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December 13, 2010

Tom’s Planner – Surprisingly Easy Project Planning

Tom's Planner - Featured On StartUpLift

Tom’s Planner allows you to create Gantt charts with drag & drop simplicity.

Target Audience: Project Managers.
Website URL:

About Tom’s Planner:

Tom’s Planner allows you to create and share project plans online. It’s the ideal starting point for virtually every project and every project manager. You can publish your schedules online, collaborate on them with a team, export them to an image or MS Project with no more than two mouse clicks.

What makes Tom’s Planner stand out in the crowd of PM tools is that we approach the creation of project schedules from a visual angle instead of an abstract framework of activities and dependencies. This results in an extremely user friendly application.

The application is used by a wide audience. Current PM software is just often too complex and time consuming to learn – Tom’s Planner has been increasingly popular among its user as it provides the answer to the real problem. Not only are companies managing their resources and projects with Tom’s Planner but individuals are also planning their weddings, thanksgiving dinners or home construction projects with Tom’s Planner. In a review a user described it as:

‘Tom’s Planner, Gantt charts for the rest of us!