Tmemo – Forget About Forgetting

TWEETMEMO – Tmemo -  Featured on StartUpLift

Intelligent twitter-based reminder system.

Target Audience: Twitter users.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit the website, then log into your Twitter account and try to send a @tmemo message with a 1 minute interval (“+1m” in Tmemo lingo!)
  • Did you receive it ? Did you expect to receive the kind of tweet your received ?
  • If already a Twitter user : will you use this service ? If not, why ?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About Cartoon Movement:

Tmemo offers a very intuitive way to get reminders using Twitter. Just send @tmemo a tweet and specify when you want you tweet back, and that’s it!

Example :

@tmemo tell Pete Evans to publish our profile on + 12h

In 12 hours you will get this memo back via twitter. This is a basic example. The system is very easy to use, you can add @people to your tweets, and even send private reminders by DM to several people at once.