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TuneReach is a boutique music services agency and online solution that specializes in serving musicians and bands all around the world in digital online music distritbution, song mastering, CD pressing, music marketing and more.

Target Audience: Musicians, Bands, Music Engineers, Music Producers, Audio Engineers, Film Producers, Singers, Agents
Website URL: www.TuneReach.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 1


2 thoughts on “TuneReach – Music Reaching Fans Everywhere

  1. Initial and Overall Impression:  
    My initial impression was,” It’s about time. I liked it. The website offers a service to struggling musicians and possibly new indie labels . The website was nicely put together and not confusing at all.

    Website Search: 
    I was able to search through the website and find what I wanted. I was interested if their $49.00 an album pricing also included other services like CD duplication and mastering. I learned those are additional charges, which is fine. The info was readily available.

    Encouraged To Use Service: 
    If I was a musician, I would definately be encouraged to use this service. The pricing is affordable and it offers a service that artists can use.

    Search Engine: 
    I performed an online search on google using the keywords indie cd pressing and distribution services
    I found plenty of cd duplication services. I performed the same search but I excluded the keyword cd duplication. The only sites that I found came close was CD Baby and DiskFaktory. These two seem to offer similar services but besides cd/dvd duplication, they seem to emphasise marketing materials also i.e. poster, cards and flyers. CDBaby seems to offer the same service. TUNEREACH offers what is needed for the indie artists without the sometimes unnecessary bells and whistles. TUNEREACH’S website is easier to search.

    Additional Feedback/Comments:

    The one feedback that I have is that TUNEREACH can also be marketed for the new indie label. TUNEREACH has a subsidiary record label called Kinetiq Music Group. This service can also be marketed to the indie label or what if the artist wants to use his own indie label? Will his material still have to be listed under Kinetiq?

  2. 1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?

     The site looks a little crowded but otherwise it looks easy to understand and everything that one might be interested in is highlighted making it a user friendly site. I also thought that the webpage highlighted the services a little too much in comparison to the title of the company which felt a little buried. 
    2) Think of something you want to find on this website. Now try to find it. Did you find what you were looking for? Was anything confusing?

     I wanted to find out about mastering since I have friends who are in bands and my wife is an excellent singer so I understand how crucial this part is to a musician. The mastering tab took me to a very easy to understand page with only two steps making this extremely fast. Nothing here was confusing and it made me feel like I can recommend this page to my friends because the prices seem more than reasonable. 
    3) Are you encouraged to (create a new account, subscribe, sign up for a free trial, etc.)? Can you tell us why (or why not)?

     I was not encouraged visiting the homepage of this site but exploring the site like looking into the mastering tab I was able to see how much of a deal it was to come into this site, it was then that I was inclined and encouraged to sign up…well let my friends sign up perhaps. The homepage lacked promotional material or incentives to join the site. Things like ‘try us free, master one song as a sample,’ perhaps. There was only one detail about pricing on the homepage but it didn’t feel as good a deal as try us free because trying a company for free…to me at least shows total confidence in ones work. 
    4) Go to search engine of your choice and find one other company that offers a similar service. Compare the two companies. Which on do you prefer? Why?

     I visited SageAudio.com and I appreciated their dark colors making it seem ‘high tech’ and such but I really preferred here was their samples. They sample some of the songs they’ve mastered before from different artist to get an idea of their talent and professionalism. I looked around their site and some things were a bit confusing which made your site better and preferable to me but I think that adding a tab or just something that shows your talents in action would definitely be a good promotional strategy.
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

    Like I said before I do like the simplicity of your site and your deals are quite reasonable but I do believe you need a few more promotional materials on your page such as a sample or a few samples of different artist you’ve helped reach their potential. I think that you need to make sure that your NAME stands out so that everyone becomes familiar and can recommend you easily. Word of mouth is still one of the best promotional strategies. Oh and just as a side note, having real clients review your work and services has always been a sell point to me so that could be a good addition to your site? Aside from that this site has great potential. 

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