Top Hat Monocle – Keep Your Students Engaged

Top Hat Monocle - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Inexpensive, easy to implement, beneficial for educators & students and fun to use.

Target Audience: Teachers.
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Top Hat Monocle provides a tool for instructors to use in the classroom to make lectures more engaging for students. The tool lets them conduct polls, quizzes, and interactive demonstrations in class. Students can participate using pretty much any device they have, like their cell phone, smart phone, ipod, or laptop.

Here is a short video on how Top Hat Monocle works:

2 thoughts on “Top Hat Monocle – Keep Your Students Engaged

  1. Site looks cool, but unrealistic. I don’t see how students are going to be playing around on their phones, especially since that can be the cause of great distraction.

  2. It’s inevitable that students will be distracted by one form or another. Why not accept it and encourage students to put their cellphones / laptops / smartphones to good use? I this is exactly what this platform does.

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