Yapeo – Video Classifieds

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A better way to buy and sell on the Internet.
No more surprises when you receive an item purchased online.

Target Audience: Classified users

Yapeo claims to be the next evolution of classifeds, video classifieds. Video is a powerful sales tool that any user can harness today on Yapeo. Classifieds have always relied on the sellers description and maybe a few fuzzy pictures. With video, a seller can easily show potential buyers the item’s shape, size, condition and functionality. Buyers feel more confident when they can see what they are buying. Yapeo video classifieds is about making the buying and selling process fast, easy and fun.

Feedback sought:
  • Do you understand what the site is about and how it works?
  • Is the navigation clear?
  • Would you post and item for sale here?

2 thoughts on “Yapeo – Video Classifieds

  1. I love the concept. I am thinking about selling a car and feel it would be a great way to really show it off. My first thought is why hasn’t ebay done this???? I like the overall flow of the site and how the items for sale are presented. The only thing that threw me off was the slide show at the top of the home page. The pictures and text did not look professional to me. That is the first thing a person sees on the site so I think an investment in making that look sharp needs to be a priority. Great idea and site!

  2. Great concept. I fully understand what the site is about. I like the clean site design and navigation. I would definitely use the service when/if I’ll need to post something for sale.

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