Whispero – Secret Social Networking

whispero - StartUp featured on StartUpLift for website feedback

Stay in touch without exchanging email, phone numbers or any personal info.

Target Audience: Anonymous
Website URL: https://whispero.com

Feedback sought:
1) Visit https://whispero.com
2) Can you use the site? Was the process straightforward? (there is no help or FAQ).
3) Can you think of any real reason you would use Whispero?
5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

7 thoughts on “Whispero – Secret Social Networking

  1. 2) Can you use the site? Was the process straightforward? (there is no help or FAQ).
    I submitted a whisper entitled ‘test’ and it took me to a screen saying ‘make your own whisper.’ Now at this stage with having no help or prompts on the screen i really have no idea what’s going on.
    Some questions that sprang to mind were:
    – who sees these whispers? the users of the site?
    – once i have posted it..where does it post to?
    – where can i view things people have whispered?

    i would say the process is not very straight forward, but im assuming a quickhelp guide or on screen prompts are not of primary concern (as opposed to functionality) and are yet to be added in the beta but will be included at a later stage

    3) Can you think of any real reason you would use Whispero?
    At this stage, no , im yet to see where social interaction comes into play with the site and not really sure what happened to my whisper after i posted it and if i can access it again.

    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    Perhaps a feed of whispers could add a social aspect to the site with an RSS feed that people can subscribe to which will keep them updated on whispers and new posts.
    perhaps a like system could also be implemented or a “bullshit” button so the community can dismiss (anonymously of course) whispers that they do not believe are correct or true

  2. The website is easy to use. Kind of confusing. How do you share your whisper with people? You would have to e-mail them or send a facebook message.
    You need to have a system on the site that will contact people anonymously for you. Whispero could have an e-mail/twitter/facebook service were you can send a message saying somebody has a secret whisper message for you then the person can follow the link to whispero. There the person can have a conversation. You could also have a chat room section where people can chat anonymously.
    Right now I’m not sure how somebody can use this. Where do your whispers go? How do I access previous whispers? If I do start a whisper how does somebody find it?

  3. Thanks for taking the time to review Whispero.

    Yes, the screen “make your own whisper” is a confusing, unecessary step. It’s now removed from the workflow in our dev version (you’ll see an update on live site shortly).

    We’ve added a quick (& uninspiring FAQ) but are very aware that the purpose, features and usability of the site must speak for themsleves. Working on improvements right now!

    Whispers are BOTH created and visited by using the “Whisper your words…” form at the top of every page. So you created a whisper called “test” by entering test into this form. Now, the only users who can access your whisper must enter the exact same string (“test”) into the same form. There is no other way to access the whisper (for example, a link to the URL is no good). In essence each piece of content on whispero (each whisper) can only be accessed by its own individual passcode (which can be as complicated or simple as you like).

    We’re playing with other features: for example whispers are temporary and therefore reusable. After a certain time period a whisper disappears. So once your whisper “test” disappears, anyone entering “test” into the “Whisper your words…” form will be able to create a new whisper called “test”.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  4. Thanks chrispals1

    We’ve had a bunch of feedback in the past week – the consensus is that it isn’t clear how to use the site!

    We do have a system similar to the one you suggest for anonymously contacting others to pass on the whisper on our backlog. Initially we are keen to encourage users to pass on the whisper themselves. Whispero users are anonymous, so forwarding unsolicited emails from anonymous users has its dangers.

    You may share your whisper in different ways depending on what you are trying to achieve. For example:

    – Actually whisper the whisper into someone’s ear
    – Whisper it onto someone’s voice mail
    – Pass it on electronically in the form: whisper = “your whisper goes here” whispero.com
    – Use the tweet button on any whisper to share it in the form: whisper = “your whisper goes here” whispero.com
    – Print the QR code from any whisper, post it, stick it, give it to someone, leave it somewhere
    – Scan the QR code using an app on your phone and forward it electronically

    We now have a basic FAQ: https://whispero.com/faq-page

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  5. We’ve made some updates to Whispero for Valentines. We’ve also added short video which may help with some of the whisper sharing questions raised via StartUpLift. We are also now adding to a new FAQ regularly. A blog is in the pipeline.

    Whispero is now geared up for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to watch the Valentine Whispers video on our home page which explains how this works. Basically, this Valentine’s Day, for the first time ever, you can reply to your secret admirer, exchanging pictures & messages. All new whispers now last at least until 20th Feb!

    About Whispero:
    Whispero, The Secret Social Network, is a simple online platform for anonymous users to stay in touch without exchanging any personal information. No user names. No accounts. No sign-up. Communicate only using shared, secret ‘whispers’. Whispers are hidden from search engines and cannot be linked to from anywhere else on the internet. Oh, and whispers don’t last forever. Shhh, don’t tell.

  6. 2) Can you use the site? Was the process straightforward?
    I entered a whisper and it took me to a different page to reply to someone else’s whisper. I really don’t understand what else to do or what else is going to happen.

    3) Can you think of any real reason you would use Whispero?

    Honestly, I don’t know who would really use this website. I know I won’t be using it.

  7. 2.) Using the site isn’t a problem. The problem is that I have no idea what’s going on. Maybe it’s just because it’s in beta and there aren’t many users, but I wasn’t very obvious what the site was intended for or what I was supposed to do.

    3.) No, not at all. I don’t really feel like I can make a very informed decision based on what I’ve seen since I don’t really know what’s going on, but I can’t think of any social networking I’d like to do that I’d want to keep secret. Seems like it’s kind of defeating the point of the “social” part.

    5.) Unless there was some sort of app or extension where other social networking sites used your site for comments, then I don’t see any use for this service. It’s a social networking site that you don’t sign up for? It would be nice to see this site with some more information or more users to see what the real idea is behind this site. As of now, it seems like a whole lot of nothing.

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