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The Vevue App allows users to create video reviews of a business using their mobile phones.

Target Audience: Anyone who likes to review places or offer opinions.
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2 thoughts on “Vevue – Video Review Your World

  1. 1) Are you able to create a Vevue of a business?
    I was able to to create a Vevue and it was fun to do.

    2) Did you find making a Vevue easy?
    It was easy and the app is well thought out for everyone to use and understand. At first I was thinking that it would be just like a video that you share but it is much more then that.

    3) Are you encouraged to create more Vevues?
    I am definitely going to continue to use this app. It’s fun and easy to use. I love that the businesses that you review can be seen in other states so if someone visits that state they may give that business a look see.  The app is much more then what I assumed and i’m glad i checked it out. I look forward to more reviews.

    4) Did you explore the “Vevue Map”?
    I did look at the map and observed a couple of places.

    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    Again I like the app. It was easy to download and fun to use. The Vevue is a good idea and will benefit many businesses. It’s like advertisement on the social media that goes a long way. Good app!

  2. 1) I was able to create one with ease. It was very simple and straightforward to get started. I only ad one issue in making my vevue and it was a minor one. The clock showing my time was cut off and I couldnt see the seconds counting up. I don’t know if this is an issue with my device (galaxy s III on verizon with the jelly bean update installed) or if it is an app issue. Its something small and didn’t take away form my experience, but I did notice it.

    2) Making the vevue was probably the quickest I have done something productive in an app. There was nothing to explain to me and the interface is appealing and very self explanatory. No buttons with random symbol that I have to learn by trial and error. I like that a lot!

    3) This type of thing isn’t really my cup of tea, but surprisingly I could see myself actually doing this. It is a pretty unique idea for reviews.

    4) I did look around in the map and was able to find some vevues. There aren’t many yet, but I am sure that wil change with time. I would however suggest adding pinch to zoom on the map. I kept finding myself trying to do this only to have the map randomly move around instead.

    5) One thought I did have is if there is going to be some type of screening service for the vevues. I could see some people unfortunately abusing the videos in a number of ways like advertising for their own business at a different business location, or creating inappropriate videos. If there isn’t already some type of screening in place, I would suggest adding one to avoid these, and other, issues.

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