Vend – Point-of-sale For Clever Stores

Vend - StartUp Featured on StartUpLift

Retail point-of-sale and stock management software you will love to use.

Target Audience: Bricks and mortar retailers looking for a smarter POS.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit and sign up for a free trial.
  • Create some products.
  • Go to the sell screen and sell some things.
  • If you have a receipt printer, follow the instructions at to see if you can get this set up and printing well with the correct margins.
  • Try all the above in Firefox, Chrome, Safari oh and IE.
  • We would love to hear any general comments and feedback, we are re-inventing the POS so want your ideas!

About Vend:

Vend is a fully browser based point-of-sale, built using HTML5.

It runs online and offline, and integrates well with other online platforms, like cloud accounting, web stores and CRM. We have just launched, and have retailers signing up all around the world.