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Perfect decisions quick and easy.

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Feedback sought:

  • What can be improved?
  • Do you like our LOGO?
  • What is your initial impression of the site?
  • Are you able to easily figure out how it works?

About Tricider:

Tricider is a free Tool to make decisions in a team. Ask a question and send a link to friends or colleagues. Everyone may propose a solution or post arguments for an idea. Finally, you vote for the best solution.

Brainstorming with a result.

Plan a trip with friends, make decisions at work or try to sort your thoughts on a peculiar problem: you will find the best solution with tricider.

4 thoughts on “Tricider – Easy Decision Making Online

  1. What can be improved?

    It seems a little bit confusing when you first get on the site. I had to click the screenshot just to get an idea and I still dont fully understand how it works or how you get people to join on it with you.

    Do you like our LOGO?

    I do like the logo, its very casual and not forced. It makes you think quick and easy brainstorming.

    What is your initial impression of the site?

    The website looks fine, it looks clean, not too confusing on the eyes, not bombarded with too much information, yet it seems to lack enough information for people to understand what its really about.

    Are you able to easily figure out how it works?

    I was able to figure it out as easily as the next person because I read the screenshots and still was curious as to how you get everybody to join the discussion. Is it just via facebook? Is it without facebook? If you dont have facebook ca you use it?

  2. It´s very easy to invite participants. When you´ve asked a question you´ll se an invitationbutton. You can decide whether you want to invite people per mail or per Facebook.

  3. What can be improved?
    While the site is very simple and most people should be able to figure it out by themselves, I think a little more explaination is in order.  I would add a “Help” link to each page giving a detailed explaination of the steps needed to start and run a brainstorming session.  Even though I could learn the steps on my own, I would rather know what the site actually does before commiting to using it, which brings me to my other complaint. 
    There needs to be an easy way to delete a question from the site.  I had to make a test question to explore your site’s capabilities, and while it won’t hurt anything to leave it there, it seems like a waste of resources to have it sitting around gathering virtual dust. 

    Do you like our LOGO?
    Yes.  It is very colorful and clear.  It is a very good LOGO for a site involving discussion and brainstorming.

    What is your initial impression of the site?
    While the site has a very open and inviting scheme, I was a little put off by the lack of information available to a new user.  That’s just my personal preference, and I can see most people being attracted to your site.

    Are you able to easily figure out how it works?
    Yes.  Despite my complaining about more detailed “Help” section, this is a very simple site.  Simple, in this situation, is good.  Once I started testing the site, the various functions were obvious and easy to understand. 

    Overall, this is a very good site.  I would be willing to use the site in it’s current state.

  4. What can be improved?
    I think there needs to be a bit more content on how to use the site.  Some people require some explanation before they are willing to use a site.


    Do you like our LOGO?
    The logo is good, I like the casual aspect of it.


    What is your initial impression of the site?
    It is relatively easy to use.  I like the ability to log in with Facebook


    Are you able to easily figure out how it works?
    I would like a Help button or a video to help folks get started.  Other than that I found it quite easy to navigate.

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