Venalytica – Helping Online Retailers Sell More Stuff

Venalytica - Experts in Analytical Matching - featured on StartUpLift

“We use a matching technique to get consumers to the right product for them.”

Target Audience: Online retail – electronics, appliances, autos, computers, real estate.
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Feedback sought:

  • Is this a business or a feature?
  • Is it really new or already being done?
  • Does it belong on retail websites, mobile devices, in-store kiosks or all of the above?
  • Does the analytical data collected and aggregated from multiple retailers have more value than the product matching? To who?
  • Should we charge retailers? Give for free to consumers? Sell as infrastructure or SaaS?

About Venalytica:

Venalytica, Inc. was founded in Hudson, Massachusetts in 2008 by software startup veterans to help consumers, retailers and product manufacturers get more value out of their ecommerce experience by analyzing which product attributes are significant to purchase decisions and which are not.

We fill the intelligence gap between traffic analysis and checkout measurement by finding out what product attributes were important to the decision to purchase or not purchase.

We pioneered Consumer Preference Analytics, which uses a unique method of crowd sourcing to rank products according to individual taste.

Our Patent Pending method for ranking products will provide you vital consumer research data about the way consumers search and value products.