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Chat with your friends and new people within various interest groups.

Target Audience: All
Website URL: https://www.yagoloo.com/

Feedback sought:

1) Visit https://www.yagoloo.com/ What is your initial impression of what you see? Are you immediately drawn to join the conversation? Why or why not?

2) Try chatting. Did you find it easy and convinient?

3) Are you encouraged to ask your friends to join the chat? What could trigger this?

4) We realize that the service requires amount of people to get it growing. Could you recommend any particular interest group who could use the service.

5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

17 thoughts on “Yagoloo – International Group Chat

  1. 1. Wow. I landed on your site and was surprised to be face to face with a chat window. At first, I didn’t even know if it was live or just an image. Then I saw the “Step in” button to start chatting. I’ve never seen a web site that immediately opened a chat window on the home page. I can’t say that I felt drawn to join the conversation right away, but that’s because I wasn’t looking to chat with strangers. If I was looking to do that, then I suppose I’d be more interested.
    2. When I clicked “Step in,” the first thing I noticed was that I was transferred to a page with very wacky wallpaper. Then the chat window appeared. When I entered the room, two people had just left, so it was just me and one other person. I said hello and got no response. During the five minutes I was in the room, two or three more people came in and out. I tried to start a conversation several times, but no one was responsive. Only one person seemed to be talking, and he/she was typing in a foreign language I didn’t recognize, so I had no luck chatting. Also, I was confused by the “Say to all” button. Most chat programs would label this “Send.” The fact that you call it “Say to all” implies that there should be another button for sending a private message to just one person, but I didn’t see anything like that. In addition, when I wanted to exit the chat, I saw no way to close the chat room. I ended up closing out your whole web site just so I could get out of the chat.
    3. Not at this point, no. My friends aren’t that interested in chat rooms, especially not random chat rooms that aren’t organized around a particular interest. Also, at this point, there simply aren’t enough people willing to talk in this chat room!
    4. Well, now we come to the crux of the problem with a site like this. It’s a chat feature that’s not built around any particular interests, just random chat with strangers. Some years ago, AOL had tons of chat rooms like this, and after awhile, they dwindled in popularity. I’m not even sure if AOL still provides them or not. Another earlier host of free chats was MySpace, but so few people use MySpace anymore. I think what happened was that the novelty of chatting with random strangers wore off. People who wanted to chat on the Internet started to prefer chat rooms built around their own interests. For instance, it’s still common to see chat rooms as part of dating sites, fan sites, and so on. People seem more drawn to chats like this because they can connect with others who they already know have similar interests.
    I’m sure there are still some people out there who’d like to chat with random strangers around the globe, but in large part, the world seems to have moved on from that. And, for those who are still interested, it seems there are quite a few web sites already out there that meet their needs. For instance, just entering “chat with people around the world” into Google returns numerous web sites, so I’m not sure what you’re offering that those established web communities don’t.
    My suggestion to you is to do one of two things. First, you could start catering to a niche market. Design your chat to be for a particular interest group. You’d have to do your own research here to find out which interest groups don’t yet have free chats targeted to them.  Second, you could let this remain a “random international chat” kind of thing but provide a lot of features that your competitors don’t. Again, you’d have to visit your competitors’ sites and see what they offer, but I’m thinking you might give people the ability to become members, create profiles, “friend” each other, PM each other in chat, block members they don’t like, etc., etc. And that would probably just be a start. You would probably need to come up with some really valuable features that your competitors don’t offer. For instance, what if you partnered with Skype so that people in chat could choose to open up a Skype window with someone in the room? Or what if you allowed members to view each others’ profiles as pop-ups from within the room and create individualized friend lists right there in chat, which would be remembered next time? I’m sure you could think of lots of other unique features to add.
    5. To start with, I think you need a more traditional home page. It’s fine to have the chat window front and center, but you really should have informational tabs at the top, a logo, a tag line, and so on. Maybe flesh out the page with a “New Members” feed or a “Who’s Chatting” feed or both. All this would make your site look more professional, which in turn inspires interest and trust from the user. It would also help to explain exactly what your site is for. When I landed on it, I was confused about the purpose of the site. Here was a big chat window, but who was I supposed to be chatting with and why? You need to have a couple of prominent selling points explaining to visitors that this is a chat site for people who like to travel and want to meet fellow travelers or people who want to practice their English as a second language or whatever you decide you want to market the site as.
    Second, I’ll just reiterate that you really do need to flesh out what you offer. Either zero in on an underserved niche market or concentrate on expanding your features so that you provide a rich communicative experience for users. As it is now, people have no reason to choose your site over the numerous others that provide more specialized chat or more expansive capabilities such as social networking, video chat, and so on. 

  2. 1)      Visit https://www.yagoloo.com/ What is your initial impression of what you see? Are you immediately drawn to join the conversation? Why or why not?
    My initial impress of your site was that I was not sure what your site was about. There seemed to be no real homepage with key information telling the ins and outs of your site. I see that you have about tabs on the side but that content should be eye level so that the user has a clear understanding as to what your site is offering. There seem to be no direction telling me what to do and how to starting using your site. A user is immediately thrown at conversation. I see that that you have a Yagoloo tab with arrows but I quickly saw that the tab did no lead me to anymore information. At the bottom of the page I see that you have pictures featured but they lead to other sites which is a drag being that you don’t want to direct the focus of the user to another social site.
    2)      Try chatting. Did you find it easy and convenient?
    When I got to the chatting page I immediately saw your huge picture with two separate windows open. I was given a guest name which I saw that I could change if I wanted to. I was wondering if I came back to the site again would I have to type in my name again and again instead of creating an account with your site or would I be given teh same guest number. Yes it was easy to just start chatting but there was nothing  drawing me in to keep chatting with anyone. People seemed to be only name with no appeal other than the fact they were new to me. I see that I could include a name but include it to what? I also see that you have sharing options but what would be the purpose of that? These are features on your site but you don’t tell user how they work or what to do with them or give them reasons why to even use them in the first place. The layout of the page is visually boring with just a blue screen. I also see names on the side the chat but those name don’t include all of the people who are chatting making it hard to see all of the people who are chatting at one time.
    3) Are you encouraged to ask your friends to join the chat? What could trigger this?
    I would find it more encouraging to chat with those that I had something in common with it. It seems like you asking your users to do all of the work. It seems like we have to build our own profile with each user and hope to remember the info next time you’re logged in. General info such as: pictures, location, gender, education, interest, hobbies, religion, and reason for joining and or chatting would be great triggers to set up chat rooms. Having the ability to block users or make your account private are all great features.
    4) We realize that the service requires amount of people to get it growing. Could you recommend any particular interest group who could use the service?
    I would recommend finding a niche to your site. After 10 minutes of being on the site I was bored with the talking to random people.
    You need to appeal to those companies who:
    Push companies who have a “cause” because surely more people talking about it will help their word out.
    You could appeal to those companies who are looking for international workers sort of like a Linkedin with an international yet social  networking twist.
     Those who are offering vacations spots who need more people talking a playing up how good their location is.
    Link yourself to skype because they are more tailored to talking on an international level.
     You could also create hug groups based on locations, creating a chat inside of a chatting website. Each part of the world or location could have its own sub page where you could run ads specially to that region of the world.
    You could also appeal to those sites trying to push language education. Attracting those are trying to speak a different language.
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    I ventured over to your about page but I was not given much information about your company in and of itself. It seems this page gave me information about aspects of your site rather than telling me the story of your company.
    Your also have a job opportunity page in which your title “Work with us” which seems more inviting as a tab title instead of what you have featured. I also don’t see where anyone is supposed to give your there resume being that there is no email address listed and or application to fill out.
    After navigating from your homepage I saw that there was no way to get back to the homepage without reloading the page. I would like to see an actual homepage with direction and a separate chatting page with a home button to get back to the homepage.
    Beneath your chat page there seems to be an overlapping of the screening make me unsure if the info listed was yours or from ads placed.
    What’s the story behind the character on your site?
    With no niche to your site you make it hard for user to want to stay on your site. The newness of people of strange people wears off very fast.


  3. 1) My initial impression the website was it was nice, clean layout website. The music was great! I enjoy listening while viewing the website. Yes, I would drawn to join the conversation. There are some chatters on the website looking for new chatters to join them. I also found that there was facebook “like” plugins. There were over 1000 fans who likes this website. It must be a really interesting chit-chat website for people around waiting to meet up some new friends around for casual chat.

    2) I try to connect to the chatroom. While connecting to the chatroom, I saw a large cartoon wallpaper. It looks like a cartoon elephant. The connection to the chatroom was quite slow. I waited for about 1 to 2 minutes, then I saw the chatroom. The chatroom have a few chatters. I thought most of them should be there as chatters for a long time. I saw they have names as chatters. I said:”Hi.” to them, but no response. Maybe, I was a newbie there. I found it quite easy to use, but it was a bit inconvenient. Just like what I have mentioned that the connection was a bit slower than I thought. 

    3) Maybe no. Because as a new chatter, one needs to know those chatters well. Then, I may consider to ask my friends to join in. Different types of people have different personalities. I wouldn’t wish that my friends to chat with some unfriendly people that they don’t know well. Internet safety is important in chatroom. 

    4) I would suggest finding a niche method for your website. There are many online chatrooms. Actually, your website need to compete with plenty of competitors around. Your website need to stand out from them. Facebook users are one of  the interest groups. Twitter is another good option. A lot of twitter fans like to follow one another to keep themselves updated of tweets of any online business. Both of them are quite good. 

    5) Seem something is missing in your website. I think your website need a little improvement in order to attract audience around. Besides, English speaking audience, you can also let non-english speaking audience to join in chatrooms. If there is a google translator or babel fish translator gadget installed in the website, it should attract people around the world to join in chatrooms. It’s just my suggestion.

  4. 1.  Initial impression- somewhat confusing.  I was taken to the chat room.  I think an explanation to the side would be good.  There are up and down arrows by Yagoloo, but the only choice when you drag down is Yagoloo so I’m not sure what that is needed for.  If I click on About us, Contact us or Job opportunity, there seems to be no way to get back to the chat room.  If I click the back button, it took me back to the startuplift website. 
    It took a loooong time to connect . I’m not immediately drawn into the conversation because there were just a few people on and all they said were Hi
    2.  It was easy and convenient, but I’m not sure what I would chat about with strangers unless we had some common question, bond….
    3. At this point, I’m not encouraged to ask my friends to sign up.   If you had specific areas that people were interested in, that might get people to join.  Such as travel, health… And then a search, where people might be able to type in osteoporosis and then see if that had come up anywhere
    4. You could pick any special interest group and if you had them listed on the webpage, it might attract more people.  For example, I was a volunteer puppy raiser for guide dogs in training and sometimes follow blogs… on this..  And people will email me if they find a good one.  Or to follow a certain group on Facebook.  
    5.  You definitely need to narrow down the chat rooms to specific topics.  And have the categories listed.
    The chat rooms I go to are for very specific questions- like how to get rid of clover in my yard or what kind of carpet to buy.  I just google the topic and sometimes a chat room comes up.
    I like how you have the facebook users at the bottom of the page.
    The big comic face when you are stepping in the chat room should possibly be changed.  It is somewhat silly.

  5. 1) Impressive. I like the simple but well done layout, font and centrally located chat window. I immediately thought of chatting and writing a message, moreover I could see users talking to each other live.  So I must say the website is very well designed to serve its purpose. I like to logo and that it has a simple message listed on top next to the logo that explains or I should say, confirms the first impression of the website’s purpose. The idea of the ‘shaking’ yellow ‘step in’ tab is great as it attracts your attention and asks you to actually try it out.

    2) Very easy to navigate, a simple click on the ‘step in’ button and I am in. It reminds me of some similar messengers we had while I was still at university.  I like the idea that you can invite friends from a lot of sources – both social and professional media and mail. It is also good that I can adjust the size of the chat screen. I was not sure how send a message to one user only and it took me a few minutes to realize that I actually need to select one. Maybe that should be made clearer. The same holds true for sending a message to more than one user by selecting them one by one. Is there a way to make an easier multiple selections? I like the fact that you can see how long the users have been inactive so that you know if it is worth engaging into a conversation at this point.

    3) I am encouraged to ask my friends to join in, this will be a great way to chat with more than one person, as a lot of my friends are abroad, and especially the ones I have not seen or have spoken to in a while. It is actually a matter of me clicking on the invite button, I am already convinced.

    4) There are a number of sources listed already as options to invite people from different backgrounds to a more informal platform. People who would like the chat room, as I would call it would be mostly young people, single career professionals who would like to look for people with similar interests out of the office or people like me, who are eager to get friends from different countries to chat more often and that is, simultaneously.

    5) It is a good idea to bring people together. My suggestion would be to choose your target groups carefully and popularize the platform amongst those who would be interested to use the website and to spread the word around. In addition, I think you should have a bit more branding as I forgot the name of the website once I was browsing through the features.


    It was a bit confusing at first. The chat window is just there. No real instructions or anything, just a chat window and a few links on the right that do not pertain to the chat window at all. The room was empty so there was no one to chat with. There where pics below. I’m assuming people I could draw into the chat but there where no instructions to tell you that.
    I clicked on the step in button and nothing happened. But then like I said there was no one in the room. I’m not sure what else I can do to chat. There are no other instructions anywhere.
    No, I was not encouraged to chat with anyone. There is a facebook like button at the bottom below the picture. So I assume you can meet someone from facebook there and chat. But I’m not sure how you would invite them in from the Yagoloo page. It might be nice if you could pick rooms based on topics of interest?? That would help a bit if you just wanted to randomly chat.
    I knit and crochet. I know use crafty people always enjoy Sharing patterns and ideas!!
    I really think even a small explanation or directions on how to move around and use the room would help. It is fun and eye appealing though. It just gives you that impression that this is a break or down time.

  7. 1) Visit https://www.yagoloo.com/ What is your initial impression of what you see? Are you immediately drawn to join the conversation? Why or why not?
    Yes. The frontpage is fun and inviting. Cute.
    2) Try chatting. Did you find it easy and convinient?
    3) Are you encouraged to ask your friends to join the chat? What could trigger this?
    Not necessarily. The whole point is to chat with some strangers, not friends. I’d probably want to just try some things out and not be myself. Let my hair down or something. The problem is that the comments can get very rude very quickly. But an intriguing idea, nevertheless.
    4) We realize that the service requires amount of people to get it growing. Could you recommend any particular interest group who could use the service.
    The problem is too few people, nothing’s happening. Too many people and you don’t know which group to join and the whole thing can become unmanageable. You will probably end up with several chatrooms on the same page. That will be fun. I can then chat with different groups at the same time – even better if I can use different names in each chat. I wonder if I might join such a chatroom if the people there are totally random. Hmmmm, maybe. It’s an interesting idea. I think the whole idea is to just have open chats with total strangers. But then, there’s all the problems with meeting up on the internet – pedophiles, etc. You may have to put in some security measures and age restrictions. It’s a difficult concept. Interesting, but prone to abuse.

    If you want to do something more clean and useful – how about a kind of Yahoo! Answers except real-time and online. The idea is that I would go online to ask a question and get an immediate answer – even faster than Answers. If you look at the kind of questions that are being asked in websites like Yahoo! Answers, you will find that there are many people who would like a quick answer or some help or someone to give them an opinion on something. So, if there are these chatrooms where people are talking about some topics like Google or iPhone or something like that, I can quickly post my question there and there is a good chance someone online would be able to help me. That will be really cool.
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    Basically, I see this might be more successful as chat Yahoo! Answers. Even more immediate than Answers type of website and people can just get online and help each other out. If you have a really big fanbase, you can even give out prizes or money to the best Yagaloo helper – like Yahoo! answers. This will encourage more people to come online and help one another.

    Also, keep an archive of the best questions and answers that have been given so that users can search the archive for past answers to FAQs. Don’t keep all of them as most of the time, the FAQ archives are full of irrelevant and not-so-useful answers.

    I wish there is something like this. It will save me so much time trawling the internet trying to find a solution to a niggly problem that’s bugging me. 

  8. 1) Visit https://www.yagoloo.com/ What is your initial impression of what you see? Are you immediately drawn to join the conversation? Why or why not?
    My initial impression on the first landing on the site, would be that the layout is cute and simple! The logo of yagoloo is original. I’ve never seen that font before. Plus the layout doesn’t look so cheaply made. Kudos on the sound effects. Not everyone is a fan of them but I think it adds a little something and makes the page less boring. The alien adds a little something as well. On the other hand, as I look at the homepage, I wonder ‘what am I supposed to do?’ It doesn’t really give much insight on what you’re supposed to do. Even a little catch phrase that indicates what to do. I understand that it’s a group chat, but it’d still be nice to have some sort of direction on the front page. I am curious though, so I was drawn to click the ‘step in’ button.
    2) Try chatting. Did you find it easy and convinient?
    Yes it was very easy and convenient. No need for long registrations and passwords. Just put in a username and there you go! I did try chatting, but nothing goes on when most of the users are listed as ‘passive’ for a certain amount of minutes and one user is online but isn’t answering back. But in regards to the whole process of chatting on yagoloo, it is very easy and convenient.
    3) Are you encouraged to ask your friends to join the chat? What could trigger this?
    With similar competitors like yahoo messenger, msn messenger and facebook chat, I don’t think I’d ask my friends to join the chat. And if I wanted to chat with a more specific group of people, I think I’d look for a chat room on a specific site in where I can chat with others about a certain thing. I think if there were more people in the chat room then I’d invite those who are interested in just chatting with new people to join in on the conversation.
    4) We realize that the service requires amount of people to get it growing. Could you recommend any particular interest group who could use the service.
    Yagoloo is pretty general, broad and anything goes. So I’d recommend people who are pretty much open to anything to use the service. People who are free-spirited and spontaneous. People who just want to meet new people. People who want to make new friends. Maybe even people who are into online dating services as well.
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    Like I said, Yagoloo is pretty general, broad and anything goes. I would suggest that you create more chat rooms. It seems like there’s only one. With separate chat rooms in where you can discuss specific topics, it helps others decide which chat room to join into because those people would have something specific to talk about like a similar interest or something. It’d also be nice if the users have a small profile that we can view when they click on a username. It would require minimal registration though. I did like how we didn’t have to register for anything to chat, but at the same time you might wonder about another user in the chat room. I guess the no registration feature would be great only if you’re a guest and don’t really plan on being an active member of the site. I would also like to suggest a FAQs page as part of the site. I think if people wander onto Yagoloo they’d be curious and wonder what the site is all about. It may spark an interest in some people and they’d want to know how to use it. So I think a FAQs page would be convenient, even if there were only a few questions on it. 
    I think the more people there are in the chat room, the more people would be encouraged to try Yagoloo out. That way the word would pass on about it, and spark the interest of others. I think with more improvement Yagoloo will be a success!

  9. 1.Hi, when I first went to this site, I was shocked to be right on the chat page. I did like the littel animal that was on the page. There could be more eye catching graphics on the first page. A first impression means everything.
    I thought there would have been an opening page that gave you a choice of rather to chat or not. There maybe could have been pictures of peopele. I was not immediately drawn to the conversation because, I didn’t know who these people where, and didn’t know if I could just jump in the conversation. It didn’t seem like the conversation was that interesting too. 
    2.I did try to chat, but the other person didn’t respond in a timely manner. I don’t know if they understood me or not.
     The site didn’t let me know if they where online like facebook does.
    3.I am so sorry, but I am not encouraged to ask my friends to chat on this wwebsite. I can chat with my friends on facebook or on my yahoo account. Maybe if the site had pictures of nice looking people, or cool subjects to talk about, then maybe I would be encouraged to use the site, and tell my friends to use it too.
    4.From the looks of it, it seems like people that are interested in talking to people from all around the world would be interested in this site. People who are single, and ready to mingle would be interested in this site.
    5.The site could use better graphics. I suggest a better opening page. Maybe, a page where people can see pictures of the people they will be chatting with. Also, it would be great to have profiles of people. It would let people know the type of person they are talking to. If there was a variety of subjects to choose from would be helpful. 
    I wish this site the best of luck!!!           

  10. Hello Yagolooers,

    This is a fun place to be! I was instantly drawn to enter the chatting area  and it was so nice that I didn’t have to create an account to start babbling away…hehe I am a woman and that’s what we like to do.

    I do think that this would be a great place for younger audiences since it is so cute and fun but some of us middle aged kids will enjoy the quirkiness of it to…infact think I might go babble some more, Thanks for the music and characters which I believe will keep people coming back!

    Faith Hope Love
    God is Love 

  11. 1. So, I go to yaholoo, I Love the logo it is very cute. First, thing I saw was the chat window which I wasn’t sure at first how to chat I kind of guessed I would hit the the Step in button. I love the sound effects as they add a special feeling to the chat room.
    2. After, I stepped into the chat room I was kind of upset because the first thing I saw was this

    03:06:00 jance
    fuck me

    03:06:24 kaka share
    who u want to fuck

    and my initial thought was oh great this is going to be one of those chat sites where everyone is looking to hook up. I decided to see how easy it was to chat with people. No one really said anything to me even though I said hiya people what’s up and the chatting kind of stopped after that. The chatting it’s self is very user friendly and super cute.
    3. I would probably not recommend my friends to this site as of yet mainly, because the chat is very slow and the people on there seem to just be wanting cyber sex or at least talk about sex.  I think maybe you could have different room for different types of clicks or niches such as a teens chat room, or all about sports chat room something to that extent.
    4. As I mentioned before I think if you could add room for teens, sport fans, animal lovers, singles and ready to mingle group would help out tremendously and would increase interest to the site.
    5. I like the facebook users at the bottom of the site. I dislike how broad the subjects are in the rooms. I think you need have more rules on the site. A profile page for each chatter would be fun and interesting to see who was on the site with you. Also, have you thought about hiring people to encourage chatting such as chat monitors. 
    Best of Luck & God Bless

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