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December 9, 2010

WikiAudio – Audio Tutorials And Database Project

WikiAudio - Featured on StartUpLift

Find information you want to know about audio.

Target Audience: Sound artists,audiophiles, musicians.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Was the purpose of the site immediately clear?
  • What were the first few things you did after immediately viewing the homepage?
  • Did you search for something, click on something or scroll down?
  • Please provide any additional feedback.

About WikiAudio:

WikiAudio is a free online sound arts and audio technology reference that anyone can contribute to. The purpose of Wikiaudio is to be an easily accessible user created database of information pertaining to the art and science of anything audio or sound related.

WikiAudio is a user created reference and Q&A for anything sound related.

We also encourage you to download WikiAudio’s free Bizzare World of Sound and Audio app and check it out.