Waspit – Instant Secure Mobile Payments

Waspit - Featured on Startuplift

Pay for anything using using your mobile phone.

Target Audience: Ages 18 – 30. Tweens & Early Adopters.
Website URL: https://paybywaspit.com

About Waspit:

Waspit has a unique proposition and niche standing in the ever expanding mobile payment market, which is expected to grow to over 490 million users by the end of 2014. Waspit’s new contactless payment solution, with MasterCard infrastructure, allows you to make payments to a large number of leading worldwide organizations. Its target market, the ‘Tweens’ and ‘Early Adopters’, can use Waspit in the real world and online.

The founders of Waspit have an extensive knowledge of the market and have been operating in the Mobile Applications Sector since 2004. Waspit was developed with simplicity and security foremost in their minds(security technology pending patent). To get started, a user goes through a short sign-up process. The user then allocates his/her bank account, credit/debit card or PayPal account to either attach to or top-up the account.

Users are able to make instant and secure transactions almost anywhere; mobile (SMS) based, in-store using NFC and the MasterCard infrastructure, peer-to-peer, and online.

Check out Waspit and share your thoughts. You might also want to participate in this naming competition where they are awarding £250 to a winner.