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July 8, 2011

TheGoodGuide – Explore Our World And Share Yours

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TheGoodGuide startup featured on StartUpLift

The guide to all that’s good … and interesting.

Target Audience: Social media enthusiasts with an interest in travel and finding out more / contributing about various places in the world
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • From the home page, can you tell what thegoodguide is about and also how easy was it to navigate to other pages?
  • Which is a better landing page? Home Page or Places/World page?
  • Please take a moment to complete the sign-up process and let me know your views on the ME page (after you have logged in) and ease of using it.
  • How easy was it to invite your friends from facebook or yahoo etc?
  • What would make you using the site on a daily basis?
  • Please share any other feedback you may have.

About TheGoodGuide:

Thegoodguide allows people to interact, ask and answer questions, blog about relevant topics and explore places of the world.

By creating a global community, our goal is to help people find out more about our world and make informed choices through recommendations from friends and guides who know.