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Conveniently leverage Facebook’s data-rich environment for recruitment.

Target Audience: Any business with a Facebook Page.
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  • Visit Do you have a good idea of what the app does from the main page?
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About Work4 Labs:

Founded in 2010, Work4 Labs is an innovative social media startup with offices in San Francisco and Paris. The company was founded by two visionaries with extensive experience in tech-enabled human resources and social media. They recognized the untapped potential of the world’s largest social network, and developed Work for Us, a breakthrough app to leverage Facebook’s data-rich environment for both recruiters and candidates.

As the world’s largest collection of interconnected, data-rich CV’s, Facebook is a recruiter’s dream. Our app, “Work for us,” is the first fully scalable service for recruiters to hire efficiently and cost-effectively on Facebook. The app contains three components: job management, socialization, and advertising.

Job management components allow recruiters to pull jobs automatically from any ATS, accept applications, and track applicants throughout the process. The app also contains powerful social features to help jobs go viral (share/like functionality).

The most revolutionary aspect is the data-driven, adaptive advertising component based on Facebook ads. It uses keywords from each posting to create highly targeted job ads that are pushed to Facebook users based on their education, interests, and location. The ad engine uses rigorous A/B tests, user edits, and click-through data to enhance its targeting in real time. The engine continually optimizes itself for nuances across demographics, industries, and countries.

The app is the #1 recruiting solution on Facebook. Its easy-to-use interface and flexible backend have allowed thousands of large and small companies to benefit immensely from the app. Our 4,000+ users include Accenture, PwC, L’Oréal, American Apparel, Areva, and State Street.