UberTags – A Better Way To Manage Your Website’s Tags

Ubertags - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

Dynamically deploy your tags to the right pages of your website.

Target Audience: Enterprise Websites, Website/WebApp Owners and Managers.
Website URL: https://ubertags.com/

Feedback sought:

  • Does the site convey what the product is and its value?
  • Does anything prevent you from signing up?
  • Any additional feedback or comments?

About UberTags:

Tag usage has skyrocketed in recent years. And so has the pain of managing tags. Tags are now used for analytics, conversion tracking, ad serving, live chat, click to call, widgets, video, forms, and more.

UberTags is the easiest way to manage your website’s 3rd party tags. You simply place your UberTag across your website(s) and that may be the last tag you’ll ever need to hard-code. With UberTags, you manage all tag deployments through your browser.

With UberTags:

  • Tags load asynchronously so your core page loads quickly.
  • Tags have optional expiration dates so a decommissioning strategy is built-in.
  • You finally get a holistic view of your tags–you can centrally see and manage where every tag is deployed.
  • You can deploy tags in minutes. You can even deploy to development and test environments before launching into production.

3 thoughts on “UberTags – A Better Way To Manage Your Website’s Tags

  1. Yes the site convey what the product is about to me. I do understand the value is and how much the cost to use. And I am looking for to sign up to  that website.

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    The Site is little bit confusing because first you have to describe in detail what the Website tag, its function and their types because mostly people don’t know about Website’s tags so you must explain and guide customers.
    Second one, if we talk about signing up process then it’s quite simple and easy. But one thing is very confusing on your site. It is written on your site that you are offering free trial and on the other side if we goes to pricing page then $49.95 per month is for free trail so how you can say its free trial if you are charging almost $50 for this so please clear this point.
    On the whole your website is good. Design and layout of the website is attractive so according to me there is some improvement which I discussed above.

  3. The first thing I noticed when I entered the site was the color and images used. I liked the way the website looked. I was not familiar with web tags but the way the website was designed made me want to learn more about it. The graphics and wording made me feel comfortable with the website.
    The words used were not difficult or too technical to read on the website. When I tried to sign up I realized need a web address in order to receive a free trial. I believe more information is needed upon registering a website address. I would have liked to know if there were specific requirements. I wondered if a blog that I write on once in awhile was sufficient or if I needed a business website. I also did not have a company name. It seemed like the website was for businesses or people that have their own business. I also was asked to fill in my credit card information. I am hesitant to do this with any site and I feel that the site may lose potential clients this way. Perhaps let users put in that information after their trial has ended.
    I feel that there was a lot of information on the website. I think a FAQ section would be helpful for those people who are not familiar with web tags or why they are important. Overall, the information helped site users understand that they can view how their tags are doing and that it will help their website. I believe the benefits of the website were made clear.
    It appears that this website is designed for those with experience creating web tags. I think the beginner would have a difficult time with the site with creating input for the tags. I believe that this and the price should be made clear on the front page before the user has entered their credit card information. It looks like a nice website that was created for people and businesses with experience with tags and their function. To attract more users try making your website easier for beginners to use.

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