over 2 million apps, it’s very unlikely that it will flag off a good app.

Like the most free software, you need to be careful when installing it onto your machine.  Failure to do this may make you install something that’s dangerous to your machine.

Once installed, you’ll find that it’s very easy to use. It will always tell you when your files are safe and when they are not so you know what to do at any given time.

Although it’s free software it comes with almost all the features that you need. Apart from protecting your machine, it comes with a secure browser that you can use to browse the internet.

While most of the products are free, you may be required to pay in one way or another. If it identifies any potential malware, it will terminate the process and provide you with notification about the same.

One thing that sets it apart is its Dragon Browser. Since it virtualizes online transactions you can always shield them from any form of manipulation.

When using a public network it will ensure that the system is not seen from the outside. Although windows firewall also does this, Comodo does it much better.

As compared to windows it will alert you every time someone attempts to access your network without your knowledge.

Comodo Firewall Pricing

It’s free to download and use


  • It protects your system from any outside attack
  • It’s free to download and use
  •  It controls the programs that you can download and use
  • It comes with a secure browser


It does not protect you from exploit attack

How to Select the Right Small Business Firewall

1. Know the Ease of Use

If you have small business chances are, you may not have a budget for an expensive system that comes with an administrator.

With other departments in need of the money, you should go for a system that’s easy to use.

You should also look for one with an intuitive user interface, a straight forward alert system, and visualized reporting.

2. Choose Between Hardware and Software

Generally, there are two types of firewall systems; software and hardware. Although software firewall systems are great, they may be a bit complicated if a number of people are trying to use them.

So, if you have a larger enterprise your best bet should be a hardware firewall system. However, if your business only has a few users, the software firewall system will work just fine.

3. Scalability

The main goal of every business out there is to grow. This means complicated systems, complex procedures, and more employees.

Success also means more data, bigger networks, and more attacks. It’s therefore important to choose a system that will grow with your business.

This extra strength will not only ensure that you don’t run into issues but also gives you some space when your business grows.

4. Configuration

If you want to properly secure your network, your firewall settings should reflect the strengths, needs, and weaknesses of your business.

Since every business comes with its own unique features, a good firewall system should match these features.

If your business is small you should take advantage of the configuration service so as to tailor-made your system to fit your business needs.

5. Check the Bandwidth

This is also another important consideration when shopping for the right firewall system. This is especially true when your business is prone to cyber threats.

You should ensure that any firewall system solution has extra bandwidth and everything that your business needs. This will give your business enough room to grow.

So, when setting up a firewall system, it’s important to consider your business bandwidth sizing.

6. Additional Security

When looking for the right firewall, you should consider whether you want to add more security.

Since your business firewall system may not be enough to provide you with enough security, you need to choose one that can allow you to add additional security.

7. Remote Capabilities

It’s also important to consider remote capabilities when shopping for the right firewall solution for your business.

Whether you want remote access or you have remote workers, this is a very important consideration to make. There are certain firewall solutions that may prevent you from enjoying remote access.

Others may even require you to add additional configurations before you can enjoy remote access. You should consider this if you want your employees to aces the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my small business need a firewall solution?

Yes. Every business out there needs some form of protection. Whether you have small or large business cyber-crime can occur from anywhere.

It’s perhaps the biggest threat to businesses in any part of the world. When you are doing business online, your best bet is to protect it from any cyber-attacks.

This, therefore, calls for the best firewall solutions.

2. What’s the difference between software and hardware firewall system?

As compared to a software solution, a hardware solution is basically just a router.

Both small and large businesses, therefore, use hardware solutions to stop cyber-attacks and hackers from accessing their computers.

On the other hand, software solutions can be installed on individual computers to prevent these attacks. The difference is that they are not as robust as hardware solutions.

More so, as compared to software solutions, hardware solutions are committed to the job of protecting your system from any attack.

3. How does a firewall work?

Firewall solutions work by checking small chunks of data to see whether they can harm your machine. Some of the things they check include IP addresses, Domain names, content, and ports.

Once a firewall solution scans the content it will determine whether to allow it through or block it from entering your network.

4. What types of firewalls are there?

There are three different types of firewalls namely the circuit level, stateful inspection, and unified threat management.

While circuit level monitors transmission control protocol to ensure that they are legitimate, stateful inspection will block any form of data based on the type of connection that you have.

Although unified threat management is technically not a type of firewall it combines different security functions to ensure that your system is safe from any attacks.

5. What is a deep packet inspection?

This is the type of inspection that analyses all the contents and check where it’s coming from and where it’s going to.

By doing this it will filter any malicious data such as Trojans and virus with more accuracy to ensure that everything is safe.

This also allows it to check the broader type of security threats that may affect your system.

6. What exactly does a firewall protect?

While some people think that a firewall only protects the data, this is not true. As compared to other protections, a good firewall system should protect the whole system from any attack that may occur.

Wrapping Up

Getting the right small business firewall system can be a bit challenging. In fact, if you lack the technical know-how this can be hard.

There are several things to consider and a number of solutions to choose from. Thankfully, if you are not sure you can check this guide to help you get the right solution for your business.

This way, you’ll end up with the right solution for your small business.

What is a Firewall?