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July 26, 2011

Tickade – Have Fun, Get Tickets, Win Prizes

Tickade Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Win prizes for owning games that you play.

Target Audience: Casual Gamers, Social Gamers
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit and look at the site. What was the first thing you felt about the site?
  • What was the first button you clicked during your first visit?
  • What did you feel was your chances of winning the iPad?
  • Would you have traded your points for prizes if the prizes would be delivered to you?
  • Will you buy Tokens (credits) to play if the prize selection was good?

About Tickade:

Tickade takes the excitement and social interactions of playing in a ticket redemption arcade and brings it online. Tickade targets casual gamers and players are rewarded with “virtual tickets” which they can exchange for REAL prizes. Prizes will be sent directly to players’ homes.

A whole slew of features like leaderboards, versus modes, tournaments, bonus rewards and achievement systems keep the players engaged.