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  1. Using Mac OS 10.6.8 with Safari and FireFox
    Feedback sought:

    Please share your experience and provide feedback as you complete each of the following steps:

    Create an account.

    Sign up was easy. Confirmation email took a while to arrive (close to 5 minutes).

    Upload a video to a contest.

    I really don’t have any videos to upload (my talent is in building/destroying things, and no one has videoed me doing that). This may encourage me to make some videos, however….

    The process looks easy and straight forward. However, you should include an introduction message to the users message box giving them a brief tutorial on how to use the site (such as where to go to upload a video, as one would look for an “Upload Video” link instead of thinking of going to “Manage Videos”

    Also, letting the user know the kind of videos you want someone to upload is important as well. There is little on the landing page or any other page that really sells your site as a ‘talent’ sharing site as opposed to another ‘youtube’ post anything site.

    Comment on other videos (Encourage, Constructive Criticism).

    Commenting was easy, as was voting.

    Share in their FaceBook walls.

    Umm.. how? I can share someone’s video on my Facebook (is that what you mean?), but how do I share on theirs?

    Create Dream/Profile.

    After viewing and commenting on a few videos, I found myself clicking on my name beside the ‘Welcome’ comment thinking it would bring me back to my profile to allow me to edit it. It didn’t. Have to click on Account.

    In creating a dream I found that it did not allow me to select ‘Charity.’ ‘no charity’ was the only option, and even selecting that left the pulldown bar saying ‘select’. Also, could not select 100% (max 95%) to donate. Because the charity selection option does not work properly (cannot select a charity) one has to leave the donation box at 0%.

    Share any additional feedback you may have.

    The concept of the site is excellent, and hopefully it will become something that really helps people share their talents with the world. There are a few things that you need to do, however. First, provide an introduction message to the users message box, letting them know where to go to do things and find information, as well as a link to the Help section (a link beyond the Help link in the top right corner.

    The Help section was surprisingly well displayed and informative, though some additional information needs to be provided (see below regarding Charity).  

    The Dream set-up and its current issues regarding the Charity option needs to be corrected, or more information on how to set it up so that charities can be supported needs to be provided as there is nothing in the Help section there. Will charities have to register with you in order to be available as an option? Will you allow 100% donation? What if the charity that the user wants to support isn’t registered? 

    In regards to PayPal, is there a minimal amount that one needs in order to cash out? If so, let the users know.

    Again, the site looks good, as is the concept. Hopefully you will be able to attract some excellent sponsors and brilliant talent!

  2. Create an account.

    Okay I just opened your site and made an account.  I REALLY liked your main page, the layout, the look. It looks very professional and like its been around forever.  I also, thought the idea of having people with real talents all in one place is fantastic and different from youtube which is about posting everything and anything.  
    I thought the signup are was easy to find and the process fairly straightforward.  The only issue I had was the image on the signup page which shows a little blue person with a play button on its head- I kept trying to click that thinking it was a video or animation of some sort- but it ended up a dud.   Once again, I absolutely love the clean interface on every page. It’s easy on the eyes.  

    Upload a video to a contest.

    I found two different contests available at this time.  The one that interested me is the funny video contest with a Grand Prize of 1,000.   I don’t actually have any videos ready for submission at this time, but I did walk through all the steps and put myself in this situation to better assess website usability.    I thought that the upload process was very straightforward and simple.  The only thing that might be improved is when you click enter contest it doesn’t give all the requirements and details prior to uploading.  I think its important for contestants to see this information before they enter a contest.

    Comment on other videos (Encourage, Constructive Criticism).

    I commented on the Googoo Dolls cover which was recently sponsored.  Once again the whole process was pretty straightforward and difficult to find fault with.  The one thing I did notice is that you seem to have very low traffic for your site. It’s a shame considering what a great idea it is and what a cool service it provides.  Looks like its time for some major advertising to get this site working the way its supposed to be. 

    Share in their FaceBook walls.

    Ok, shared.

    Create Dream/Profile.

    I created a dream. But I did find a problem here. It tells me to choose a charity and it shows a drop down box. However, when I click this box there are no charities listed.  It would be nice to have an extensive list of choices and not just a few different ones when you get this up and running.

    Share any additional feedback you may have.

    I was a little disappointed with this assignment.  It seemed to me like you are using these website usability reviews for the wrong reasons since this site is so perfect; and tasks involved actually signing up for and becoming involved with the site.  I feel this is a poor way to increase participation.  Mass advertisement in places like facebook, youtube, blogs, and other sites is needed to get this project off the ground.

  3. Create an account.

    I have created a new account. The information required is simple and relevant. I just need to verify with my email. Overall it was easy and simple.

    Upload a video to a contest.

    After i logged in, the layout looks simple and comfortable, but i hardly to find the way of how to upload a video. I do not know how can i upload a video until i click on the browse contest page. Then i clicked enter contest and i manage to upload a video. It take quite a while to upload the video.

    Comment on other videos (Encourage, Constructive Criticism).

    i have commented and rated on some videos. It is simple and easy. i like the rating feature which make user more active.

    Share in their FaceBook walls.

    shared, it is easy and simple.

    Create Dream/Profile.

    created, it was easy, i can choose to donate or any charity.

    Share any additional feedback you may have.

    At here, i wanted to talk about your page layout, which is interesting and attractive. Your homepage makes everything clear about what the site is about and what people can expect from your site. The only thing that you need to improve is show how does your site works in the homepage, you can have a step by step instruction to make it more user friendly. Also you can have a list of how your site can help members in making their videos noticeable by the others member.

  4. Create an account.
    > The sign up process is very easy and I like the idea that you have an email notification being sent to us to avoid bots or spam accounts. Very clever idea there.
    Upload a video to a contest.
    > I don’t have the capability to upload a video since I have a very slow internet here in my place. In addition to that, I cannot login to the account after verifying it with the verification link in my email. I am using internet explorer 8 by the way.
    Comment on other videos (Encourage, Constructive Criticism).
    >I watched the first video on the recommended list and I find it very awesome, I just don’t know if it is not yet sponsored or what. Since it looks so cool for a music video. The title is the outspoken. I think the only thing that I am looking for is the capability to choose what resolution I would like to watch the video into. Like in youtube that there’s an option to watch in 360p or 240p quality.
    Share in their FaceBook walls.
    > I honestly don’t know what this instruction means, am I suppose to share a video in my facebook wall? well, I did that and the sharing process through facebook is working just fine. I was able to share a video in my facebook wall.
    Create Dream/Profile.
    >As much as I would like to do this. I can’t since I cannot login to my account. Maybe there’s something wrong with the website being viewed using internet explorer 8.
    Share any additional feedback you may have.
    > The concept is awesome, considering that these videos are being shown for something, I really like the idea of giving those talents a chance to show off and be sponsored. Like myself, I’ve been into a band, a group of gamers and I find those very interesting to show some talent, it’s just that we do not have the fund to support our dream. In addition to that, for those talented people who just want to share some fun to everybody’s life.
    > I also want to commend the arrangement of the homepage, for a first time viewer I can already tell what the site is for. Good job for doing that, I also like the idea of putting the FAQ’s, About Us, Help and something like those visible at the bottom, those are the things that websites lack nowadays.
    > I also would like to say that the share button is not working for me. I tried searching for “I don’t know” (which is the video I watched) and it directs me to “Page cannot be displayed” I don’t know maybe it’s just my internet explorer not working properly. Other than that, the only thing I will add is the quality option while watching the video like mentioned above. If the video can be watched on different qualities that’ll be better.
    > Overall, the website is good, the looks are good, the colors are good. So I’d say 2 thumbs up for this website, I can really see that this will be a hit after few months or maybe a year. I really really like the idea and will never get tired of saying that the concept of allowing these talents be sponsored is excellent. Thank you for letting me be part of this test. Best of luck to this website.


  5. Just a note: Tried to upload a video (found one suitable for the site, upload attempt on Tuesday at 9PM EST). Was unable to– the video ‘uploaded’ in that the progress bar that was beside the ‘select file’ button reached 100%– the process was automatic after selecting the file to upload, but I was not able to complete the upload. I clicked on the Upload File button on the bottom of the page but was told that the upload was already in progress (though the progress bar said the upload was complete). After waiting an hour and attempting several times to ‘upload’, I gave up (other commitments) and was not able to upload the video.

    My bandwidth recorded did note that I uploaded the file.

    This was with Safari. I did not try on FireFox. I am wondering if anyone else had this problem, or if it is Safari related?

  6. Thanks for your great feedback, we are in the process of tweaking the upload process and will fix these issues ASAP. The format that works best is FLV and MP4. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, the URSponsored team.

  7. I’ve attempted different video formats as well as on FireFox to upload videos off my Mac. I do not have anything that can convert to flv, but I’ve done .mov, .mp4, .avi. I even waited over an hour (maybe 1 1/2hour) after the upload reached 100% to see if anything would happen but still kept receiving “Upload in progress, please wait” when pressing the ‘upload video’ button.

    Currently I have an upload in Firefox and will wait with that. I am wondering if it is a conversion issue, in that the video upload needs to convert if it is not in .flv before it completes the upload?

    Again, I am wondering if anyone else had these problems? Do you have a Mac you can test it on? I am uploading a 1:30 minute length video at 100MB file size. Using the latest Safari on OS 10.6.8 (and maybe out-of-date FireFox… I don’t like it enough to update it). I have attempted to upload videos both directly onto my account, and into a contest (the Humor one… which I noted has no uploads to it yet).

  8. Create an account
    That was easy to create an account, took me about 4 min.

    Upload a video to a contest.

    I look at the upload look’s good, but I don’t have any thing good to upload. so not much help there.

    Comment on other videos (Encourage, Constructive Criticism).

    I really like the set up of the video’s and commenting. it’s kinda like youtube. They could improve the quality of the videos up to 720ip or greater.

    Share in their FaceBook walls.

    I tried to share to facebook wall. but got an error message unable to share to facebook, that’s something that could be fixed.

    Create Dream/Profile.

    I did not create a profile, But I did look into it. it looks easy to create one. and it’s a lot better then youtube’s set up for creating accounts.

    Share any additional feedback you may have.
    I would say this site is at a b+ There’s only thing about it i got an error message trying to share with facebook wall. using mac snow leopard with firefox. so There could be a problem with that.

  9. Just to let you know… everything with video uploads is working well! But only with smaller video files (I haven’t tried with anything over 30MB yet).

  10. Thanks for your great feedback, we encourage you to upload videos of yourself performing, there is a contest running now with a great price.

  11. Create an account.

    I created an account which was fast and easy to do.  I literally was able to sign up in less than two minutes.
    Upload a video to a contest.

    I uploaded a video of the first pair of shoes I did for my future shoe company.
    Comment on other videos (Encourage, Constructive Criticism).

    I checked out some videos by two members and I think they both sing pretty well so I told them what I liked about each of their songs.
    Share in their FaceBook walls.

    I was unable to share the two videos I liked most on my Facebook wall. I guess there may be a glitch in the site for that function.
    Create Dream/Profile.

    I created a dream profile but I didn’t like that it was based on money. My dreams for my company aren’t all about the money I need. I would like if the dream profile was about actually posting my dreams and not just how much money I need towards my goals.
    Share any additional feedback you may have.

    I really love the concept of the website and I think with the right advertising  UR Sponsored could become bigger than YouTube. I found the site a bit confusing to navigate through because there aren’t a lot of category options yet. I also would like to have the option to choose if I want my video to be rated or not because I know some people are just being rude and not really offering anything constructive. 

    I will definitely come back and check on my video to see if anyone likes it but it’s certainly something I would recommend to all the artists and musicians I know because it’s great to find a website that actually showcases real talent.

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