Why Startups Need to Write Business Blogs

Why Every Startup Should Have a Business Blog

Startups are small entrepreneurs, and one of the problems they encounter is finding out how they could be recognized and how they could be prominent in the industry of their choice. It is no new news that most startups have limited resources, and investing some assets to create a professional blog may seem too much of an investment for a startup.

Some could say that creating a professional blog could be hold-off until the startup or the company has grown or when it has more funds. But here is a list of reasons why you might need to start having one right away.

Now, if you are ready for this, let us begin with our list!

Reasons Startups Need to Write Professional Blogs

1. Get More Audience

For a startup, it is crucial that you reach the attention of your desired audience. Having a blog will let you reach a wider audience and attract the attention of more possible costumers. Since we are already in an advanced technology era, most people look through the internet to find answers to almost everything.

Get more Audience

A blog will make people aware of your company and what it has to offer. Instead of pushing your products or services to costumers, you will be pulling them into your products and services. Most people find it easier to trust products and services they had stumbled upon on their own rather than those introduced to them. Pushing your product too much could make them think you are offering a scam. Having a blog could greatly help prevent that.

2. Understand Your Customers

Having a professional blog will allow you to know your customers ’ ideas. You will have honest feedback on how your company is performing. It then lets you become aware of what areas your company needs improvement. Understanding what your costumers need helps you in strategizing on where you should invest more resources.

Understand Your Customers

A blog could help you market a product or services and gather costumers even before you have them. Doing this will allow you to have a better estimation of how the market will receive your offers. You will know if your product or service ideas would be a success even before having them. It will prevent you from investing in unnecessary things. Like a trial and error but better, because in this way you could lessen the expenses of failed investments.

3. Update Your Costumers

One of the most important things you have to know and learn as a startup is keeping your costumers. Having a blog increases your communication with your costumers. These eventually builds trust and loyalty to your company. Having a professional blog allows you to update your costumers easily. You could update your costumers by emailing them, but a blog is a better option because it is faster and more audiences will see how you interact with your costumers.

Update Your Customers

Once your company audiences see how you approach your costumers, they could end up considering being a costumer too. It will help you have a customer community even at the starting stage of your operation. When those who are having doubts about trusting your company sees the conversation of costumers in your blog, they would realize that your company is legitimate.

Make sure that you listen to your customers ’ concerns and offer them solutions to problems. Have a team that will reply to their comments and will encourage them to give feedback. These will let your customer know that they matter and that you are serious about offering services.

4. Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

When you optimize your search engine through your blog, more people will start talking in and about your blog. The more people use your blog, the faster your search engine ranking improves. These will lead to more social media discussions and promotions.

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Just keep in mind that people search for answers to problems. If your company continuously offers this, more people will see your value as a startup.

5. Build Your Brand

Over time you will be able to establish your brand and slowly get known by a wider audience. You will be able to build a standard that will make your company recognized by a much larger market.

Build Your Brand

Having a professional blog will help your audience know that your company is for real and is not just messing around. Due to the increasing number of scams, most people tend to be more cautious. Having a blog will let them know that you are offering authentic services.

6. Consistency

Having a professional blog will help you make better decisions. Because you are getting feedback from your costumers, you will be able the see the flaws in your site and be able to fix and improve them.


If people start to recognize that you are offering great products and services, there will be a continuous increase in costumers and an increase in income.

7. Attract Future Investors

Getting more funds is one of the challenges startups need to overcome. Blogging will help you with that.

Attract Future Investors

Remember that investors are always looking for new prospect businesses. Having a Blog would make it far easier for your company to be on their radar.

When they see the discussions of your costumers in your blog, they would see the potential of your company and might consider investing. This way is better than doing the usual cold calls because it will spare you from possibly a lot of rejections and heartbreaks.

8. Find Associates

Most Startups sometimes have difficulty finding suitable business partners. Having a blog could be the answer to that. Since a blog helps you get known by a wider audience, it reaches more possible business partners as well.

Find Associates

Plus, having a professional blog spares you from needing to explain your company over and over again. A great blog would be able to show the purpose of your company and what it has to offer.

To Wrap It All Up

Having a professional blog in the initial stage of operation may seem risky to most startups, but it surely pays off over time. It is somehow crucial and could be the determining factor of whether your company will succeed or not.

You could hire professionals to build your blog, or you could do it on your own. You may also ask some of your team to do it, and it may surprise you that some of them could be more than willing to do it.

So, make haste! Gather your gear and start creating that great blog!