Webinar Jam Review

Webinar Jam Review

Webinar Jam is a popular software designed to host and stream live virtual meetings, online training, or direct conversations with your clients or employees.

The platform is for the business community and anybody who has a message to put out across the web. If you have events that you’d like to host online, Webinar Jam offers great tools to showcase your products and services via live video chat or recording.

Webinar Jam stands out for its innovativeness compared to its competitors. You can have up to 5,000 subscribers and up to six presenters in a single show. In essence, if you’re marketing your products or talking about financial matters, you can invite up to six professional experts to talk on your live webinar.

Another great tip about this software is that you can live stream your meeting from the registration point to the replay point. Other Browser-based systems require you first to download and install the application tools before beginning your webinar Livestream. That is what makes Webinar Jam unique — it’s efficiency from the point of registration to the end-user product.

This article shall give you a detailed review of the Webinar Jam Software for all your Webinar needs.

Who is Webinar Jam for?

Webinar Jam is suitable for business people, companies, and industries that want to expand their market. The software allows you to reach as many customers as possible through direct interaction to attract and retain customers and ultimately increase your sales. The technology also enables you to set reminder notifications to subscribers, either through a phone text or an email, so they don’t miss any of your future events. 

Webinar Jam Review


We have compiled some of the best functioning Webinar Jam features below:

1. High-definition Viewing

This technology supports digital devices such as laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It will give you high-quality videos, meaning no more choppy videos or pixelated photos. 

High definition viewing - Webinar Jam Review

2. Built-in Live Chat

There is nothing that leaves your clients satisfied than live interaction. Webinar Jam provides a live chat that allows you to engage with your attendants. It has a fantastic interaction section such as live chat, sticky announcements, questions and answers, private massages, highlighted comments, among others. This feature ensures that your attendees are fully engaged throughout the presentation. 

Built in live chat - Webinar Jam Review

3. Automated Recordings

Live streams are the best part of any webinar session. You get to interact with your clients as they also get to see you live, through the streaming video session. Besides holding your original presentations, your customers also provide essential feedback from the user experience, which is ideal for upcoming projects.

Automated recordings - Webinar Jam Review

The webinar session captures the entire event during the live stream session, including comments and questions the attendees asked and the placements. This makes replays enjoyable and fun to watch for those who may have missed out on anyone’s live event.  

4. Flexible Scheduling

The platform provides you with flexible scheduling such that you can hold your presentation at your earliest (or latest) convenience. You can plan for your events and space them out evenly for an entire month. Webinar Jam also allows you to use your business brand on their website to cover all your materials for any streaming event. 

Flexible scheduling - Webinar Jam Review

5. Attendee Spotlight

The feature allows you to invite your attendees to have their input during the presentation. All you need to do is click the “attendee on screen” option, and your guest will appear in the live stream with you. This feature is essential since it allows your attendees to address your audience, broadcast their webcam, and get an honest input. 

Attendee spotlight - Webinar Jam Review

6. Page Builder

Having an eye-catching registration page is crucial. Webinar Jam has an extensive library where you can choose stunning templates to customize your page. This includes text copy, colors, logo, images, and uploaded videos. It also offers a split-testing option where you can have two-page designs at the same time in real-time to identify which design attracts viewers the most.

Page builder - Webinar Jam Review

7. Survey and Polling Options

This feature allows interaction with the users and gives instant feedback on anything you need to know. For instance, if you are an online teacher or tutor, you can quiz your students to rate their skills and IQ levels. The polling system is effective and efficient with a low margin error. 

Survey and polling options - Webinar Jam Review

8. Panic Button

Regardless of its power efficiency, the Webinar Jam technology also experiences technical difficulties on some occasions. However, you need not worry. The panic button will help each live streamer overcome this challenge, should it ever occur.

Panic button - Webinar Jam Review

If you experience any hitches with either the main Webinar Jam browser, the camera, or your internet connection, click the panic button to get a prompt response. The app opens a new live room whenever you get technical hitches to divert users to a new page. The new session opens up super hast, in less than 30 seconds, hence no wastage of time. 

Benefits of Using Webinar Jam

Using this platform has numerous benefits, which we have outlined for you below:

It is easy-to-use. The software has an easy-to-understand interface, with multiple tools and user-options, including; the simplicity that it presents when editing your presentation, invite visitors, post offers, and rebooting a room in case of a crash. 

Benefits of using Webinar Jam - Webinar Jam Review

The platform provides a high-quality video overview, which is over 720 pixels; so, you need not worry about the video quality. Another great pointer is that the software also records and plays videos in either MOV or MPEG files. 

With Webinar Jam, you can engage multiple clients simultaneously. You can reach thousands of users using this platform (up to 5,000), including international clients with a unique translator that can handle up to 23 dynamic languages. 

The platform provides password-protected rooms for securing your content. This means that the live room is only accessible through a unique password given to your registered platform’s admins. 

Webinar Jam Plans and Pricing

So far, Webinar Jam is one of the best performing broadcasting software in the market. it has three exclusive plans explained below:

Webinar Jam Plans and Pricing - Webinar Jam Review
  • The Basic plan – Goes for $499 a year. The plan gives you two presenters and 500 invitees. 
  • The Professional plan- The plan goes for $699 per year with up to four presenters and 2,000 invitees. 
  • The Enterprise plan- This is the exclusive plan which goes for an annual fee of $999. You have up to six presenters and 5,000 attendees for each session. 


  • It is easy to use
  • Offers you a customized brand page
  • The platform has an expansive library with a colorful interface
  • It has training videos 
  • You get 24/7 support
  • The platform has amazing landing page templates 
  • automated recordings


  • You may experience some delays of up to ten seconds.
  • Somewhat expensive compared to Webinar Jam competitors


Webinar Jam is broadcasting software that allows you to create live presentations and host engaging sessions in webinar rooms. The platform is ideal for business people who want to take their businesses to the next level by leveraging on marketing skills to have a wider client reach worldwide. 

The software integrates well with Facebook Live or YouTube Channel for live or recorded sessions. If you’re a frequent webinar entrepreneur, the platform offers the “Always-on Room” feature to save you the hustle of logging in every time you need to set up a live session. This will help you to stream your presentations 24/7.

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