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Touristlink brings travelers together with each other and with local travel businesses on the same destination oriented social platform.

Target Audience: Travelers, Local Travel Businesses
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Feedback sought:

  • Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.
  • Suggestions on the overall design?
  • How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?
  • Please share any additional feedback you may have.

About TouristLink: brings travelers together with each other and with local travel businesses on the same destination oriented social platform. Travelers benefit in that they can find services they would not normally find online such as; local guides, equipment rentals and translation services. Businesses benefit in that they can develop stronger relationships with existing customers and find new customers.

Touristlink allows users to decide when and how much or how little contact they want from business owners by defining profile settings. Touristlink members can share information about places they have visited, create new destinations on the website and edit or add photographs to existing attractions. Travelers can create lists of favorite destinations, restaurants or attractions and share them across other social media. Users of the site can gain authority in the community via a points and badges system by posting photos, creating lists of favorite places and blogging.

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11 thoughts on “TouristLink – Save and Share the Places You Discover

  1. Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.

    Navigation Bar – somewhat confusing. To a new visitor that has never been to your site before, I have no idea “what” is most popular. Are you referencing most popular tourist spots? Again, I have no idea what recent tab is for. Overview – same thing.

    I suggest you re-name your tabs so that they can be helpful to the visitor.

    Have an About Us tab to describe your brand and any helpful information. If you want to provide a link to book a hotel, book reservations, book a rental car, then specifically say book before the item.

    Get rid of World, recent, overview, activities, members – or rename them. I wouldn’t click on tabs that I have no clue what they are and how they would add value to my life.

    Suggestions on the overall design?

    Overall design is not bad. The section with “Find What Interests You” “Meet Traveling Companion,” and “Find Local Tour Guides” have wierd spacing. Have consistent spacing between all words.

    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ? Homepage has a social feel to it, but doesn’t necessarily give me a travel feel to it like it is for tourists. If you could incorporate a world map in the background, it may add the tourist feel to it.


    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    The search bar says to find places, people. Confusing! Why would I search for people on your website? Just have “Find Places”

    I expect to click on the colored headers: “Find What Interests You” “Meet Traveling Companion,” and “Find Local Tour Guides” but they are not clickable.

    Also the paragraphs underneath them do not read properly. You definitely need to fix all grammar, and punctuation problems, or your site will come across that English is not your native language, and then it makes the user wonder where your organization is from and why are you doing business in English if you do not have command of the language.

  2. Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.

    Navigation Bar – Personally I think the navigation bar is laid out well and requires no explanation. I think the drop down function helps a lot and would be great for every menu title.

    You could rename your menu bar titles like “Overview”, “Recent” and “World” to be a little more user-friendly. Just because I get it doesn’t mean a novice user would. You could use “Guide” instead of “Overview” for example. Other than that I think it looks good.

    Suggestions on the overall design?

    Overall it looks fun and inviting. The spacing for “Meet Traveling Companion” is a little off, but that is easily fixed.

    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?

    Homepage – It is kind of fun and relatively unique from other sites like this. If I were in need of travel advice, research or help with planning a trip I would sign up.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    There are some things you might want to work on such as spelling and grammar, the spacing for “Meet Traveling Companion” and maybe renaming a few navigation titles. Other than that I think this is a great site.

  3. Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.

    Navigation makes perfect sense to me.  It has an area to find out what some of the most popular places currently are.  It lets you see popular places with different features, and this is very important because not everyone travels for the same reasons.  I might add something to the navigation bar that allows the user to search by specific country.  This would allow people to look into possible destinations that are within the country they live in.  Definitely helpful for those who have no intentions of traveling outside of their own country.

    Suggestions on the overall design?

    I  would suggest that the banner at the bottom of the homepage be moved toward the top.  Free is a word that people are going to want to know immediately.  This is always a word that is enticing to people.  Once they see that the service is free, they are more likely to look further into what is being offered.

    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?

    I think the homepage looks fun and makes users think that it is a site for young people.  This  may be something that will need to be changed in order to appeal to a larger audience.  Personally, I would love to sign up for the site and have the ability to share my own travels as well as get travel ideas right at my fingertips anytime.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    I like the fact that users can sign up using their Facebook account.  Everyone Seems to have a Facebook anymore, and people seem to be more comfortable using a site when it connects to Facebook because of the level of trust and confidence that everyone has in Facebook now.

  4. Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.
    Navigation bar
    The navigation bar makes sense for the most part and . . . I believe it could use a little tweaking. It would be most helpful if it were consistent from one page to another. For instance “Most Popular” becomes “World” on other pages. Since the listing (menu) under each is the same, I presume, that you are planning to fix this. I think, most popular makes more sense.
    “Recent” . . . recent what? I have to go to the page to find out. “Overview” isn’t necessarily clear either.
    The other categories make sense.
    I go on to the hotel page or the parks page and there is just a listing in no specific order. Then, I do a search for “Salt Lake City Hotels” and get “Hyatt Regency Kolkata.” I attemped several different searches and none of them were successful.
    Suggestions on the overall design?
    Overall design could also use tweaking. The map on the “Overview” page is completely out of control. It expands, contracts, shifts to different areas of the world for no apparent reason. I am unclear as to the specific purpose of the map.
    I do like the large variety of categories you have below the map. Again the pages these categories lead to are not organized and it is hard for me to find what I’m looking for. And it is wonderful to have such a variety of information about so many aspects of the world in one place.
    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?
    Obviously, the “Traveler’s Social Network” provides an excellent indication of what this site is about.
    The photo does to some degree, especially if you notice the cameras. But I also think young. I think women. I think individuals rather than families. Therefore, it is not indicating the wide range of travelers, unless you are planning to niche to women under 35. You might consider other photos, such as a montage of well-known and not so well-known sites throughout the world. You might include luggage or hotels.
    The headings below the photo are self-explanatory. You may want to pluralize “companion.”
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    This site is a great idea. I just googled “Social Networks, Travel” and came up with quite a few different top ten lists. There are a lot of sites out there, each a little different. Many much more polished than yours is at this moment. If you haven’t already explored all of these to see what they’re doing, you might want to. Not to copy them or to say, “There are so many already, they don’t need me.” They do. We do. But it is to see what they are doing and what they are not. Who their target audience (their niche) is and who it is not. Are all the niches being met? What about a niche that especially interests you, i.e., students back-packing around the world during the summer or singles or people who read “National Geographic” . . . develop the site to speak specifically to their needs. Then you can expand. Remember Facebook started out for college students and now we are all on it.
    Does that make sense?

  5. Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.
    You have several nicely titled tabs to choose from in searching your site. When you click on one of your tabs the “Most Popular” tab becomes world. Also when you click on on travel services and then go back to the tab again the drop down is not the same as it was. The subtopics under the Members tab is a little confusing to me. Under the World/ most popular tab at the top of page is says world tourist attractions but when you click on the sub tab attraction it says attractions in world, again a bit confusing as to what the difference is. Under the Overview tab I see that I could type in a place that I wanted to go to. I typed in a place and it said no listing so I clicked on the search button next to overview and it took me back to the homepage. My thinking is that it take to back to the previous page to search again. I would like to have been sent back the same page as I tried to search from in addition to using the back button. I like that I could easily look up item by using the search bar. I used the search bar and typed in India just see if I would get all thing related to india and I received some info that said things to do in World which I didn’t understand that listing as a location. Under the Members tab when I clicked on Live in World it just said members as a header which is not obviously all the member you have so that was a little confusing. At the bottom of the home page you have things like about us but when you move your cursor onto it, it fades out white, not very appealing. The site map page is ridicously long and I don’t think the page setup allows for users to realistically search that entire page.
    Suggestions on the overall design?
    Under the recent tab you have pictures next to people comments. I like the idea of that but the fact that their so small just make it hard to look at. I would like to see a more bold line color and not one that is slow dim in color. I really liked the clouds background used but I don’t think it was enough of it to really get the feel of the background. It should pop more and be faded into the white a llittle further down the page. Under each person’s profile I like the flip up tab that comes up when it comes up on the album and top list. I like that you can change the list to the map view but I don’t understand the number listings. The toursit guide is nice, neat and easy to follow.
    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?
    I like the idea of the picture on the page but their were some things that bothered me. I don’t understand the color shading around the two women, it makes me almost look childish. I much rather not even see the people behind them especially when there shaded by the text box. The two women and the location shot in the back seem to be the most prominent visual appeal so they should be highlighted as such. I like that the homepage is colorful and staright to the point but I don’t think it exactly screams traveling on all levels. It makes me think of college student’s seeing the world versus people of all ages. I would sign up if I was interested in traveling but I’m not at the moment. I like the graphics at the bottom of the page but I would like to them to be a little darker and the importatnt info at the very bottom to be larger.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    I like the list under the map on the overview page but I don’t understand the list of cities being that you only have three. I like the number ranking that you have next to each item and how many people voted for it. I don’t understand the number under each picture next to the thumbs. Nice bright pictures with every location/topic listing. I don’t get what is so social about your site. On your about us page you talk about a fun place to socialize but it seems to be more destination finding. The CEO pictures looks a little unprofessional yet quirky at the same time. I think the office info should be udner the contact us page.

  6. Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.
    > The home page is refreshing, I mean the colors are good. But I guess to avoid redundancy, maybe we can take out the link on the banner that directs you to the home page as well. Since we already have the home link on the option. And one more suggestion for the site. At the very bottom. Maybe you can add the link “Help” and just put there the FAQs. That will make it easier for people to find their answers on their simple questions.
    Suggestions on the overall design?
    >I did not really stayed on the site for quite some time. I think I only stayed here for about an hour. But there are things that I notice. on the navigation tabs, the drop down arrow. Lets say on the “Members” Section. When I hover my mouse pointer in it first time. It gave me a drop down option of “Live in” “Gone to” and “Been to” and suddenly it changed to “Live in World” “Gone to World” etc… I just don’t get what it means.  For a simple person like me who does’t know much about this. I think it will be better if you’ll provide users the freedom to search for whatever they want. Lets say like the eBay website. You can also provide several search options for users to make it easier to find what they are looking for.
    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?
    > The home page is pretty good and like what I’ve said above. It is refreshing because of the colors, the lines below the picture in the home page (I don’t know what they are called) are awesome. Giving us the idea of travelling. haha, Home page is actually good. Like what I’ve said above, the only thing missing on what I need is the Help  link that has those FAQs. I will sign up in case that I’ll be planning to travel. I think the site is for travellers whose planning to travel. It records the places you want to go and it actually recods the places you’ve been into. It is like a journal or a diary of travellers.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    > I will always say that the home page is good and I’m sure that will make a lot of user sign up for this website. I think my other feedbacks will be on the script side of the website. Maybe a short tweak on those lines might make the website more interesting. Like what I’ve said above. Those dropdown arrows, those redirecting links and the search feature. I think thats all. Overall, I really like the webpage and now saving it to favorites. 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

  7. Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.

    The navigation looks buggy and confusing . There are a couple of things I want to state on :
    1. Not clear mapping between Most Popular menu and World menu . The first time on the site user sees Most Popular menu,then he clicks some item inside Most Popular menu , for example Attractions , the Most Popular menu name changes itself to World (confusing!) . Breadcrumbs show that I am inside Home -> World-> Attractions and it is confusing for me because I navigated to Most Popular -> Attractions and expect that breadcrumbs should show Home -> Most Popular -> Attractions . Also just clicking on Most Popular flips menu name to World – it is confusing.
    I think that Most Popular area is only a SUBSET of the World area.I suggest that if you want do distinguish most popular area from world’s area World should be the main menu item instead of Most Popular at the home page. Most Popular could be menu item inside the World menu .
    2. When I clicked Food item in the Most Popular menu I navigated to the correct link – BUT content was World Tourist Attractions with outstanding world places shown , but where is the food itself?
    3. One more wrong navigation : When I am at Home page click Activities the browser URL field shows , but content on the page is World Tourist Attractions again
    4. When I navigate to the Recent area –seeing Recent Discussion about World . Actually the name Recent does not give a clear idea what is this area about . The name of the menu could be expanded to Recent Discussions or just Discussions and I suggest this menu item could be moved to the right side of the menu bar.
    5. Why when you navigate somewhere from the home page , for example to Travel Services ->Airport Bus and Rail, all menu items apart from Airport Bus Rail Station disappear from Travel Services? Or when just clicking on Travel Services all menu items apart from Airport Bus Rail Station disappear from Travel Services?
    6.When you navigate to Travel Services -> Travel Agents the World Tourist Attractions are shown but where are travel agents?
    7. When you navigate to Most Popular -> Events the World Tourist Attractions are shown but where are Events?

    8.Why search by Travel Services -> Embassy , Internet Café ,Tourist Office does not return anything ? Is it a bug or this functionality has not completed yet ?

    Suggestions on the overall design?

    The overall design is good and rather convenient . The idea how to use the site and which functionality is available is clear . You only need to improve navigation .

    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?

    When looking at the home page the first time main idea of the site is getting clear enough from the text description – name of the site “touristlink” at the top left corner and from green memo header “traveler’s social network ” at the middle of the page . But visual presentation (photo) at the home page does not reflect enough the main idea of the site . I like the girls at the home page , they are very nice and look like real tourists , but the tourist place at the background where they are staying in should be very well-known and outstanding and give a user an idea that this is the tourist site from the first second . It could be Egyptian pyramids or tower of Pisa or something else . I pasted a few links below for example if you like .,r:4,s:19&tx=37&ty=56

    Yes I want to sign up because like travels and the site is going to be a good place with a ton of interesting information, feedbacks and really helps to choose right place and services for tourism .  

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    1.There is a row of links at the bottom of the site – About us …. Sitemap and they disappear when you move over them (there color almost like background), I suggest they should not disappear.
    2. When I navigated to the Popular Destination , the first menu was called Utah with down arrow allowing to expand menu, but I was not able to expand this arrow to full list of menu items . Also when move over the Utah menu , a small vertical line appears under the Utah.
    3.An order of the items inside Activities menu changes after selecting one of them . For example when at home page select Activities -> Camping (the first item now) . After the page is opened see that items inside Activities menu changed its order – now Camping is the fifth. I suggest the order of items should be constant.
    4.“The username or password you entered is incorrect “ message has very light colors and does attract attention and does not look like error message . It should use red color.
    5. “Added this to a list” pop-up : Spell error in the “Added Sucessfully!” message . Missed one more “c” in the “Sucessfully!”

  8. Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.
    I do like the navigation on the homepage, it is easy to understand and digest the information, but what I did notice is that when I use one of the buttons and navigate to another page on the website, the navigation bar changes. While the idea seems to be that the navigation is now more in line with what I am looking at, I think that it could become confusing to the user where there are since the navigation bar is consistently changing throughout the site. To improve it I think it would be nice if (1) it was consistent throughout the whole site, and (2) It was located at the bottom of the page to, so that after a customer navigates through all the website information
    Suggestions on the overall design?
    The overall design is fairly nice, however I do that that the outline of the people on the homepage is a little more artistic, which is nice, but I don’t know why it just doesn’t give of the vibe that I want to sign up for something as serious as vacation planning here. The other thing that I had noticed was that While I was reviewing hotels, and other various parts of the site, there is a lot of white space, which is not a huge problem for a website, however when it is contrasted against the bright blues and bright greens of the top banner, it make the pages a little boring.
    The colors that you have chosen are nice, but I think that they come across more playful than profession, they are nice, and they make a good impression for ascetics sake, but for some reason they are too “bubbly” for me to feel like this site has a serious service to offer.
    With respect to the results pages, what I didn’t like what the placement of your adsense, it could be incredibly mislead to someone who is not technically savvy that those are not the results of their search, which in my opinion is bad press for you when the realized that the website they were trying to use to plan their vacation sent them to an advertisement.
    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?
    As I stated a little bit earlier, it doesn’t make me want to sign up because the colors don’t seem quite what I want. Another thing is that using the phrase “traveler’s social network” may get rid of some potential users who think that if they do not identify themselves as a travel that this is not their site, but it would seem your site has a lot to offer to anyone with the intention of traveling.
    I wouldn’t necessarily want to sign up, and big reason is that you have used facebook as the way to sign up, and I think it would be much more attractive and professional if there was a regular sign up link, with the option to use facebook on the registration page, so that facebook users can do this, but the average user doesn’t think they need one.
    For me the site immediately comes across as a big “check-in” network where I can type in where I am going, and your site is able to provide me with information about where I am going, places to stay, things to do, stuff to eat. It’s like an online version of a guest services desk for the world.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    For your Most Popular Link I think that you need some way to distinguish that it is not the most popular destination by geography, it’s just the most popular destinations with no sorting. That being said I think that the Most Popular link should be a list of the most popular geographic locations, and that would allow you to offer the user much more information on each destination.
    The cloud background is nice, it makes me think of traveling by plane and it really adds to the spirit of travel for the website, I think that part needs to stay.
    For a lot of destinations, I think that you need more people rating them, a city as big as Salt Lake City, needs to be rated more than just 10 times on your website, the low number of ratings makes you seem less trusted then a higher number of positive ratings could.
    Overall I think the big issue you need to address is ease of navigation, and specificity of the navigational options by location, so that when you are trying to find popular activities they are relevant to your locations at the time you try to find them.

  9. Using Mac OS 10.6.8 with Safari and Firefox.
    Feedback sought:

    Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.

    Navigation had some issues. First, the changing titles in the menu bar. When clicking on Most Popular, that title vanished and turns into a link titled World.
    From the homepage: the link titled “Overview” leads to a search option with world map ( ). For a first time visitor this would be confusing, because one would expect it to a link to a more informative overview of what the site is about. Instead it leads to the world map with a search option. When at a location (example, Phnom Penh), the ‘Overview’ link brings up an information page on the location you are visiting. Again, not what was expected first time using site. Remove the ‘Overview’ link from the Homepage menu bar. Add a ‘Search World’ to the menu bar (on all pages) that links to the World Map site that the ‘Overview’ links to when clicked from the homepage (it would be nice to have, because the ‘Search’ box in the top corner doesn’t have a map with it!).
    Navigating the map is bothersome. When scrolling over a pin-up on the map, the map automatically centers on that pin. This is a pain because it makes navigating the map bothersome. You try to drag or scroll over to a location, and move your curser over a pin-up accidentally, and find yourself moved to another location. Change it so that you only center on the pins if you click on them.
    When clicked on a pin so the pop-up bubble appears, if you scroll over any other pins, the pop-up bubbles for those pins also appear, even if you do not click on them. This is bothersome, though it does not effect the ability to click on any of the pop-up bubbles that appear.
    No hotel or transportation links readily found when viewing a location. It took me a while to find a hotel while viewing Cambodia or any other location for that matter. The top menu bar link for Hotel and Transportation where not available while there (link example: )

    Suggestions on the overall design?

    The blue used in the menu bar is annoying. It is a bit too light, and using it for text links and other things makes it tiresome.
    Links to ‘Hotels’ and ‘Travel Services’ lead to a list of random hotels and travel services. These are not attached to the location you are visiting or viewing on the map. For example, I am viewing Cambodia (or Moldova, or New York, or anywhere), I click on ‘Hotels’, and thinking that it will have hotel information for Moldova. Instead I get a random list. Finding hotel information, etc, while visiting a location/destination is nearly impossible.
    Not certain what the ‘members’ link is about. There are only two members listed there (though it says that there are more people who are part of the site, as it often gives two persons who have signed in using facebook to sign in to TouristLink). Is there meant to be more for these locations as the site develops? Are these users who are currently logged on?
    The list for popular locations doesn’t follow numerically, both through the link on the top menu bar, and while visiting a location. Is it mean to be random?

    How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?

    You should have asked this question first!
    The homepage is alright. While there is nothing that wows the visiter, there is enough to make the visitor look around. There is enough information on the homepage to inform the visitor as to what the page is for (sharing travel information, planning, networking). A link to another page that gives a more in-depth overview of the site would be nice for people who want to know more before they try.
    Again, the colour issue. That blue gets hard on the eyes. Personally, I would like it to be a bit darker (just my thoughts…)
    I signed up easily enough through Facebook. However, after a bit of navigation, I ran into some problems.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    I originally logged in via the facebook link. I was logged out somehow, and not able to log back in using either the facebook sign in or the direct log-in, even after changing my password. I created a new account, followed the email instructions, and again, could not log in on that account. Are your servers having issues at this time? If not, that is a BIG issue you have to fix! (This was on Saturaday at 7PM-7:30Pm EST)
    While filling out my profile information, I noted that “friends” is spelled “firends” in the section where you mark down what you are using the site for. As well, in filling out information for the profile, the titles and the information sections do not line up (example: “City” does not line up with the text box where you place your city information. Date of Birth does not line up with the pull down menus for selecting your date of birth information, etc). This gives a feeling of unprofessionalism.
    In giving information, it would be nice to have the option of not needing to provide any information for date of birth. If you do not add to this section you cannot save and provide any of the other information. Not everyone likes providing their life story online. Personally, I only like giving my year of birth, and not my day or month.
    Better links are needs within the site. You need to provide a link to Hotels and Transportation options related to the location you are in (again, if I am reviewing Cambodia, I want to be able to easily be linked to hotels that are available in Cambodia).

  10. How does the homepage come across? Do you want to sign up? What type of site do you think it is ?
    First impression of the site is positive for tourism, however, it seems to be predominately for young adults/student travelers.  Why would Tourist Link be better to use than Trip Advisor, list the advantages of Tourist Link.

    Viewing the home page there are links for finding travel companions and tour guides.  I went to join to view these via Facebook, but did not want to allow the site access to all my information, and the site stalled.  When researching information, many users will not want to provide private information or jeopardize friends privacy. 

    Please let us know about the navigation. Does it make sense? suggestions for improvement.
    Navigation is one of the best.  When searching “Most Popular” Countries; I noticed several destinations are labeled as #1 for Category:  Countries in Asia.  How can they all be #1?  What is the ranking process that so many can have the same ranking.  This would make me think, the site is not being factual.  Under the “Most Popular” menu, perhaps a ‘Lifesytle’ options [families, gay and lesbian, single adult, couples], Outdoor to include more options [Adventure:  hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing, cycling, diving…]  Leisure:  beach, pool, cabin, resort.  Under the “Services”,  I only found airports.  Trains are a very convenient form of travel in many areas, others may need prearranged transport.

    Suggestions on the overall design?
    Something as simple as additional photos of families and/or couples, and different activities would include a larger base.  When going through the links for a specific World / Country / Tourist Attractions, Things to Do List (by ranking); the top things to do list and top places to stay is a great feature.  I tested many of the top places to stay links, and the descriptions were varied, adding a link to contact or reserve a room, a price category ($ – $$$$), and value category (stars or 1 to 10 value) would be helpful.  Other items at this level that would be helpful is a “easiest way to get around”, currency and exchange rate (link), electrical service.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    Are there safety mechanisms in place for the companions or tour guides, how they can be confirmed.  As an international traveler, I would like to know about safety.  Travel Safety:  Is it safe to venture out alone, in a group, with a tour guide only, etc.  Thinking as a parent with college kids wanting to take the tour across Europe post graduation, or an elderly group of women going with a church group.

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