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Target Audience: Everyone interested in remarkable content.
Website URL: https://www.WallToWatch.com

Feedback sought:
1) Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?
2) Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?
3) Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?
4) What would make you use the site on a daily basis?
5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.

17 thoughts on “Wall to Watch – The Online Gallery of Undiscovered Content

  1. 1) Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?
    My initial impression is that, the site provide a lot of knowledge about different aspects. I view different kind of pictures and articles from it. There’s also include some interesting video on it. It’s a huge place to share all the great artworks. 

    2) Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?
    i cannot say it is immediate clear because when i first visit, i still wondering what the site is about until i click on some of the picture and realize that it is a site that display different kind of articles, artworks and video from different people. I’m likely to read and view some of the interesting content on your site, but i will do it on my free time. When i’m bored or when I need some fresh idea about my work, I’m likely to visit the site for some ideas.

    3) Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?
    Definitely yes. because it’s a kind of knowledge from the world. I would like to share the great stuff that i found on the site such as creative artworks, meaningful pictures/articles and also some of the video. It provide more knowledge to the peoples. 

    4) What would make you use the site on a daily basis?
    If I can subscribe to something like newsletter that send to my email i might see it everyday because i check my mail everyday. I suggest you can allow visitors to signup as a member of the site and they choose what category that they interesting at, and you can email them the update of the category that they like on daily basis.

    5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    The site layout design is simple and user-friendly. It is easy for me to search or look for the category that i like. I suggest you allow people to register for the site as a member and they can always share their works on it. You can have a process of uploading the works that member want to share. Example, the work that they want to submit and share in your site will go through an evaluation to check for proper content, if it is acceptable then it will be approved to upload on the site. It would be a great feature and it create interaction with the users of your site.

  2. 1) Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?

    It looks like “undiscovered” things (with the potential to trend). I love it. I actually am bookmarking your site.

    2) Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?

    Yes the site is about cool things to discover and explore on the internet. Yes I am encouraged. 

    3) Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?

    So far, yes. I do not have a feel yet for the guidelines of your stories and posts. I would not want to be on a site that is Not Safe for Work or not family friendly. I have no clue as to how your site rates on family friendliness.

    4) What would make you use the site on a daily basis?

    As I have stated above, I would use it if it is not mature content.  I think it is a great site that will have to compete hard to gain market share on the other sites just like this.

    That means the more you update with new and fresh content would dictate if I use it on a daily basis.  

    5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    I can find no obvious usability glitches.

    One problem you may encounter is that people may follow the links off your site and elsewhere (youtube) and may not come back. That is where you need to consider having your own content on your own servers versus linking elsewhere, because your goal should be to increase visitor time spend on your site, especially if you make any money off of ad revenue.

  3. 1. My first impression was that Wall to Watch might be a news aggregator, perhaps for “weird news” in particular. My impression was based on your intro text, which says that you feature “nine fresh articles a day.” However, when I clicked on the first five, I saw that they weren’t articles as much as art series–photographs, cute or humorous ads, illustrations, and so on.
    2. As you can see from my last response, it wasn’t clear to me what the site was about until I started clicking on the thumbnails. I had the impression it was going to be news articles.
    I’m not sure what you mean when you ask if I’m encouraged to participate because I’m not sure how I would participate. The site doesn’t really seem interactive. If you’re asking whether I would return to the site, I might. I do like unusual art and design, and you’ve highlighted some really neat work. If you’re asking if I would enter your megaphone giveaway, probably not. I don’t have a personal Facebook account, and I’m not sure what I’d do with a giant megaphone even if I won it. But I could see myself forwarding some of your featured artwork to friends who like that kind of stuff.
    ***After I was almost done with this review, I noticed a tiny link at the bottom of the home page inviting me to share my work. Was this what you meant by participate? If I was an artist or designer, there’s a good chance I would submit my work…if I saw this tiny link. If you want to encourage artists to submit work, you have to make your invitation more visible.
    3. Hah! Turns out I just answered this above! Yes, I would share some of your content with friends. It’s fun to look at–alternately humorous, impressive, and provocative–so I think they’d like it, too.
    4. To be honest, there are very few sites I visit on a daily basis. As it is now, Wall to Watch would only draw me back every day if I was a huge art lover or big fan of offbeat stuff. But I think one way you could promote daily visits would be to offer an RSS feed or another kind of subscription service so that people could be alerted to new content, which would remind them to visit. 
    You also might consider making the site more interactive. If you allowed visitors to comment on and maybe rate the artwork, that would get them more involved. Perhaps artists with the best ranking could win a prize. If you want to go in a social networking direction, you could turn this site into a hub for offbeat artists and offer them email, message boards, profile pages, and maybe even a job board. If you want it to go in a more e-commerce direction, you might permit visitors to order prints of work they like or create a marketplace for artists to sell their work.
    ***When I was almost done reviewing this site, I saw that you do have an RSS link…all the way at the bottom of the home page. Like the call for submissions, this needs to be way more visible. Try putting an RSS button in the margin toward the top of the page.
    5. I’m going to list my likes and dislikes:

    –I like the concept of the site–new artwork by emerging artists featured every day.
    –I like that you offer prizes to those who share your content, even if I personally wouldn’t be interested in a giant megaphone.
    –I like that your search feature is clearly visible at the top of the home page and works well. I also like that you list all your categories at the top of the home page. Both of these features make Wall to Watch easy to navigate.
    –I like that there’s basically not much clutter on the site. As soon as you land on the home page, you see thumbnails and only thumbnails.
    –I like the name “Wall to Watch.” It’s catchy and sounds like the very visual site that it is.
    –I don’t like the use of the word “articles” in the intro text. These aren’t articles; they’re art. I’d change your intro copy to: “The online gallery of undiscovered art. We bring you nine fresh images/visuals/designs/masterpieces in the making/fill in the blank with your own term…”
    –I don’t like that there’s so little intro copy. It doesn’t give first-time visitors a good sense of what the site is about. It needs a slogan and a few selling points such as: “1. Get your daily dose of trendsetting art. 2. Share it with your friends and win really cool prizes! 3. Are you an artist, designer, or illustrator? Submit your work and get showcased.”
    –I don’t like that visitors don’t find out about your contest till they’ve clicked on a thumbnail. If you intend for contests to be a major incentive for visitors to return, they need to know about them on the home page. Consider adding a page about contests to your navbar.
    –I don’t like that the only call for artist submissions is tiny and at the very bottom of the home page. Consider adding a page about submissions to your navbar.
    –I don’t like that when I click on a thumbnail to display the full photo series, I also get lots more thumbnails in the right margin and below the main images. It feels overwhelming. Try restricting additional thumbnails to just the space below the main images. Too much stuff in the margin detracts from the main images. 
    Bottom line: I like the concept of the Wall to Watch. But if you want to get more traffic, you need to get visitors engaged. Offering prizes to those who share your content is a good first step, but these contests need to be visible on the home page because some visitors will never click the thumbnails. You also might want to organize the thumbnails on your home page in a more intriguing fashion. For example, you could have your daily new artwork, then a top ten, then a most popular list, and so on. And as I said earlier, it may be a good idea to give visitors the option to become members and allow them to personalize their experience by interacting with the artists and each other through comments, rankings, and so on. I think you may particularly have success by marketing your site to artists and designers as a place where their work can get discovered. Good luck!

  4. 1) Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?
    Very inviting and interesting. Immediately clicked on the pictures. Very easy to use. 
    2) Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?
    Yes. The explanation at the top is easy to read and understand. However, it may be too broad a scope. There are several sites that simply aggregate stuff that are interesting – like https://www.toptenz.net. Not sure what’s the audience you are targeting… Also, the word “article” is not quite correct. I think you are showcasing interesting websites. Or walls (?). Use whichever word is more appropriate.
    3) Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?
    Depends. If the sites shown are interesting to me.
    4) What would make you use the site on a daily basis?
    If the site is really able to pick out the best walls-to-watch. This means that the walls you pick should not be arbitrary but carefully selected. I think it is a good idea to showcase up-and-coming websites, for whatever reason. Particularly if you focus on creative talents like many of the websites you showcase. Also, you should supplement it with interviews with the artists involved (you can just send them a list of questions which they can answer and send back to you) and try to build up a fan base. Allow fans to write in and express their enthusiasm. 

    IF it is a site where I can check out undiscovered artists and keep in touch with those I like (esp. if I discovered them through your site), then yes, I might use this site on a daily basis. You say 9 fresh articles a day but you have so many categories. Is it 9 new articles per category? If not, then it is unlikely I’d check this everyday. 
    5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    I think the site needs a bit of focus. The way it is set up now, it feels like it might run out to steam from overambition. From the name walltowatch, it seems to suggest something up-and-coming, e.g. artists to watch. If so, you need to develop a fanbase by making it more interactive so fans will return to the site and check up on the latest about the artists they like and new artists as well. It will be cool to focus on young artists – those who are not yet in the business, teenagers, or even younger. Or young in terms of experience – housewives or even working adults who are amateur artists. You need to find ways to help these up-and-coming artists as well. Perhaps free tutorials (some of your featured artists may contribute some how-tos about their work) and so on.

    In other words, make it as interactive as possible. I don’t think a website of simply “9 interesting articles” will last long in the internet. If only 9 a day, you won’t be able to cover all the categories that you have listed. If 9 new articles in each category, you won’t be able to find enough to update everyday. I suggest forget this ambition. Focus on interactivity.

    You need to enable your viewers to participate on your website and do more than just submit their work. You need to develop a fanbase. The larger your fanbase, the more likely an up-and-coming artist will submit his/her site to you. The more artists you have, the larger your fanbase will grow. Focus on this and you’ve got a winner.

  5. 1) Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?
    I am initially interested but not quite sure what it is all about.

    2) Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?
    It is not immediately clear what the site is about. There should be a short paragraph explaining what the site is, and how you can participate.

    3) Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?
    I do think the content is worth sharing, there are a lot of neat and inspiring pictures.

    4) What would make you use the site on a daily basis?
    If I know more about the sight and way to participate I could then use the site daily.

    5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    I think the most important thing is to have a paragraph on the top of the site giving more of an explanation.

  6. 1)      Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?
    I have mixed feelings about the homepage of your website. In your description text you can barely see your sites name which is what I think you would want to highlight the most. The content just seems all over the place which is what I think you might be going since you said it was undiscovered content. You also say that your site brings 9 fresh articles a day but there seems to be more than that on the homepage. I feel like your homepage needs more content to pull users in instead of just relying on the visual pull of your page. Visually it is alluring with on many designs and things to look at but also could be a downfall. When you mention 9 articles I think that’s what users should see and not the 27 items that you have listed. I like that you have a wide variety of topics to choose from and the search bar is a nice touch for quick access.
    2)      Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?
    Yes and no. I would only know that these were articles and not just pieces of artwork. From your question you asked am I encouraged to participate and I would have to say no because I’m not even sure what to do with your site other than read the articles. The participation aspect of your site is not stated so I wouldn’t not assume there was anything interactive on your site.
    3)      Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?
    I feel your content lacks the one you call it “articles.” I think that you leave a lot of communication up to the user without giving them to much content to work with. I was expecting to read something along with what I was viewing and quite frankly there wasn’t much to work with. From an artist stand point this site would draw one in like a moth to a flame. It certainly appeals to the photographer or someone with an artistic eye. Visually it is appealing and would draw in the eyes of many because of the unique content but is it worth sharing I’m not so sure. I think that while one is on the site it will draw you in to look at more articles but will it leave a lasting memory is questionable. Again if your tag it as an article then I want to see some fresh content tagged with it.
    4)      What would make you use the site on a daily basis?
    I have touched on this in the below question. All I can say is draw me.
    5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.                                        
    As I clicked on a picture it didn’t seems to be much like an article but a compilation of pictures with subtext that fit the subject matter. I was extremely distracted by the side content, making it hard to focus on the article that I was viewing. I did however like that there was a commenting section at the bottom of the screen. If the comments are the participation aspect then that’s not much to work with. I also feel there is too much at the bottom of the page. I could see if the articles were related to the topic the user chose but they’re not. Even then I think that there is still too much, limiting to just one row that would scroll would be better. This would allow the users to pick other articles of the same subject matter without having to go back to the previous page. I also see that you have the tab at the top of the screen but I feel it still would great to have something at the bottom of the page. I think that your site allows for great self expression bit I think that it’s lacks that journalistic feel to it. What is the allure from other than viewing? How am I supposed to engage when it only seems to be conversation under a specific article? Where is the “main forum” for someone to be like go over to such and such article and look for such and such because it was really cool? Where is the friend making where users can form a union and really have in depth conversation? I think you have the potential for great “chatter” and “buzz” but I think you lack that people aspect. I could see foundation with a cause creating a wall to support things like breast cancer and aids tying in pictures and creating lots of conversation. How are the articles posted on your site? Who decides what get’s posted? Will you archive info if a certain section starts to grow very large? I think that you need to have another method of contact other than the Facebook info that popped under that tab. You have the share your work button so small at the bottom of the screen it is hardly noticeable. With a site that has so much content organization is a much.  I really like the idea of having a place to show content that it’s considered main stream so revamp and bring it back. I would love to review it again.

  7. As I clicked the link I knew right away it was a collection of Art/Designs/Posters/Sketches. You see many of these but they’re always bundled with a bunch of other stuff.

    1. I like how it is down to earth simple and easy on the eyes.

    2. I also loved how when you scroll over each image it slides up letting you know what each tab/picture is about.

    3. I liked how everything loaded quickly considering I have a slow connection. Even for me it loaded quickly.

    Very nice jobs on supporting the arrows Left/Right while looking at various works of art/posters. Makes it easy for beginners. No bleeding in any color, sharp edges. What helped me the most was the Search and Category bars. Very efficient use of your website, getting access to thousands of pictures with just 1 click.  

  8. The opening to the site was very well done with lots of videos to choose from.  But I would add a little something to the black bolder at the top of the front page.  Maybe move the link to use the service via Facebook or Twitter to the top of the webpage.
    Whe I got to the site, I was kinda confused about what the site was about.  Maybe make to words “Wall to Watch  The online gallery of undiscovered content. We bring you nine fresh articles a day to enjoy and share.” a bit bolder.   It’s hard to see on the website.   I am sort of inclined to participate in the site.  
    It might be good to put your best galleries on the front page to drive people to view the rest of the webpage.  And the description of what is on the video should be better.  You have to highlight the video to get the entire information on what the video is about.  All of the info should be available before you highlight or click it.  The only video that I actually clicked and watched was in the “Music” section called Top Gear Season Finale With Slash Playing Jessica (I’m still a big Guns N’ Roses fan).
    I’m not sure if I would want to share what I see on this site with my friends when all I need to do is get them to the same video on either YouTube or Dailymotion.  I would use this site and tell my friends about it if it had a better selection of videos to choose from.

  9. 1) Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?
    As soon as I came upon http://www.walltowatch.com I became far beyond interested! This is the kind of stuff I’m into! I scrolled down to see what kind of the photos were being showcased on the site. I was eager to click on every single photo. I even looked through the categories, and I must say, it looks like you didn’t leave anything out. But I would suggest a miscellaneous category. Sort of reminded me of pinterest but I know it’s not the same. These are photos that you can pin on pinterest which is a good thing. The site is very diverse and versatile which I love! I have to admit though, I thought I was going to see videos because of the word “Watch” in Wall to Watch. I was expecting to see only videos and not photos. BUT I like how it’s mostly photos, because I prefer to just look at them anyway. I did notice that there were a few videos after clicking around though. But I do adore just looking at photos. But having videos is cool too, because it adds more edgy content and makes the site even more interesting.
    2) Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?
    Yes for me it’s very clear what the site is about. It clearly states that it is an online gallery of undiscovered content. Now if that isn’t self explanatory, then I don’t know what is. It’s clear, direct and straight to the point. I don’t think there should be any sort of confusion. But there may be some people who would like to see an ‘About Us’ page or ‘FAQs’ page so others can get to know more about the site and the background of it. And so they would know how to further be a part of the site. I see that you can submit content, which is great. That way we’d see more interesting photos. I am very encouraged to participate and if I see, take or create a photo that I think people would find amusing, then I’d surely submit it.
    3) Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?
    Yes it is! The first photos I saw (the creative bags) totally made me smile. I was hooked and I got a huge kick out of it! It’s something I’d be excited to show my friends and share on facebook. As a matter of fact, I just tweeted/shared it on Twitter. The other photos on Wall to Watch stand out and are pretty interesting. A lot of these are worth looking at and are definitely worth sharing to the world. I also think Wall to Watch is worth sharing because it’d brighten up someone’s day. It would put a smile on someone’s face and even make people laugh. I’ll surely show this to everyone I know.
    4) What would make you use the site on a daily basis?
    Yes I would. I’m glad that Wall to Watch will post 9 fresh articles a day. I’d be looking forward to seeing something new and interesting each day I log onto the internet.
    5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    I think Wall to Watch is awesome. I love the whole concept of it. I love how there’s photos that I’ve never seen before anywhere on the internet. I love how I can get a huge kick out of just looking at one photo. I love how it’s not boring at all and each photo is unique. A lot of the photos are definitely facebook/twitter/pinterest worthy. 
    Now about the site, I think the layout of the site is fine. It’s simple and direct. No need for any flashy or bright texts to get people’s attention. The whole feel of the site is perfect for what Wall to Watch is about. I do think that people should know that they’re able to submit content. It’s all the way on the bottom of the site in a tiny font size and I don’t think everyone would catch that. I actually think that should be featured somewhere on the top in a bigger size font. I feel like a lot of interesting photos and artwork are out there and that people would be interested in sharing them with others. I think the more photos, the better. The word ‘articles’ is a little misleading. When I clicked articles I expected to see paragraphs like how an article really is, but they’re just photo/video content. Maybe ‘articles’ wouldn’t be the correct word for it. I wouldn’t want to see a whole bunch of words anyway since this is a site that you view and not read. I think think that if we want to see random stuff, that the random option should be towards the top. There might be a day when I or others would just want to view random content and it would help a lot if that option was somewhere near the top of the site instead of the bottom. Other than that I think Wall to Watch is great! It’s already bookmarked on my computer and I look forward to checking it out on a daily basis. I was never the posting/sharing stuff on my facebook wall type of person but thanks to Wall to Watch I think I’ll be doing that often. I think the more and more people know about this site, it’ll become one of the most popular sites on the web. It has potential! Keep up the good work! You won me over. I’m a fan. Hope to see more content soon!

  10. 1) Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?

    >I spent about 10-15 seconds on the site and the impression that I got is that the website will compile fresh articles mostly with pircures/videos every day and will allow you to share it to your social networking sites.

    2) Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?

    > Yes it is clear. During the first 5 minutes of my stay on the website. I immediately find out what I can do with the website. Although I suppose there are still more within it.

    3) Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?

    > Yes, since the website provides a lot of pictures with different genre’s that will satisfy almost everybody’s needs.

    4) What would make you use the site on a daily basis?

    > To put the trending article and latest articles on the main page so that we can avoid navigation problem. But with what the website has right now. I guess this will make me visit from time to time.

    5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    > The website itself is good. The feeling is good, the arrangement of the pictures are good. However, for common users, we normally look for the link “FAQ’s” so that we can avoid spending too much time to answer our questions regarding the websites feature. The contents are good, they actually cought my attention everytime I open an article. Some are funny articles, some are trvial. It is a very good website for a reader/writer like myself. Overall, this is an excellent start. I guess we just need to add more customer service on the website itself.

    1.  Initial impression- I like the name.  It is catchy and simple.  I like the color red and the layout of the page with the Search and Categories links.  The site is easy to get around in.  The  pictures and captions don’t really excite me though. I would change the font for the pictures to a bolder one.  I would also have the smaller caption up all the time, not just when you scroll over that particular picture.
    2. It was not immediately clear to me what the site was about, but the 1 line description at the top does a good job of explaining it.  It does entice me to click on some of the more interesting photos, like the scannable bar code portraits and the creative bags.  I was hoping there would be some information on where to purchase some of the creative bags!  Some of the photos did not look interesting at all.  Like the Herbarium illustrated.  Maybe a different caption.  Also,  I like  the ones like creative bags where you show several of the bags on the site page.  Rather than just one like the Bottles with unusual stuff.
    3.  Some of these I would definitely share-  The Sexy Ads!  Had to look at all of those.  The Stock Photos- No.  And Animal ones are always popular.  It would just depend on how unusual and interesting they were.
    4.  I’m not sure if I would go to this site myself on a daily basis.  If I subscribed to this site and it was emailed to me daily, I would probably look at it.  9 new ones a day may be too many.  Maybe 6?  That way you could be more selective and just put up the really good ones.  It is hard to find ones that haven’t been around the internet too.  I had already seen the sleepy dog one, although I thought it was great.
    5.  I like how the site is laid out.  Simple and easy to use.  I think the key to getting people to use it, is to have really interesting, unusual photos, videos…   And have the photo show more of what it is about if possible.  Like on the tiger body paint.  Didn’t look too interesting when I just saw the photo.  But when I clicked and saw what it actually was.  Wow!  Maybe put 2-3 of the in process photos on the site page, instead of just the end result.  Same with the Bottles with unusual stuff.  Didn’t seem that interesting from the 1 photo on the site page, but some of the ones were really interesting.
    I think this could be a really good idea though.

  12. 1) Visit https://www.walltowatch.com/. What is your initial impression of what you see?
    When I opened the site the first thing I thought was that it looked like a fun site to browse around when I’m wanting a laugh. The site itself seems, for the start, to be pretty well laid out so that everything is easy to see and read. Also, I like that the colors are muted and not overly in your face. Far too often do I visit websites that have insane home page layouts or color schemes that make my eyes bleed (well, not literally) that make it a huge turn off and make me click the back space. So far I’m not getting that vibe from this site.
    2) Is it immediately clear what the site is about? Are you encouraged to participate?
    It seems like a website that strives to bring together cool, interesting, and funny content to a convenient space. Kinda reminds me of StumbleUpon except with less clicking. All this is conveyed through the presentation and the simple header.
    3) Do you feel the content you see is worth sharing with your friends? Why?
    Some of it, yes. The first post I saw was about pictures taken at the right moment to produce a funny effect, and I always like sharing a laugh with others. I would probably just use the website as a means to amuse myself, though, to be honest.
    4) What would make you use the site on a daily basis?
    Probably not. I visit a few main social sites a day and others seem to get forgotten about if I don’t have it set as a homepage. If the site set up a daily, weekly, or monthly little newsletter that showed the content of the day, I imagine myself, and others lost in the media flow, would be more inclined to visit.
    5) Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    While the website hit me with an imidiate well designed and thought out vibe from the home page, when you click on an article it seems to fall flat. There is way too much in way of images going on on a website aimed to share (it appears) pictures and video clips. I keep getting drawn to everything except the main article. The big pics on the sidebar and the mass of pics a the bottom of each page tends to be obstructive to the enjoyment of the main article. You may be able to fix this by downsizing the picture into a thumbnail size and a short text slot next to it, or by figuring out another way to keep the content, but not make it feel so “in your face” about it.

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