TimeOP – Team Involvement & Productivity Metrics

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Measure and Improve Team Involvement.

Target Audience: Managers interested about team productivity, time tracking, performance management.
Website URL: https://www.timeop.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Visit TimeOP. What do you think the service is about ?
  • Do you currently use any tool to track your personal activity? Do the apps you are most involved with help you focus more on the things that matter?
  • How important do you think it is to keep track of time spent on various tasks and projects?
  • Will sharing how you spend your time at the computer with others help you stay more focused?

About TimeOP:

TimeOP helps team leaders and managers stay up to date with the involvement, productivity and focus of their team.

A desktop tracker automatically collects necessary information from the team members’ computers and securely sends it to the TimeOP service.

From a web interface, team mangers can see activity, involvement and performance reports, focusing on how much users spend in productive applications (including web applications and web pages). Everything happens automatically and in real time with almost no data entry required.