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WorkSimple is the social enterprise platform for goals, feedback, and recognition.

Target Audience: Job applicants, employers and HR professionals.
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About WorkSimple:

WorkSimple takes a fresh approach to traditional performance reviews, providing every coworker with a real WorkStory a professional timeline of achievements inside of ones organization.

One thought on “WorkSimple-The Social Goal Management Company

  1. I use LinkedIn for my business and am starting to develop timelines to help clients achieve their goals, so your website automatically piques my interest. If you had chosen to ask specific questions, I would write to them specifically. Since you have not, I will mention a few things that I find important. There are both questions you might want to ask yourself and my thoughts.
    The top section of your home page is visually appealing. The color scheme is reminiscent of LinkedIn, which does help it feel more familiar.
    – ENGAGING EMPLOYEES is very important and have you done any market research to determine if this is the main/only reason employers would use a social networking timelines? The decision makers (the people purchasing Get Work Simple) has to be drawn into knowing more about your website within the first few seconds or you have lost them. You have to let them know your VALUE PROPOSITION immediately: What is unique about your app and how will you provide exemplary service that will help the company either achieve its goals, solve its problems or improve its bottom line? If the overall value is engaging employees, what does this mean on a practical level? What does it mean for companies when their employees are not engaged? Does it affect productivity and/or attitude? How does this translate into getting the job done and making a profit? How will Get Work Simple, turn this around? You may have included this in the website, but it is not clear within the first 5-10-15 seconds. And if you do not ENGAGE visitors in that amount of time, you have lost them.
    – BOTTOM HALF OF HOME PAGE & TOUR. This is somewhat confusing. My suggestion is video. Use the same graphic at the top of the home page and then enable visitors to click on it to see a video showing the benefits and some of the features of the website. This will make it a lot easier. It is best to keep the video to 2-3 minutes.
    – PRICING. You might want to show this as a matrix (table), so people can more easily compare the different plans.
    – Why is having timelines on LinkedIn beneficial? Will these be visible only to people in the company or will anyone connected to an employee be able to see them? What would be the benefit of non-employees seeing this? Does it have to do with transparency? (Again, You may have answered this. But don’t make me dig for it? This should be evident quickly, since this speaks to why a company should use your app.)

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